Chapter 86 Gu Wuyang was the best in the world

  Grabbing her arms, Li Wenbo apologized fretfully to her, "Anran, I am so sorry. I was so impetuous just now that I spoke without thinking. Please don't be angry and don't cry."

  "Please let me go!" Tang Anran pushed Li Wenbo away and wiped away the tears, " Mr. Li, you have a wife, so we'd better keep a distance, otherwise people would gossip about us."

  "Has anyone said anything to you?" Li Wenbo grasped Tang Anran's wrist, black in the face," Has Yang Qing come to talk to you again?"

  "Not because of Mrs. Li, just myself." Tang Anran tried to take her wrist out of Li Wenbo's hands while she was shaking her head. But he was holding her wrist so tight that she did not succeed.

  Although Tang Anran denied his speculation, Li Wenbo still thought it must have something to do with Yang Qing.

  "You don't need to think too much. I will resolve the matter and will never let anyone treat you like that again." Li Wenbo comforted Tang Anran in a gentle voice and then left the office angrily.

  After Li Wenbo left, Tang Anran wiped away the tears on her face.

  Tang Anran knew in order to force Li Wenbo to divorce her, Yang Qing must have done the same thing as what she just did in front of him.

  Now that she did the same thing, it was time for Yang Qing to experience the same feeling.

  Once stepping into the house, Li Wenbo shouted Yang Qing's name furiously.

  It was before the dinner time. Yang Qing was watching TV in the living room. Hearing Li Wenbo's shout, she stood up with the help of the servant, frowning.

  "Darling, you are back……ah!" Yang Qing walked towards Li Wenbo and he slapped her in the face before she finished her greetings.

  Li Wenbo slapped her so hard that she even stepped back and she would have fallen down if the servant had not held her by the arm.

  "Li Wenbo. How dare you slap me!" Yang Qing covered her face with a hand and glared angrily at Li Wenbo, " If you do not give me a reasonable explanation today, I would not forgive you!"

  Yang Qing was filled with anger because of Tang Anran. She now was slapped by Li Wenbo; she was not going to bear him anymore.

  "I have nothing to say. Let's divorce." Li Wenbo did not bother to talk to Yang Qing. He was about to go upstairs after saying this.

  Yang Qing did not expect Li Wenbo to bring up divorce to her. Once she realized what had happened, she chased up him, clutched his arm and yelled excitedly, "No way! Li Wenbo, I will never divorce you!"

  Guo Fangfang was sleeping in her room, but she was awoken by their fight, so she came out of the room right away.

  "Wenbo, what happened? Why did you fight with her once you came back home?"

  Li Wenbo did not answer Guo Fangfang's question. Instead, he glared at Yang Qing, "It does not depend on you. We must divorce, and you pack up your stuff and get out of my house as soon as possible!"

  Yang Qing realized Li Wenbo really meant to divorce her after he said this.

  "Is it because of Xu Anran?"

  "It has nothing to do with her. It is only because I am getting sick of you. Don't blame everything on her!"

  After Li Wenbo stood up for Tang Anran, Yang Qing tightened her hand holding his arms and shivered with rage, "Li Wenbo, don't you feel afraid and guilty when you see Xu Anran's face, which is similar to Tang Anran's face?"

  She then yelled, with tears in her eyes," I know she is a bitch. Did you sleep with her? Did she ask you to divorce me? "

  The more she thought about her, the angrier she was. Therefore, she slapped Li Wenbo in the face as well.

  Guo Fangfang did not say anything at the beginning. But after her son was beaten, she immediately separated them.

  "Yang Qing, don't push your luck! You live in our house and we pay for all your expenses. How dare you beat Wenbo! Believe it or not, I will kick you out right away?"

  "Do it! I am carrying your grandson. Kick me out now if you have the courage to do it!" Yang Qing was not threatened by what Guo Fangfang said. Instead, she leaned her belly forward proudly," As long as you won't beg me for your grandson in the future!"

  Yang Qing knew what Guo Fangfang's weakness. She cared about the baby in her belly so much that she would not kick her out.

  Guo Fangfang did not dare say anything else, leaving Yang Qing to be more complacent.

  She knew as long as she was carrying the baby, no one from the Li family would treat her badly.

  However, she did not expect that Li Wenbo was not caring about it anymore.有点重复

  "You are not the only person who can be pregnant with my son. Without you, I can easily find another woman." Li Wenbo looked indifferently at Yang Qing, saying," Now that you have also slapped me, let's go to the Department of Civil Affairs tomorrow.

  Li Wenbo went upstairs, not wanting to see Yang Qing any more.

  Li Wenbo was not threatened, making Yang Qing much angrier. She chased after him and the two started to fight with each other.

  Guo Fangfang was tense and afraid. She planned to separate them together with the servants, but Yang Qing rolled down the staircase after Li Wenbo gave her a shove.

  "Grandson! My grandson!" Guo Fangfang shouted with excitement and ran to her as fast as she could.

  Yang Qing was lying on the floor, blood coming out of the lower part of her body, incarnadining her white dress.

  Li Wenbo was just trying to push her away, and not expecting she would fall downstairs. He was dumbfounded after seeing this.

  Guo Fangfang shouted worriedly at him," Wenbo, why do you stand still? Hurry up and drive her to the hospital. Hope my grandson is fine!"

  Li Wenbo finally came to himself, went downstairs to pick up Yang Qing and drove her to the nearest hospital immediately.

  Tang Anran had no idea what happened at the Li's at the moment. Gu Wuyang was driving her home.

  "What's wrong with your wrist?" Gu Wuyang asked carefully while he was driving.

  He seemed to find Tang Anran's wrist was reddish. But that was only a peek, so he was unsure.

  Tang Anran was about to say she was fine. But she then noticed she promised she would tell him everything and they both could not hide anything from each other. Therefore, she told Gu Wuyang what had happened in the company.

  Gu Wuyang was very upset and his hands holding the steering wheel tightened.

  Although he knew Tang Anran did not like Li Wenbo anymore and she was taking revenge on them this time, he was still very furious about what Li Wenbo had done to her.

  He would absolutely kick Li Wenbo's ass in the future!

  Gu Wuyang applied medicine to Tang Anran's wrist once they arrived at home.

  Tang Anran's skin was white and sensitive, so it swelled up now.

  Gu Wuyang's action was very gentle. He was afraid she would hurt if he applied too much strength.

  He himself used to be injured extremely severely. After that time, he did not feel any pain even when he removed a bullet from his body using a knife on his own. However, applying medicine to her hurt wrist made him distressed.

  Treated by him carefully, Tang Anran chuckled and said," I am not a china doll, which is easily smashed. You don't need to be too careful."

  Gu Wuyang knew she was teasing him, but he nodded seriously,"In my opinion, you are a china doll, which needs good protection."

  Tang Anran wanted to say she was not that weak, but looking at his intent eyes, she could not speak it out.

  They had been sleeping in the same bed these days, but nothing sexually happened between them. They were about to do it twice, but Gu Wuyang held back. She knew Gu Wuyang was waiting for her to unlock her heart to him.

  Though she did not reject that, she had a knot in her mind.

  If the knot was not untied, she would definitely not convince herself to have sex with him.

  Without saying anything, Tang Anran put her arms around his waist and leaned her head against his chest.

  "What's wrong?" Gu Wuyang asked worriedly, "Don't feel well?"

  "No. I just want to hug you." Tang Anran shook her head and tightened her arms.

  Gu Wuyang would certainly not turn her down and he put the medicine on the tea table and embraced her in return.

  They were cuddling quietly for a while. Tang Anran felt very content.

  Some time later, Tang Anran asked,"GU Wuyang, do you think I am a bad person?"

  "Bad? Why did you ask that?" Gu Wuyang looked at her and asked her confusedly.

  "I have always been thinking about revenge. In order to do this, I deliberately approached Li Wenbo and enticed him to misunderstand Yang Qing, enabling them to fight. Don't you think I am vindictive, sly and bad?"

  Gu Wuyang gave her cheek a pinch and laughed, saying, "I have never thought you are vindictive, or sly, or bad."

  "If possible, I wish you could be worse, thus you can protect yourself even better, not letting yourself hurt, and I won't worry about you all the time."

  Tang Anran had never thought Gu Wuyang would reply like this. In her life, no one had ever said anything like this to her. Although she once married to Li Wenbo, he never cared about her.

  She was so moved that she burst into tears.

  She thought, the God was not so heartless to her.

  At least after all the pain and hurt she had suffered, Gu Wuyang who was the best in the world came into her life.

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