Chapter 9 She is really an ungrateful wretch

  She panicked at once, wondering what should she do at this time. Suddenly, Gu Wuyang held her up and "threw" to the bed. Then he used the quilt to wrapher whole body tightly, revealing her head only.

  As soon as he finished all this, then the door was opened unexpectedly and several people showed in front of her in a second.

  Besides the twins--- Gu Wenjing and Gu Wenya she had met before, there were also Gu Shenxing, a middle-aged woman and an old man.

  The old man seemed more than 70 years old. He had a ruddy complexion and a good mental state, which could show his good health. Even though he just stood there without saying a word, People could still feel the majesty from him. He might be the grandpa.

  Among all of them, the only one Tang Anran didn’t know was the middle-aged woman who stood near Gu Shenxing. Judging from her dresses,she probably had a high statue in Gu family.

  While Tang Anran was still thinking about their relationships, Gu Wenya couldn't help speaking, "Grandpa, she is really an ungrateful wretch. She is still lying bed instead of welcoming after seeing you've been here, which was so disrespectfully of you."

  And Gu Wenjing chimed in with her, " Exactly! How uneducated she is! Let's pull her up."

  Then, they walked over and tried to strip away the quilt on Tang Anran.

  Tang Anran was completely naked under the quilt right now. If they stripped away her quilt,it was simply...

  Thinking of this, she felt so agitated but didn't know how to explain it to grandpa now, so just caught the quilt tightly, trying hard to resist.

  "Stop it!" At the time of their hand just touching the quilt, Gu Wuyang ,who had been silent all the time, shouted suddenly.

  The twins were afraid of GuWuyang. So immediately they heard his shouting,they shrank back.

  "Grandpa, she's not feeling well, so I let her stay on the bed and have a rest." Gu Wuyang explained and turned to Tang Anran on the bed.

  Tang Anran was dazed for a moment. Then she caught the quilt tightly and coughed: " Kekeke.... sorry, grandpa."

  Grandpa gave a glance at Tang Anran and Gu Wuyang, then he touched his beard with a smile: " That's okay! You should take a good rest if you don't feel good. Later, Gu Wuyang will take your dinner here."

  "Thanks, grandpa." Tang Anran nodded.

  Grandpa talked with her for a while. He also gave a talking-to the twins and then took them away.

  Gu Shenxing was the last one to leave. Before he left, he put a small bottle on the bedside table, looking at Tang Anran, he smiled and said," This is the medicine for wrick. You can use it on your wrist. It has a good effect!"

  "Thank you." Tang Anran said politely, but she could not see through him.

  She had feel his clear alienation and disgust to her before,but why did he give the medicine to her initiatively before long?

  But Gu Shenxing had already walked out of the room before she could figure it out.

  After seeing that they all left, Tang Anran turned to Gu Wuyang and said, " You can also leave now!"

  Tang Anran was so embarrassed about that she was watched by Gu Wuyang, so she just hoped that he could disappear right now.

  "This is my room." Gu Wuyang reminded her again and then he coughed, turning around with his back to Tang Anran.

  Realizing that he wouldn't leave, Tang Anran didn't say anything more. She took the clothes and changed them quickly when he turned around.

  Hardly had she changed the clothes when Gu Wuyang turned back like there were eyes on the back of his head.

  "Sign it!" Gu Wuyang went to the table, picked up the document and pen and threw them onto the bed, " Don't let me say it again!"

  Seeing that he gave her a dirty look, Tang Anran couldn't do anything else but only pick up the document and sign it.

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