Chapter 89 It was a bet that she couldn't lose

  Gu Wuyang waited for another ten minutes but he still didn't see Tang Anran. Having no patience to wait, Gu Wuyang drove the car to the Wan Fu company directly.

  There were two security guards standing in front of the door, and once they saw Gu Wuyang, they walked forward and stopped him.

  "Have you guys see Assistant Xu walking out?" With his eyebrows drawn together, Gu Wuyang asked with concern.

  Luckily, both of them had a deep impression of the new Assistant Xu and she said‘goodbye' to them before she left, so after they heard Gu Wuyang's question, they answered together, "She left a long time ago."

  "Left? When did she leave?" Gu Wuyang grabbed the arm of one security guard and asked anxiously.

  The security guard was scared a little by his reaction, but he still thought back at once, "It was almost 10 o'clock. Because Assistant Xu was one of the first who left, I checked the time specially when she left."

  Gu Wuyang's face became gloomier when he was told that Tang Anran had left for more than 2 hours. He released his hand and got in the car driving to the villa in a hurry.

  He still hoped that maybe Tang Anran had gone back home first before he arrived at the villa and asked the maid, but the maid said that Tang Anran didn't come back.

  She really disappeared.

  Gu Wuyang was pretty sure that Tang Anran wouldn't leave without any reason like before since they already told each other their real thoughts. So she must have had an accident.

  Immediately, he called the people working or Gu family in the northern city and ordered them to find Tang Anran right now instead of wasting time on thinking only. And after that, Gu Wuyang drove the car to every place where Tang Anran would go looking for her.

  At this time, Tang Anran opened her eyes slowly. Lying on the cold floor, she could only see the darkness.

  She waited for a moment and looked around. There was nothing in the house except for her. Tang Anran put her hands on the ground and tried to support herself to stand up, but she found that all the parts of her body were sore and she didn't have any power.

  Clearly, she was drugged by someone.

  It seemed that she could only keep the same gesture and continue to lie on the floor.

  But who did it? She just came to North city as Xu Anran for a short time and didn't have any conflicts with the people here.

  She didn't have any power right now and around her was the darkness only. Tang Anran totally had no idea where she was at this time. Besides, she couldn't call Gu Wuyang for help either since her bag disappeared.

  Maybe because the effect of the medicine still worked, Tang Anran just woke up for a few minutes and then fell asleep again.

  When she woke up again, it was the day.

  Under the light from the outside of the window, Tang Anran finally got to know what kind of place she was in.

  It was a small room which had less than 10 square meters of space and filled with the paper boxes. In the corner of the room, there was a folding single bed and under the bed, there were some empty instant noodle boxes with a mouldy smell.

  Although the environment of this room was terrible, Tang Anran noticed that there were not so many clouds of dust, which meat that someone probably lived here.

  Tang Anran felt better and also regained some power after one night, but it still cost her a lot of effort to stand up from the ground. Dragging her powerless body, Tang Anran was about to find out whether the door was locked or not, but suddenly someone opened the door from outside before she could touch the door.

  In a hurry, she took several steps back unconsciously and then fell down the ground because of her stiff legs.

  It was a young man who wore a white T-shirt and jeans which had turned whitish from much washing. The glasses on his nose made him look gentle and Tang Anran felt that she seemed to have seen him before.

  He was also surprised by Tang Anran when he saw her, and then he handed the bag to Tang Anran and asked, " You want to have the breakfast?"

  Tang Anran turned her sight on his face to the bag. There were some Baozi and a cup of bean milk inside.

  She didn't have supper last night and now she was lack of energy, so after she saw these foods, Tang Anran felt hungry at once.

  But the man who brought the foods to her was the same guy who kidnapped her. What if he drugged her again since he did that last night?

  While Tang Anran was hesitating, it seemed that the man had known what she was thinking about. He took out one Baozi and took a big bite, saying unclearly, "You should have died last night if I had wanted to kill you."

  Then, he threw the bag to Tang Anran and locked the door, sitting on the folding bed in the corner.

  Hearing his words, Tang Anran still stayed alert and suppressed the hunger even she was really hungry now.

  "Who are you?" Tang Anran turned back and looked at the man questioning, "Why did you take me here?"

  After seeing that Tang Anran didn't eat the foods, the man walked over and picked up the foods, then he sat on the bed and ate them all.

  About the question of Tang Anran, he acted as if he didn't hear it and ignored it completely, just kept eating the foods silently.

  Tang Anran asked some times more, but the man still had no response.

  The only exit of this room was the locked iron door, and the key was kept by the man. So there was no way for her to get out.

  At the moment when Tang Anran completely gave up to get communication with the man, he suddenly opened his mouth, "My name is Xu Chen. There was someone wanting me to kill you, but I didn't want to dirty my hand. So you can rest assured. I won't kill you, but you need to stay here for some days."

  "Then how long is it?" Tang Anran asked unconsciously.

  Xu Chen stopped drinking the water and shook his head, "Maybe a month, half of one year, or one year. "

  "Who wants you to kill me? Can you just let me go if you don't want to kill me?"

  "Impossible." Xu Chen shook his head again, "You must stay here. And if you dare to run away, I will definitely kill you!"

  Although Xu Chen said indifferently with a calm tone, Tang Anran knew clearly that he was not kidding with her.

  Since she could not get the name of the person who behind him, Tang Anran tried to figure it out by herself. While she was thinking carefully, her stomach called out. When she looked at Xu Chen with embarrassment, Xu Chen suddenly stood up and walked out before she said anything.

  After seeing that he left, Tang Anran tried to open the door, but she couldn't do it without the key. In the end, she could only give up temporarily.

  She opened one paper box and put it on the ground to have a sit. Tang Anran began to analyze carefully the question who wanted her to die.

  It was only more than a month since she came to North city. And during the time she stayed in the North city, the only person she had a conflict with was Yang Qing.

  Just now, she felt that Xu Chen was a bit familiar like she had seen him before. Now she finally remembered that Gu Wuyang had given her a document about the information of Yang Qing which said that Yang Qing had a boyfriend who grew up with her together in her hometown.

  They had been keeping contact with each other since Yang Qing came to the North city, even after.

  About Xu Chen, she didn't pay so much attention before, so she didn't recognize him for the first time until she knew his name and recalled the memory of the document.

  The problem was that she couldn't get out and had no way to communicate with Gu Wuyang. So she still couldn't do anything even she knew it was Yang Qing who ‘arranged' the whole thing.

  Suddenly, Tang Anran had a flash of intuition and thought of the news she had read on the internet before. Maybe it would help.

  Tang Anran searched all the place in the room and tried to find something helpful. Fortunately, she found her bag. And all the things were still in the bag except for her cell phone.

  Tang Anran took out some money from her wallet and written down the phone number and the information for help.

  Tang Anran had written on many pieces of the money just for sure, and then she stood on a stool and threw all the money out through the window.

  In fact, she knew that it took a huge risk. Her money probably stayed on the ground all the time if nobody passed outside.

  Or, even she was lucky enough that someone picked up the money and saw the information on the money but he didn't help her, then all she had done was still in vain.

  It was a bet that she couldn't lose. If she won, Gu Wuyang would come here and save her. Otherwise, she might be locked here forever.

  In case of being noticed by Xu Chen, Tang Anran put the bag back quickly and sat on the same place, acting as nothing happened.

  Soon, the door was opened again, and Xu Chen came in with a bag of Baozi.

  Locking the door carefully, Xu Chen put the key in his pocket and then delivered the foods to Tang Anran and said, "eat it."

  "Thank you." Tang Anran didn't refuse him this time and ate the foods after she thanked him.

  After she ate the foods, Tang Anran finally recovered some energy.

  She looked at the Xu Chen who sat on the bed reading a book and opened her mouth after she hesitated for a second, "The person who wants me to die is Yang Qing."

  Now Tang Anran was pretty sure that this Xu Chen was exactly the ‘boyfriend' of Yang Qing. So she said it firmly.

  As soon as Xu Chen heard that Tang Anran mentioned Yang Qing, his face changed and then he threw the book in his hand away and walked to Tang Anran quickly.

  "Who's Yang Qing? I don't know her." Xu Chen tried to calm down and make his words plausible, but he was betrayed by his shaking hands and nervous expression, which made Tang Anran more convinced that she was right.

  "You've known her for more than ten years and both of you come from A province. Am I right?" Tang Anran stood up and smiled to Xu Chen, "You established a love relationship with her when Yang Qing was 17 years old, and then you gave up the chance to study in a prestigious college in this province and came to North city working just for her."

  After hearing that Tang Anran told him the ‘story' about him and Yang Qing, Xu Chen was so excited that he shouted directly, "Why do you know this?"

  " What I knew about you and Yang Qing was not only this but many other things. And you..." After a pause, Tang Anran continued, "Yang Qing have married Li Wenbo but you still love her. Do you know the reason why she asked you to kill me was to maintain her marriage this time?"

  "So maybe you can let me go, and I will ask Li Wenbo to divorce her. Then you can be together with her."

  Hearing Tang Anran's words, a light of hope shone in Xu Chen's eyes. He opened his mouth and was about to say something. Tang Anran thought that he would agree with her suggestion but unexpectedly, he refused in the end.

  "No, I can't do that. I don't have money and power and just live in this small room like a rat. Qing Qing won't happy if she stays with me." With a pained look, Xu Chen shook his head, "She should be the Miss Li and live a happy life with Li Wenbo."

  "What she wants, I cannot afford forever!"

  Shouting out in a husky voice, Xu Chen abreacted all the emotion suppressing in his heart and no matter how Tang Anran tried to convince him, he just kept silent and read the book without speaking a word.

  Seeing this, Tang Anran knew that it was impossible for him to let her go, so now she just prayed that someone would pick the money and Gu Wuyang would be here to save her!

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