Chapter 10 Gu Wuyang was sleeping beside her

  She looked through the document and found that there was only a couple of items, which generally stated that during the marriage, they should never intrude into each other's private life. And except for going back to the Gu family once in a month, they should avoid meeting each as much as they can.

  And the last item noted clearly that she was absolutely not allowed to look for him in the military region and couldn't call to harass him. Besides, she couldn't bring any trouble to him.

  In fact, except this item which was specifically against her, other items didn't have any influence on her.

  Fortunately,Tang Anran didn't want to have any contact with Gu Wuyang, so of course, she wouldn't go to him on her own initiative. Thus, this item could also be ignored.

  Confirming that this document wouldn't harm her rights and interests, Tang Anran signed it without any hesitation.

  She had once signed a post-marital agreement with Li Wenbo , but she was blinded by love then and never thought of checking it before writing down her name.

  Not until Li Wenbo came to divorce her, Tang Anran realized that there were a lot of unfair items in the document, including that he would only raise the kid if it was a son, otherwise she and her daughter would be wiped out without a dime.

  It had never occurred to her that Li Wenbo was so sophisticated that he plotted everything when they just got married. Of course, it was also her fault. She was so stupid that she saw his true colors after five years.

  Thinking of this, there was a stream of distress pricking her heart and lungs in the bottom of her heart. Tang Anran held back her tears and signed her name on the document quickly, then she handed it to Gu Wuyang, " I 've signed my name."

  Gu Wuyang took it over and focused his brooding eyes on her signature. After a while, he closed the document and as he walked out, said , "You don't need to go downstairs and just stay at this room."

  Tang Anran was going to say something, but he had already stepped out and slammed the door with a bang.

  Tang Anran sighed slightly and lied back. She looked at the white ceiling while her daughter's cute smile emerged in her mind.

  Her daughter was only four years old. There were so many places that she hadn't been to and so many beautiful things she'd never seen, and she just closed her eyes forever.

  And all of this was Li Wenbo and his mother's fault. If they could pay the operation fees earlier and didn't leave her daughter in the lurch, Duoduo would definitely not die.

  Tang Anran's eyes misted again and the tears poured down.

  Duoduo's voice echoed near her ears and called her, but before she could call back, it disappeared.

  Again and again, Tang Anran's head ached and she felt very dizzy, and could barely keep her eyes open.

  Dreamily, she felt that she was hugged up by someone. She wanted to open her eyes and to see who it was, but she failed.

  In the end, Tang Anran drifted off and lost her consciousness.

  When she finally woke up and opened her eyes, she found that she had been back to the pink room of Xu Anran. She still felt quite dizzy .

  She didn't know why she could sleep so heavily that she even didn't remember how she got back.

  Tang Anran gently touched her forehead, just wanted to get up, but found that she caught a hand tightly and Gu Wuyang was sleeping beside her.....

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