Chapter 26 I will see you in the court!

  The maid nodded and walked out, and soon they came in from outside.

  Fang Jiayi walked ahead raising her head and glared at Tang Anran with her rancorous eyes, and behind her were four policemen.

  "These are mine, and now you get the human testimony and material evidence." Fang Jiayi quickly walked to Tang Anran and pointed at the bags on the table, said to the polices, "Put her into the jail."

  The leader of the four policemen nodded to Tang Anran politely, "Miss Gu, this young lady called and said that you robbed her staff in her home. I am afraid that there might be some misunderstandings here,so please coordinate us to carry out the investigation."

  When Fang Jiayi called the police, she didn't tell them to arrest Xu Anran. Otherwise, no one dared to come with given her status.

  But now that they were already here, they had to ask her to cooperate instead of leaving without doing anything.

  "All of these are my staff, or you can check the invoices and payment records if you don't believe me." Leaning on the sofa, Tang Anran held her head in her hand looking at them and saying indolently. Nearby, Xu Xiaorong took the evidence to them at once which had already been prepared before they came.

  Although the invoices were not complete, most of them could match the things on the table and floor. Besides there was a long note of payment records, which could match the shopping list.

  "You can see that all of them was bought by my credit card and paid by me, so the stuff totally has nothing to do with Miss Fang." Giving Fang Jiayi a cold glance, Tang Anran turned to the leader of the polices, "Sir, can you tell me that how many years will someone be sentenced to for a crime of framing?"

  After hearing what Tang Anran said, the police knew her meaning immediately.

  Honestly, he really didn't want to take this case since he saw Tang Anran. Now that she gave him an excuse to get off the hooks, of course, he would accept it.

  "Miss Fang, since you don't have any evidence to prove that the things belong to you, Miss Gu has the right to accuse you of framing if you insist on calling the police." He told Fang Jiayi seriously.

  Fang Jiayi never thought that it would end like this after so much circles. She almost screamed out loud at once unpleasantly, "It was her who robbed my things, and why can she sue me now?"

  "If you insist on calling the police, please show your evidence,otherwise it will be a libelous suit. "The police said to Fang Jiayi with a long face, then he turned to Tang Anran, "Miss Gu, I'm so sorry that I bothered you suddenly without any investigation or verification. We will leave right now."

  Tang Anran nodded to him, then he led other three policemen to leave the villa, leaving behind Fang Jiayi.

  Seeing that all the polices had gone, Fang Jiayi realized what she had said before, but "what's done cannot be undone.”

  "Xu Anran, look how great you are that you could let them leave in a few words. But you know what? I will never let it go like that. Do you think that you can still live in a good life after you've done this to me?"

  As soon as she finished her words, Fang Jiayi heard a chilling voice from her back, "You can have a try."

  The man had a low-pitched voice which was panting, but the coldness and the meaning of threatening in the voice were very clear.

  Fang Jiayi was stunned, then she turned back slowly and saw Gu Wuyang coming from outside.

  Meanwhile, Tang Anran was as surprised as Fang Jiayi right now. She opened her eyes widely and looked at him blankly. It never occurred to her that Gu Wuyang would come back so suddenly.

  Gu Wuyang wore a white vest which was soaked by sweat and an army green sweatpants. It seemed like he had done some sports before.

  Indeed, Gu Wuyang was in the troops and taking exercises with the soldiers and then he picked up the phone and was told that there were some policemen coming to the villa looking for Xu Anran

  So he stopped the exercise at once and came back although he had no idea about what happened.

  And when he just stepped in the living room, he heard what Fang Jiayi said to Xu Anran.

  "Wuyang, don't misunderstand me. I didn't mean it." With an embarrassed smile on her face, Fang Jiayi spoke to Gu Wuyang nervously trying to explain, "I was just kidding. You don't need to be so serious."

  After all, Gu Wuyang was the man that she always fancied, so she didn't want to leave a bad impression on him at all.

  Unfortunately, there was one thing that she had ignored, which was that Xu Anran wasn't the one who would lie with her together like before.

  "Don't say that, please. I have nothing to do with you. I don't think we are well acquainted with each other." Tang Anran exposed Fang Jiayi's lies without any mercy, but then she added, "No, I should say that we will have some relationship soon."

  Fang Jiayi's eyes lighted up after she heard what Tang Anran said. Meanwhile, an expression of anticipation appeared on her face.

  Fang Jiayi thought Tang Anran's words meant that she changed her mind, but soon what she said next made Fang Jiayi black-faced.

  "Miss Fang brought the police to arrest me today, which was really a damage on my reputation. So I won't let it go easily. I will see you in the court."

  When Tang Anran spoke this to Fang Jiayi, she kept a big smile on her face all the time, howevere,the smile was filled with sarcasm in the eyes of Fang Jiayi.

  "You!" Pointing at Tang Anran, Fang Jiayi tried to say something to retort, but she didn't know what she could say now. She wanted to curse her, but meanwhile, she was afraid that Gu Wuyang would be disgusted with her.

  So she only could close her mouth and swallowed all the words. Then she gave Tang Anra a hateful glance and left angrily without saying anything.

  Then, Tang Anran turned to Gu Wuyang and asked with confusion, "Why did you come back suddenly?"

  "Uncle Fu told me that some policemen came to the villa." Taking over the tea delivered by Xu Xiaorong, Gu Wuyang answered Tang Anran's question lowly after he took a sip of the tea.

  Tang Anran nodded her head,"The polices had already gone, so you also can leave now."

  Tang Anran didn't mean anything else--- just thought Gu Wuyang was busy and had a lot of things to deal with. And she would handle all the things by herself. Besides, no need to bother him.

  However, her words sounded more like that she tried to get him out.

  If it was before, Xu Anran would definitely use all the lies and excuses to force him to stay here, but now, she wanted him to leave! Gu Wuyang really felt unhappy right now due to the different attitudes of Xu Anran.

  "I will leave tomorrow." With a cold face, Gu Wuyang said and then put down the teacup and went upstairs.

  Staying there, Tang Anran looked at Gu Wuyang's figure disappeared on the stairs. She frowned and wondered, " Did I speak anything wrong? Why does he look so angry?"

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