Chapter 8 Cut the crap. Just sigh it!

  "Grandpa disagreed."Gu Wuyang said and turned to look at Tang Anran. Unexpectly, his sight was caught by her chest.

  Because Tang Anran just had a shower, she wore nothing but a bath towel which could only cover some important parts of her body and so the white smooth flesh of her bare skin all showed to him.

  But it was only a second, Gu Wuyang removed his eyes from her and shouted hurriedly, 'Cut the crap. Just sign it!'

  Tang Anran knew clearly about Wu Wuyang's filial piety to his grandpa. If grandpa didn't agree on their divorce, they would never get divorced.

  But she wanted to divorce him!

  Otherwise, how could she leave here? Besides, the moody Gu Wuyang was too difficult to deal with, which made her situation even more dangerous.

  Every time she recalled that she was almost killed by him today, Tang Anran became more determined to divorce him.

  "Let me talk to him." Tang Anran stood up,holding the towel tightly, and took the cloth with her, preparing to get changed in the bathroom.

  However, Gu Wuyang had blocked her way with his tall stature before she got inside the bathroom.

  "Turn back and sign it." Gu Wuyang repeated it coldly with a sullen face.

  Wrapped in a towel only, his sudden approach made Tang Anran backed several steps.

  "Don't you also want to get divorce with me?" Tang Anran coughed a little and stared at Gu Wuyang, "Maybe I can persuade grandpa to change his mind and he will allow us to divorce. So please move out of the way, I'm going to change my clothes now."

  Gu Wuyang was almost 1.9 meters tall while she was only 1.68.

  Although Tang Anran could not be seen as short, because of the gap of 22 cm ,her neck soured when she looked up at him.

  Tang Anran thought that Gu Wuyang would move out of the way after she told him what she was going to do. Unexpectely, Gu Wuyang grabbed her wrist again and ignored her suggestion, "You don't need to do that!"

  After saying that, he tried to pull her back to the table.

  He was a strong man, and now he was gripping her injured whist, which made Tang Anran frown with pain .

  "Gu Wuyang, let me go!" Tang Anran struggled and tried to pull her whist out of his hand. But he held him so tight that she could not do it.

  At this moment, the bath tower suddenly slipped down on the ground......

  And both Tang Anran and Gu Wuyang got frozen.

  It was as if time had been suspended.

  But soon Tang Anran earthed to herself first.

  "Ahhhh!" Tang Anran screamed and then picked up the towel quickly, trying to swath around herself again. However, one of her arms was caught by Gu Wuyang, so it was difficult for her to finish it with only one hand.

  "Let me go!"Tang Anran screamed at him again with a blushing face.

  Then Gu Wuyang finally realized what happened and released her whist immediately.

  Tang Anran walked towards the bathroom. But a voice of hurried footsteps came from outside of the door, which seemed to be coming towards them.

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