Chapter 24 Her perfect life would be ended

  Xu Anran was just 23 years old and she married to Gu Wuyang as soon as she graduated from her college. Meanwhile, Fang Jiayi got the chance to work in the company of Xu Anran's father relying on her "friendship" with Xu Anran.

  As a trainee without any work experience, she could get a salary of several thousand RMB a month and didn't need to do anything in the company.

  Since her job was given by Xu Anran, she definitely had the right to get it back for Xu Anran.

  After she made her mind, Tang Anran took Xu Xiaorong to the company of the Xu family.

  It was Monday today, and Tang Anran went there exactly at the time of clocking in. So when she arrived, she saw Fang Jiayi was walking in with a group of girls.

  Because Fang Jiayi got the job through the back door and was good at bragging, all the workers in the company thought that she had a strong backing so that Fang Jiayi's office life was very smooth.

  But from now on, her perfect life would be ended by Tang Anran.

  "Let's go upstairs." Tang Anran put on the sunglasses and said to Xu Xiaorong in a low voice. They avoided Fang Jiayi and took another elevator to the 18th floor.

  Xu Anran's mother suffered from bad health all the time, so her father took her abroad for treatment five years ago. Because they went back home after long intervals, her father let his right hand, Jiang Hua, to deal with all the things of the company.

  Xu Anran's father had just left to abroad the day before she fell down the stairs, and Tang Anran hadn't contact with them since then. Therefore, they still didn't know the accident till now.

  After they arrived at the 18th floor, Tang Anran followed Xu Xiaorong to the office of vice-president.

  Jiang Hua was a young man in his early thirties. There was a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on his nose which was quite similar to Gu Shenxing's. But different from Gu Shenxing's smiling face, he had a serious look.

  Before they came here, Tang Anran had called Jiang Hua. Otherwise, it was impossible for them to meet him so smoothly.

  "Miss, actually you don't need to come here by yourself." Jiang Hua nodded to Tang Anran as a greeting, saying, "You can leave it to me."

  "I know, but I prefer to see her angry look by myself." Tang Anran said with a smile and then sat on the sofa, waiting for Fang Jiayi to come.

  Jiang Hua asked someone to tell Fang Jiayi that she was fired. After a few minutes, a noise came from the outside of the door and then Fang Jiayi showed up in the office.

  Now, Fang Jiayi was really furious. She hadn't done anything wrong. Why did she get fired?

  Although she was very furious right now, she still had a sense of reason, so she talked to Jiang Hua in a polite tone.

  After she came in the office, Fang Jiayi gave a smile to Jiang Hua first and then she spoke injuredly, "Vice-president, is anything I did wrong so that you fired me? Please tell me, I promise that I will not do it anymore!"

  Tang Anran hadvasked Xu Xiaorong to handle other things, so now there was only her in the office in addition to Jiang Hua and Fang Jiayi. But Fang Jiayi didn't recognize her due to the big sunglasses on her face.

  "You didn't do anything wrong, but I find someone who is more suitable for this job than you." Jiang Hua said to Fang Jiaying coldly and then pointed at Tang Anran who was sitting on the sofa, "This is Miss An, you can hand your job over to her now."

  Fang Jiayi thought there might be some turnaround before, but she never expected that Jiang Hua had already found someone to replace her. Now she really couldn't keep calm.

  This job was extremely important to her. With this job, she could earn 30 thousand RMB without doing anything. She couldn't find a better job if she was fired.

  "Vice-president, you can't fire me if I didn't make any mistake. Besides, this job was arranged by Xu Anran. She might be annoyed if she knows you want to dismiss me." Fang Jiayi armed with both hands and said to Jiang Hua with a smile, "You know the relationship between Anran and me, so I suggest you think twice before making the decision."

  For Fang Jiayi, Xu Anran was more like a tool to her advantage than a friend. She not only used Xu Anran's money to buy famous-brand bags, clothes, and makeups but also used the power of Xu Anran to get a good job. Moreover, she even used Xu Anran to approach Gu Wuyang.

  Except those mentioned above, Xu Anran was nothing in her heart.

  Tang Anran really felt sorry for poor Xu Anran. She treated Fang Jiayi with her true heart, which,in turn,was trampled ruthlessly by Fang Jiayi. In the end, she was killed by Fang Jiayi indirectly. Tang Anran definitely wouldn't let her go!

  "What's the relationship between you and Miss Xu?" Looking at Fang Jiayi, Tang Anran lowered her voice and asked on purpose.

  Fang Jiayi became more complacent after she was asked by her, "I've known her for 5 years, and she does everything I say. What do you think the relationship is between us?"

  "As you speak, then how about you call her and see what she is going to say?" Tang Anran smiled, "If Miss Xu wants me to leave, I will leave at once and will not stay here for one more second. Besides, I will give the job back to you."

  Fang Jiayi pressed her lips together after she heard that. She wanted to take the phone, but she was somewhat hesitated.

  Since she had a fight with Xu Anran, their relationship became very stiff now. She was not sure whether Xu Anran would help her if she called. Besides, she was too proud to ask Xu Anran for help after all the fights between them .

  Thinking of this, Fang Jiayi gritted her teeth and then she took out her phone. She dialed the phone number and then put it to her ear.

  After a few seconds, Fang Jiayi began to speak, "Anran, I don't know what happened. Vice-president Jiang wants to fire me today and he has found someone to take over my job."

  "Don't mad at him. I think he doesn't mean it. Yes, it's okay. You don't need to come here, and I will talk to him. You really don't need to come. I can solve it. It doesn't matter. I didn't mind it at all. Okay, I will see you tonight."

  Then Fang Jiayi hanged up after a few minutes, and she looked at Jiang Hua again.

  "Anran was really disappointed at you, and she doesn't want to come here to talk with you. But she wants me to tell you that the company will get a new vice-president tomorrow if you fire me today."

  Fang Jiayi spoke to Jiang Hua with an air of complacency on her face, but it didn't last for a long time before broken by the voice came from her back.

  "I'm here now, and Miss Fang, who did you speak on the phone just now?" Tang Anran smiled ironically while she raised her hand and took off the sunglasses.

  Immediately, a pretty and familiar face showed up in the sight of Fang Jiayi.

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