Chapter 16 Do you want to come?

  Hearing what he said, Gu Wuyang recovered from other thought immediately, and changed to a scowl.

  Jiang Dong didn't notice the change on Gu Wuyang's look. Ignoring his disregard, he straightened his collar and walked to Tang Anran.

  "Hi, beauty. I'm Jiang Dong, Brother Gu's....."

  Before Jiang Dong finished his words, his collar was caught by Gu Wuyang and he was pulled aside the next second .

  He turned around blankly and found Gu Wuyang had walked over with his gloomy face.

  "Where are you going?" Gu Wuyang asked in a cold voice, staring at Tang Anran.

  Gu Wuyang could have never cared about her schedule before, but now he did involuntarily, though he didn't know what was wrong with him.

  Tang Anran got a bit surprised at his unexpected question, but she still answered.

  "It's a nice day today, so I'm going to hang out with Xu Xiaorong. Do you want to come?"

  Tang Anran just asked out of politeness, as she was pretty sure that Gu Wuyang would refuse.

  However unexpectedly, Gu Wuyang nodded his head and said Yes.

  "Are you sure....that you wanna go with us?" Tang Anran looked at him with an incredible look and asked again.

  In fact, Gu Wuyang felt a bit regretful after he said "yes". However, he was a person who never went back on his word. Since he had promised her, he had to go with her together. By the way, he also needed to buy something in the Mall.

  "Don't waste time." Gu WuYang said coldly and walked to the car, opened the door then sat in the front passenger seat.

  Tang Anran hesitated for a while, feeling that Gu Wuyang might not be joking, so moved to the car in the end.

  She sat down on the backseat with Xu Xiaorong together while Jiang Dong sat on driver's seat.

  Jiang Dong completely didn't recognize her because of her radically different look,and kept talking and cracking jokes with her.

  The atmosphere was not so embarrassed as before due to Jiang Dong's presence. And Jiang was kind of a good talker and had a good sense of humour, so Tang Anran laughed happily along the way.

  Meanwhile, Gu Wuyang was not as happy as others.

  A strange feeling began to stir in him like his heart was caught by something.


  Gu Wuyang, who had kept silence since they got on the car, suddenly shouted Jiang Dong to stop only after 10 minutes'drive when they had not arrived to the Mall yet.

  Jiang Dong was shocked,hitting the brake unconsciously and parking the car at the roadside.

  "You have something to deal with now. I will drive them to the Mall." Gu Wuyang said to Jiang Dong calmly, then he opened the door and got off the car.

  Jiang Dong was still in confusion and didn't realize what happened until Gu Wuyang drove the car away.

  He finally found that he was left behind by his dude. But how could he not know that he had things to handle?

  Jiang Dong still didn't figure out why he was kicked out by Gu Wuyang, which made sense since he didn't know the relationship between Tang Anran and Gu Wuyang. In the end, he just called a taxi and went home.

  Meanwhile, the atmosphere went silent again after Jiang Dong "disappeared". Gu Wuyang and Tang Anran didn't talk to each other, and Xu Xiaorong also dared not to speak. So they just kept silence all the way until they arrived.

  Gu Wuyang parked the car in parking lot and got off the car first, then Tang Anran and Xu Xiaorong also got off and followed him.

  "Where are we going?" Gu Wuyang suddenly stopped and turned back asking.

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