Chapter 85 You man and husband

  In fact, after knowing this, Gu Wuyang felt a bit happy.

  It turned out the person he liked was not Xu Anran. He liked Tang Anran, who now owned Xu Anran's body.

  Tang Anran did not know what Gu Wuyang was thinking at present. She thought she would not live after telling him the truth.

  "If you think I am a monster and want to dissect and research me, then do it!" Tang Anran closed her eyes, lifted her neck and shouted.

  It appeared that she faced death calmly, but she felt regretful that she had not revenged for Duoduo.

  Gu Wuyang gave a little chuckle, walked towards Tang Anran, flicked across her forehead with his finger, saying:" Twerp! "

  Tang Anran realized Gu Wuyang was talking with delight, so she opened her eyes slowly, looking surprisingly at him, "You……"

  "The reason why you tried everything you could to go back to the North City was that you wanted to revenge. And the reason why you went to the Gus' Enterprise Group was to get close to Li Wenbo." Gu Wuyang continued to ask Tang Anran," Did you deliberately say those things to me in the hotel to drive me away? You did not want to me to be involved?"

  Since she had told him everything, Tang Anran did not want to hide her thought now, so she admitted," Yes, everyone in the Li family is my enemy. They bullied and humiliated me and killed my daughter. They must pay for what they have done."

  "So, you don't dislike me, in other words……" Gu Wuyang paused for a second and held Tang Anran in his arms, saying, "You have already had a crush on me."

  Gu Wuyang said positively, without a doubt.

  Tang Anran widened her eyes astonishingly and looked at Gu Wuyang's dark and bright eyes, not knowing what to say.

  Tang Anran's response enabled Gu Wuyang to confirm that his speculation was right.

  "I don't want to experience the same situation again." Gu Wuyang lowered his head and pressed his lips against her ears, murmuring, "I am a man and your husband. Don't I deserve your trust?"

  Gu Wuyang's words made Tang Anran speechless. Keeping this posture stiffly, she thought for the first time whether what she had done was wrong.

  Instead of speaking things out, she preferred to think and make decisions on her own. This was her characteristics.

  As to this matter, she thought as long as she hurt his heart and drove him away, he would not be embroiled.

  Her original intention was good. However, she did not realize it hurt Gu Wuyang per se, because she decided for him when he had no clue about what had happened.

  Tang Anran's silence enabled Gu Wuyang to know that she understood what he tried to tell her.

  "The Gu's is not as weak as you thought. I am also not as weak as you thought. Therefore, no matter what happens, you must tell me and let me handle it with you." Gu Wuyang sat next to Tang Anran, clasping her cold hands between his palms, saying, " I am not gonna bother about what have happened. But make sure it will not happen for the second time."

  Tang Anran bowed her head, biting the lips tightly with teeth.

  She clearly heard what Gu Wuyang said, which made her touched. However, in the meantime, her emotion was complex. After thinking for some time, Tang Anran spoke again.

  "So you accept my story? Don't you think I was lying, or I was a psycho?" Tang Anran raised her head and looked directly into Gu Wuyang's eyes, asking him nervously and disturbingly.

  You could not blame Tang Anran to think too much. After hearing her incredible story, a normal human being would question it or think she was crazy. However, Gu Wuyang trusted her without asking more questions.

  "You don't need to think too much. All you need to know is that I trust you! That's enough!" Gu Wuyang nodded his head, lifting the corner of his mouth while talking.

  He never trusted anyone blindly. He had been investigated what happened to Tang Anran for a long time. Many doubts he had before disappeared after Tang Anran told him the story.

  Although there was still something not clear, it would not affect his judgment. No matter how ridiculous it was, he completely trusted her.

  Tang Anran was very touched by his trust.

  Gu Wuyang said before Tang Anran could say something, " This house belongs to the Gu's, so it is also your home. Don't stay at the hotel from now on. I am still on holiday, so I can stay here and help you."

  "You will stay here and help me to revenge us?" Tang Anran was stunned for a while and then waved her hands," No, no. You are the general of Yangcheng Military Region. How can you help me to do this?"

  "I am also your husband." Gu Wuyang took hold of Tang Anran's hand, chuckled and said: "Moreover, I know what I am doing."

  Tang Anran was very worried, but no one could change Gu Wuyang's decision. So even though Tang Anran did not want him to be involved, there was nothing she could do at the stage.

  But she had to admit that the investigation progressed faster with the help of Gu Wuyang. Tang Anran had discovered many hidden news.

  Yang Qing stayed in the hospital for five days, during which Li Wenbo did not show up. His parents came to visit her for twice. It seemed that they cared about her.

  But Yang Qing knew she would have not married to Li Wenbo, if she had not been pregnant with his child. She was just a bargirl before marrying Li Wenbo, without any fortune or background.

  The reason why Li Jiafu and Guo Fangfang cared about her was that she was carrying their grandson. They only cared about the kid, not her.

  She did not like Li Wenbo. If he had not been the inheritor of the Wanfu Enterprise Group, she would have not used the plan to marry him.

  They had given her enough money, but what she wanted was more than this. Before she reached her goal, she would not allow anyone to threaten her position.

  At the Lis' house, Yang Qing entered Guo Fangfang's room, supported by the servant.

  "Mum, I have something to talk with you." Yang Qing looked at Guo Fangfang with a smile on her face, belly bulging.

  Guo Fangfang was about to go out to play Mahjong with other madams. After hearing what Yang Qing said, she replied without raising her hea, " Talk with me after I come back."

  "Mum, it is about Wenbo. It is very important, so I cannot wait."

  What Guo Fangfang cared most was Li Wenbo. So after she was told it was related to Wenbo, she stopped what she was doing and turned around to look at her," What's the matter with Wenbo?"

  Yang Qing did not answer her right away. Instead, she winked at the servant, so the servant left the room.

  Without anyone else, Yang Qing said directly, " I guess you knew why I was in the hospital last time? I am aware that Wenbo does not like me now and I have not been feeling well these days."

  "Qingqing, you are thinking too much." Guo Fangfang stopped her impatiently before Yang Qing could say all of the words she had prepared, "Wenbo has been so busy with work these days that he has not had enough time to accompany you. But you cannot doubt him because of this!"

  "What in your belly is the first grandson of the Li family. Our family has had only one male for four generations. Our hope depends on the baby in your belly. So, keep a good mood and don't influence my grandson."

  "I really need to go out due to emergency. I cannot talk to you anymore. Make sure you have a good rest." Guo Fangfang said and left the room carrying her bag in a hurry.

  Yang Qing clenched her hands hanging at her sides, glaring hatefully at the back of Guo Fangfang.

  Grandson! The only thing they cared about was grandson!

  She had prepared for so long, but Guo Fangfang stopped her in the beginning. Yang Qing was angry and resentful.

  Since she could not rely on Guo Fangfang, she had to take actions on her own.

  Li Wenbo was more and more addicted to Tang Anran these days. Her ambivalent attitude enabled Li Wenbo to forget that he had a wife who was about to give birth to a baby and he wanted to marry her right away.

  Tomorrow would be the date of tenderinvitationmeeting of the Gus'. Wanfu Enterprise Group was rigged as the bidder winner, so Li Wenbo was not in the least nervous. After work, he talked happily to Tang Anran.

  "Anran, do you have time tonight? I want to take you somewhere." Li Wenbo stood in front of Tang Anran's desk and shook his car key, saying, " Go with me and I am pretty sure you will like it."

  "I am sorry, Mr, Li. I have already had a date." Tang Anran hid her disgust and turned down his invitation while packing her stuff.

  Having been turned down by Tang Anran for a few times, Li Wenbo was so upset that he banged his key car on her desk.

  Tang Anran was startled, but she soon calmed down.

  Li Wenbo trotted up to her, and then pinched her chin, forcing her to look at him.

  He roared sullenly, "Don't overvalue yourself, Xu Anran. Who the hell are you to play hard to get?"

  Li Wenbo treated women gently, but it was only limited to those who were able to please him.

  He had been trying everything he could to go after Xu Anran during these days. He felt interested being turned town at the beginning.

  He had never been declined by any womon. Being turned down(过去分词不能直接作主语) by Xu Anran provoked his ambition and desire to conquer, so he tried even harder in order to win her heart.

  However, being turned down for so many times, his ambition and desire faded away. Compared to her, he preferred women who could make him happy, so he burst into anger.

  "I must fuck you today!" Li Wenbo snorted, tightened his hand pinching her chin and lowered his head, trying to kiss her.

  But Tang Anran's response was very fast. She forced his fingers to leave her face and turned around to elude the kiss while he was lowering his head.

  Turned down by her once more, Li Wenbo was extremely angry. When he was about to abuse her, he found that her eyes were filled with tears and she was looking aggrievedly at him; his heart was softened.

  "Li Wenbo, who the hell do you think I am?" Tang Anran stood up, pushed away Li Wenbo, and yelled in a choked voice, "Since you think me as that kind of person, it was me who were blind and trusted the wrong person." After saying that, Tang Anran headed for the door.

  Li Wenbo did not get her point in the beginning. But realizing she was leaving, he chased after her and grabbed hold of her.

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