Chapter 88 Don't touch the wrong person.

  Gu Wuyang always wanted to teach him a lesson, but he couldn't act rashly and blindly. So he was patient for so long.

  Now Li Wenbo asked for it, and he couldn't stand it naturally.

  Gu Wuyang's face fell and grabbed the wrist of Li Wenbo tightly.

  "ah! It hurt." Li Wenbo's face turned white and he immediately screamed.

  Although Li Wenbo's strength was not bad, he was completely vulnerable to Gu Wuyang who had been trained for many years.

  It was a long distance from the forward people. What's more, there was some noise around the lobby, so Li Wenbo's shouting did not attract any attention.

  Li Wenbo tried to remove the hand of Gu Wuyang. But the more he struggled, the tighter Gu Wuyang grasped him. It hurt so much that some sweat broke out on his forehead.

  "Mind your hand. Don't touch the wrong man." Gu Wuyang couldn't make a big deal out of it, so he stared at Li Wenbo coldly and said the previous words. Then he let go of Li Wenbo.

  Li Wenbo hurried back a few steps covering his wrist. He kept away with Gu Wuyang.

  Tang Anran was preparing to go with Gu Wuyang, but Li Wenbo was injured, which was her chance.

  So Tang Anran winked at Gu Wuyang secretly. He had a tacit understanding with her and immediately understood it. Although he did not want them to be together, he left the hotel for Tang Anran's plan.

  Tang Anran asked a waiter for a room again as well as some medicine.

  The accident about Wang Xudong left a deep psychological shadow on Tang Anran, so she opened the door of the room when she was with Li Wenbo alone this time. She would be able to leave quickly no matter what happened.

  Li Wenbo was angry because Tang Anran got too close to Gu Wuyang and didn't help him just now.

  But now she helped him with the medicine. And his anger was instantly gone.

  "Anran, you like me, don't you?" Just after being applied the medicine, Li Wenbo grabbed Tang Anran's hand with the uninjured hand and stared at her face with a smile, "I can feel that your heart has a place for me! "

  Tang Anran had been approaching Li Wenbo on purpose and she gave lots of misleading information to him. She did it deliberately.

  "I've already said we should keep distance. You have a wife and a child, you should take good care of your family. I also need to find someone who really loves me. “

  Tang Anran said, and forcibly pulled her hand out from Li Wenbo's hand, " Nothing did happen anyway. I will also hand over the work about Wanfu company to someone else. Manager Li doesn't have to worry about me. I won't stick on you"

  "Find someone who really loves you? You mean Gu Wuyang? "Li Wenbo heard Tang Anran's words and immediately got up from the sofa with excitement, " No! No way! I will never allow you to leave me. Be reassured. I will not let you be wronged again! "

  "I'm not trying to break up your family, I'm ..."

  "I know you didn't mean it. You didn't force me. I'm willing to let it be. I will do anything for you! "

  Li Wenbo interrupted Tanga Anran with a solemn promise to her.

  As for his promise, she seemed moved on her face, but her heart was sneering.

  Li Wenbo's kindness to her now reminded her that Li Wenbo must have been so good to other women before their divorce. Yang Qing was just only one of them.

  She would never have approached a man like him if it wasn't for the revenge.

  She Just had to wait for a month and all her chances would come true!

  Li Wenbo left the hotel and immediately drove to the hospital.

  Yang Qing's parents were from another province. After knowing that their daughter had a child, they arrived last night and were sitting in the ward, chatting with her.

  "Qing, we 've been here all morning. Why didn't we see your husband's family? Didn't Li Wenbo come to see you? "Yang Qing's mother sat by the bed and frowned with complaints, " You have at least brought the first grandson to the Li family. How can they turn their back on you suddenly?

  Yang Qing's family was so common. She lied that she had been admitted to a university so as to leave her poor family. She had come to North City since she was a grown-up.

  Therefore, her parents didn't know that Yang Qing was a barmaid in the North City. They only knew that she married a rich man. It was not clear how she made it.

  After Yang Qing married Li Wenbo, she supported her original family from time to time. So their life was much better than before.

  However, people had desires. They used to live in poverty. Now their daughter married a rich man, so their quality of life improved as well as their desires. This time they were here not only to see her, but also to ask her for some money.

  "Wenbo has to deal with his business today. They are too busy to visit me." Yang Qing did not want to talk to them, so she simply explained it.

  Her parents didn't mind her attitude at all. They looked at each other and said, " Qing, do you have any money? You haven't given us any money in a month. But now..."

  "well, I got it." Before they finished the talk, Yang Qing immediately waved her hands, "I will transfer the money to your account. Now you can go?"

  "well, we'll go. Just keep that in mind." "As soon as Yang Qing agreed, her mother nodded happily and pulled her father to get up and leave.

  Just the two people walked to the door, they encountered Li Wenbo who came here hurriedly.

  "Wenbo, you're here for Qing right?" Yang Qing' mother greeted him happily, but didn't get a glance from Li Wenbo. He passed through them and walked into the ward.

  Before they responded, Li Wenbo said," Yang Qing. I'm going to divorce you."

  They were all stunned by his words.

  Yangqing was the first to get it. She stared at Li Wenbo in shock, "Haven't you given up? I just had a child yesterday, and you're divorcing me now. Liwenbo, don't go too far ."

  "Well. Wenbo, Qing just brought a son into the world last night. How can you divorce her?"

  Yang Qing's mother came to Li Wenbo anxiously and said," It is normal for young people to quarrel with each other. Couple's quarrels will soon be mended. Don't get divorced because of trifles. "

  Li Wenbo did not want to waste time on them here. He said bluntly, "Now, if you agree with me , I can give you 10 million. If you do not agree, you will not get any money from me. "

  Hearing that she could get 10 million from the divorce, Yang Qing's parents, who were persuading Li Wenbo just now, corrected themselves with their flashing eyes,.

  "Qing, if you have no feelings, you will not be happy together. It is better to divorce now. Ten million from the divorce can support us in the lifetime."

  Yang Qing sneered, "none of your business. Go or give up all the money from me!"

  "you.....Well, we'll go." Yang Qing's parents were afraid that she would not give them money really, so they no longer continued to persuade and left the ward.

  Only Yang Qing and Li Wenbo were left in the ward. Yang Qing stared coldly at Li Wenbo who repeated what he had just said.

  "Li Wenbo, I once told you, you would not divorce me for the rest of your life, and you would not be with that bitch Xu Anran!" She shouted excitedly. And her face turned pale with so many tears and much sweat because her injury on the belly was pulled by accident.

  However, Li Wenbo never glanced at her. Seeing her so stubborn, Li Wenbo didn't say anything more and turned straight away.

  Yang Qing was already full of hatred of Tang Anran, so she tolerated the pain from her belly and took out her phone beside the bed and sent a message to a familiar number.

  Since Tang Anran wanted to destroy her family, so then, she would destroy Tang Anran first. Wait and see. How could Li Wenbo continue to like her if she died?

  Since Wanfu company successfully signed a contract with Gu company, Tang Anran became busy and she had to work overtime every day. But no matter how late it was, Gu Wuyang would pick her up.

  In order to avoid being seen by others, Gu Wuyang's car was parked at a distance of two or three hundred meters from Wanfu company. Tang Anran needed to walk from the gate of Wanfu company to his parking position.

  Today, she worked overtime until 10 o'clock in the evening. It was so hard to refuse Li Wenbo's invitation to send her home. After seeing Li Wenbo's car leave, Tang Anran was relieved to go to the place where Gu Wuyang parked.

  It was so strange that when she got there, the car wasn't there.

  Tang Anran looked around and did not see Gu Wuyang. She took out her mobile phone from her bag and was just ready to call Gu Wuyang. But her mouth was suddenly covered by hands. She was also dragged into the alley on the roadside as well.

  She was shocked and struggling, but the man behind her was so strong that she could not push him away even with all her strength.

  In fact, there were many passers-by on the street, but this alley was narrow and dark. Usually no one would come here, so no one noticed Tang Anran who was desperate for help.

  When she was struggling, she smelt a faint scent. Gradually, Tang Anran felt limp and dizzy. Finally, her head lowered and she passed out directly.

  The man who was catching her saw that his medicine worked and immediately carried her on his shoulder and quickly disappeared into the other side of the alley.

  As soon as Gu Wuyang finished his dinner today, he drove to pick up Tang Anran. But a van stopped where he had stopped every day. He had to park the car not far from this position.

  After stopping the car, he sent a message to Tang Anran and told her that he had changed the place today, but Tang Anran never responded.

  It was almost 12 o'clock. Many workers left Wanfu Group but he didn't see Tang Anran. Gu Wuyang begun to fell into panic and had a presentiment that something would happen.

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