Chapter 25 I only took my staff back.

  As soon as she saw Tang Anran's face,Fang Jiayi's smile on her face disappeared at once.

  "You! How could you be here?" Fang Jiayi widened her eyes with a shock expression on her face. Then understood that she was fooled by Tang Anran.

  Fang Jiayi shouted at her loudly and angrily, "Xu Anran, you fooled me!"

  Fang Jiayi's heart filled with anger and hatred as long as she thought that she called to "Xu Anran" just now while the latter sat here looking at her like looking at a fool.

  "You've fooled me for 5 years. Why can't I fool you once?" Tang Anran sneered and stood up from the sofa. Then she walked to Fang Jiayi.

  Tang Anran looked down staring at her and said, " Not only that, I will get back everything you've taken from me."

  "What the hell are you talking about? I didn't take your thing at all!" Fang Jiayi's eyes flickered, and then she yelled loud in agitation as if she was trying to conceal her guilty.

  Hadn't she taken things from Xu Anran before? She was the person who knew most clearly.

  But Tang Anran didn't know what Xu Anran had given to Fang Jiayi until she read the diary which noted everything about Fang Jiayi, including the things that Xu Anran had bought for her.

  Ignoring what she said, Tang Anran took out the diary and then read it loud, "Two handbags of Gadino, one LV splicing handbag, one rose handbag of Leiber, one ground alligator skin platinum bag of Hermes..."

  Hearing the names from Tang Anran's mouth one by one, Fang Jiayi's face became more and more terrible.

  Xu Anran was really generous to Fang Jiayi. Even the cheapest bag was worth 200 thousand RMB. Besides, there were a lot of clothes and make-ups, and the newest Audi car, which was worth almost five millions in total.


  "All of these were mine. It's none of your business." Gritting her teeth, Fang Jiayi was still tring hard to resist.

  However, Tang Anran didn't want to listen to her nonsense anymore. She closed the diary and gave Fang Jiayi a chilling smile, "I just want to tell you that now all of these are mine."

  "What do you mean?" Fang Jiayi asked in confusion while her cell phone in her hand sounded immediately. It was her mom's calling.

  Fang Jiayi was not in the mood of answering the phone right now, so she hanged it up rapidly when she heard the phone call.

  "You'd better take the call. Maybe there are some good news." Tang Anran gave her a glance and said indifferently.

  Suddenly, a bad presentiment rose in her heart. When her phone sounded the second time, Fang Jiayi picked it up at once.

  "Jiayi, what have you done outside? Just now,There were a bunch of people rushing in just now and they grabbed all your bags, clothes and makeups away!"

  As soon as she picked up the phone, Fang Jiayi heard her mother's worried scream.

  She didn't know what else she was going to say but hanged up the phone at once. Then she shouted at Tang Anran, "It was you who employed them to do it! Xu Anran, it was a home invasion."

  "I only took my staff back. If you have the ability to call the police and sue me, I'll let you." Tang Anran smiled to her ironically and then walked by Fang Jiayi and left the office.

  Fang Jiayi tried to catch up with her desperately, but soon she was stopped by the coming security guard.

  When she returned to her office, Fang Jiayi found that all her staff was put on the table, and all those that were given by Xu Anran were disappeared, including the bag and the key of the car.

  Without the need of a guess, she knew that it was Xu Anran who did this!

  Thinking of her, a vicious hatred emerged on Fang Jiayi's face. Since Xu Anran was so relentless to her, she would never let her go easily!

  In the villa, Tang Anran sat on the sofa in the living room. In front of her, a dozen of bags and make-ups was placed on the table while many desiger dresses and clothes were put on the floor. All of them were taken back from Fang Jiayi's home, which was why Xu Xiaorong was absent before.

  "Miss, how to deal with them?" Xu Xiaorong brought a cup of tea to Tang Anran and looked at her, asking with confusion.

  She didn't have a lot of money, but she still could recognize the brands of these things. The value of any of those items was equal to her one-year's salary.

  "Xiaorong, I will give them to you." Tang Anran took a sip of tea and said to her slightly, "But they have all been used by Fang Jiayi. You can sell it in the Second-hand market if you mind."

  All the things she had done was not for money, but she wanted to take revenge for Xu Anran. So she never thought about keeping the thing.

  Xu Xiaorong didn't expect that Tang Anran would give them to her. After she heard what Tang Anran had said, she refused at once, "Last time, you have given me a lot of clothes, which earned me much money. It's enough for me. How about you sell them and donate the money?"

  Xu Xiaotong was a frank girl. She wasn't greedy at all even she was poor. Last time, the clothes that Tang Anran gave to her had sold for hundreds of thousands of money. Although it's much cheaper compared with the original price, she had been already satisfied.

  And half of the money, she had given it to her parents while another half, she donated to the school where she studied before. As a person from the mountain areas, she knew how difficult it was to study there, so she tried to help people in her hometown as much as she could.

  Tang Anran never thought about that, but after she heard Xu Xiaorong's words,She already knew what she should do.

  "Xiaorong, please help me to sell them all and then use the money to build a Foundation to help the kids who suffered traffic accident but didn't have money pay for the cure." Tang Anran put down the teacup and said to Xu Xiaorong.

  At the moment Xu Xiaorong suggested she donate the money, she thought of her daughter who died of a traffic accident. If there was a Foundation at that time, her daughter would get the chance of operation even without Li Wenbo.

  Unfortunately,it was only an assumption. Now her dear daughter had left altogether, but she didn't want the same tragedy happen on others again.

  "Name it Duoduo Foundation." She wanted to help as many kids as possible, in the name of her daughter.

  Xu Xiaorong didn't know why Tang Anran would think up that, but she still felt very happy to do such a good thing. So she nodded and then began to prepare for it.

  Meanwhile, another maid walked to her in a hurry, "Miss, Miss Fang come here with some policemen."

  Tang Anran knew that Fang Jiayi wouldn't give up easily, so it was just within her expectation.

  "Let them in." Tang Anran said to the maid calmly. She wanted to see what Fang Jiayi was going to do next!

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