Chapter 19 Stay away from her!

  Gu Wuyang didn't reply to Tang Anran's question but scowled at Fang Jiayi with a very annoyed expression.

  It was so hurt that Fang Jiayi almost cried out. She begged, "It hurts, Wuyang. Could you please let me go first?"

  Hearing her begging, Gu Wuyang's heart wasn't softened at all. He said in a chilling voice, "Apologize to her."

  Although he was reluctant to admit Tang Anran as his wife, he still couldn't stand aside watching Tang Anran bullied by others before they truly divorced.

  Of course, Gu Wuyang wouldn't care about her in the past, but this time was different. Even Gu Wuyang had no idea of what's wrong with him, seeing that Tang Anran was in trouble, he just couldn't help but trying to help.

  Smart like Fang Jiayi, she knew clearly how to protect her own image in front of Gu Wuyang. So as soon as she heard Gu Wuyang's words, she apologized to Tang Anran immediately.

  "Anran, I'm sorry., I said those words just in desperation. Please don't be mad at me. We are stillgood friends, right?" Fang Jiayi smiled in spite of the pain and said sorry to Tang Anran while she actually coursed her to die in her heart.

  If Tang Anran hadn't provoked her with those words before, she would not have lost her mind or attempted to slap her,then she wouldn't lose her face in front of Gu Wuyang. Fang Jiayi blamed all of iton Tang Anran.

  Tang Anran had already known Fang Jiayi's true colors long ago, so she knew Fang Jiayi's apologize was not sincere, but she didn't mind it at all. Anyway, if Fang Jiayi wanted to play the game, she would play with her till the end.

  It wasn't only Fang Jiayi who could pretend to be a pitiable.

  "Jiayi, what you have said just now totally made my heart broken. I treat you as my best friend but it doesn't mean that you can constantly add insult to my injury. Are you really my best friend?" Tang Anran looked at Fang Jiayi with her pure innocent eyes, " You are right. It's true that I don't deserve Gu Wuyang, but how could you say that to me? I really misread you!"

  After Tang Anran said in a sobbing tone, she turned back and ran out of the store. And Xu Xiaorong followed up in a hurry.

  Meanwhile, Fang Jiayi could feel the anger growing, bubbling up inside her, and she even wanted to rush out and slapped on her right now.

  How difficult it was to save her image in front of Gu Wuyang just now! Now it was all ruined by Tang Anran.

  " Wuyang, please trust me,I ..." Fang Jiayi tried to explain to Gu Wuyang, but he didn't even pay any attention to her.

  Releasing Fang Jiayi's wrist, Gu Wuyang looked down at her and coldly said, " Stay away from her!"

  Then, Gu Wuyang turned around and walked away.

  Behind him, Fang Jiayi looked at his back and touched her injured wrist, cursing Tang Anran in her heart seriously .

  What she had suffered today would be definitely doubled on Tang Anran!

  As soon as Tang Anran stepped out of the store, her expression of grievance disappeared immediately.

  Fang Jiayi was a good "actor", so did she. The game just began, let's watch and wait.

  But she never guessed that Gu Wuyang would help her today...

  Thinking of this, Tang Anran's face slowly turned red, and her heartbeat also speeded up.

  Though the real Xu Anran died, some of her consciousness still left in the head of this body.

  Xu Anran loved Gu Wuyang deeply. Such a strong feeling had influenced Tang Anan more or less when Gu Wuyang approached to her.

  Just like few minutes ago,when Gu Wuyang helped to stop Fang Jiayi from hitting her , Tang Anran felt that there was something warm and tender filling her heart, enticing her to be closer to Gu Wuyang.

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