Chapter 84 Gu Wuyang saw through everything

  In the following days, Li Wenbo made up to Tang Anran. He tried to ask her out with many excuses, but Tang Anran turned him down every time.

  Although Tang Anran did not tell him why she turned him down, Li Wenbo blamed Yang Qing for what she had told Tang Anran in the office and started to estrange from her.

  While Tang Anran was waiting for the appropriate time to implement her next plan, she received an anonymous text message.

  Tang Anran was so thrilled that she rushed to the address shown in the text without even verifying it.

  It was a remote cemetery in the suburb, so the price of the grave was quite low. People who could not afford to buy a grave inside the city tended to bury their relatives here.

  Besides, unclaimed bodies would be buried here for free. It was said in the text that Duoduo and the body of her past life were buried here.

  A cemetery worker led Tang Anran to the grave mentioned in the text. But the tombstone only had a simple date engraved on it, without any photos or names.

  "These two bodies were a mother and her daughter, which were abandoned outside of the cemetery. We did not know who they were and the only thing we could do was to engrave the date when they were found on the tombstone." The worker looked at the tombstone, shaking his head with a sigh, "How pitiful they were!"

  Tang Anran stared at the date on the tombstone, with tears in her eyes.

  That was the date they had the accident. But Tang Anran showed the worker a photo of Duoduo and her she saved in her mailbox in order confirm this grave was really the one she was looking for.

  "May I ask whether they were the people in this photo? " Tang Anran passed her phone to the worker, asking nervously.

  The elderly worker had poor vision, so it took him a while to confirm, "Yes, correct."

  Tang Anran clenched her hand holding the phone and lost her breath as if her heart was gripped by an invisible hand.

  She assumed previously the Li's would at least find a good place to bury Duoduo and her. However, she did not expect they were so conscienceless that they just threw their bodies here.

  The more she recalled this, the deeper she hated the Li's. Tang Anran clenched her hand more firmly.

  "I want to stay here on my own for a while. Is it alright?" Tang Anran took a deep breath, fought back tears and explained to the worker, "This is my old friend. I want to stay here to accompany them."

  "Of course." After saying this, the worker left.

  Tang Anran was the only person in the graveyard. She was surrounded by tombstones, but she was not in the least afraid.

  "Duoduo." Tang Anran went down on her knees, and gently rubbed against the cold tombstone with her palm,with her fingertips trembling, "Sorry, mum did not protect you well. Sorry, I am so sorry!"

  Tang Anran finally had a chance to release the emotions which had been suppressed for a long time. She leaned against the tombstone and yowled sadly, apologizing to her daughter again and again.

  Because the Li‘s refused to pay for the operation, Duoduo died on the operation table due to excessive blood loss, but Tang Anran considered she was also responsible for her death.

  If she had responded faster to catch up with Duoduo, the car accident would not have happened.

  It seemed that she was fine these days, but deep in her heart, she felt guilty and regretful.

  If she had got up the courage to divorce Li Wenbo earlier and left the awful Li family with Duoduo, the following things would not have happened and Duoduo and her would not have died.

  It was crystal clear to Tang Anran that the death was cast and no matter how regretful she was, nothing would be changed, but she just could not control her emotions.

  With tears streaming down her face, Tang Anran was so grieved that she could barely talk.

  While she was about to have an emotional breakdown, she heard footsteps behind her and felt a hand on her shoulder.

  Tang Anran did not believe the existence of ghosts and gods, but she had changed her mind since she was reincarnated as Xu Anran.

  So, no matter how bold she was, she was a little frightened after a hand touched her shoulder.

  But the hand moved away from her shoulder while she was so scared that she closed her eyes and started to shiver.

  Before Tang Anran could breathe freely, that hand suddenly wrapped around her waist and she then fell into a firm and warm embrace.

  Surrounded by a familiar scent, Tang Anwan was stunned and figured out who this person was right away.

  When did he come? Did he hear anything she just said?

  Tang Anran was muddle-headed and her body stiffened, letting herself held tightly by him.

  Gu Wuyang was not better than Tang Anran. He had always known Tang Anran had secrets, but he never thought of this.

  He slightly lowered his head, pressed his cold lips against her ear and asked gruffly,"Who on the earth are you?"

  Tang Anran came to herself after she heard Gu Wuyang's question. The first thing she tried to do was to run away from him.

  But Gu Wuyang hugged her so tight that she could not push him away even she tried her best. She had to give up the struggle in the end.

  "Gu Wuyang, I have already made everything clear to you before. What are you doing now?" Tang Anran raised her head and looked resentfully at Gu Wuyang," As a general, can't you wait to be trampled on by me?"

  Tang Anran knew it was so cruel of her to say so. But she had to disguise herself because things had happened and there was no turning back.

  Hearing what Tang Anran said, Gu Wuyang was filled with anger and his hands holding her tightened.

  Arms around her waist was so tight that Tang Anran was almost out of breath. She yelled, "Let me go! Gu Wuyang, I told you to let me go! I don't want to see you. Get away immediately! Get away!"

  "Shut up!" Gu Wuyang angrily roared, carried her on his shoulder, regardless of her struggle, and left the cemetery quickly.

  Once they were outside of the cemetery, Gu Wuyang threw Tang Anran into his car and locked the door.

  Gu Wuyang did not leave right away. Instead, he sat on the back seat next to Tang Anran, staring at her.

  They were both silent. Tang Anran did not know what to say while Gu Wuyang was contemplating.

  After a while, Gu Wuyang said, "You are not Xu Anran."

  Only 5 words, but Gu wuyang said firmly, which made Tang Anran agitated.

  But Tang Anran soon calmed down, and looked directly into Gu Wuyang's eyes, and said with a sarcastic smile, "GU Wuyang, are you telling a joke? If I were not Xu Anran, who would I be?"

  Gu Wuyang was not irritated by Tang Anran's attitude and continued to say, "The text you received was sent by me and it was I who found the address of the cemetery. I know the bodies buried in that tomb belonged to Tang Anran and Duoduo, ex-wife and daughter of LI Wenbo, who is the inheritor of Wanfu Enterprise Group."

  "I knew you had been asking people to look for their graves, so I was helping you to search these days. I sent you a text once I found the place."

  Tang Anran did not expect the text message was sent by Gu Wuyang; she looked blankly at him. Gu wuyang clamped his hand over her mouth before she was about to say something.

  "Don't ever think about lying to me. I heard everything you said just now in front of the tombstone." Gu Wuyang stared at Tang Anran's eyes, saying," You said you were Duoduo's mum. So, you are not Xu Anran."

  Gu Wuyang stopped for a while before he said the next words with absolute certainty.

  "You are Tang Anran."

  All disguises and lies were revealed by Gu Wuyang at the moment.

  Tang Anran widened her eyes, looking at him amazedly and her mind was in a muddle.

  Her response enabled Gu Yuwang to confirm his guess, even if he knew it was tremendously ridiculous.

  He knew Tang Anran's emotion was unstable at present, so he decided to leave here without asking her any more questions.

  Sitting in the car and watching views passing by, Tang Anran finally came to herself.

  She was so bewildered that she had no clue what to do next. Gu Wuyang had known her biggest secret. What would he do? Would he think her was a monster? Or would he want to drive her out of Xu Anran's body?

  Tang Anran did not know what would happen, so she thought about jumping out of the car. But she could not open the doors which had been locked by Gu Wuyang.

  It had been a long time before the car finally stopped.

  Looking out of the window, Tang Anran found it was an unfamiliar villa.

  "Get off the car. It is guarded by people from the Gu's, so you can never run away from here." Gu Wuyang opened the door of the car, looking directly into her eyes.

  Tang Anran was astonished that he knew what she was thinking.

  Tang Anran looked around and realized the villa was indeed surrounded by men in black. It was impossible for her to run away.

  Tang Anran gave up the thought of running away, got off the car and followed Gu Wuyang to the house.

  After entering the study room on the second floor, Gu Wuyang locked the door. He then held Tang Anran's wrist, pressed her down in the sofa, and he himself sat opposite her.

  "It is quiet here and no one will bother us. I hope you can tell me everything." Gu Wuyang gazed sharply at Tang Anran, saying harshly," Don't ever try to lie to me again, otherwise you would never leave here in your whole life."

  Tang Anran knew Gu Wuyang was not kidding, so she chose to tell him everything even if she did not want to.

  It was a long story, so Tang Anran only told him the key points.

  "That was what happened. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it is the truth. If you don't trust me, there is nothing I can do."

  After saying these, Tang Anran had a sense of relief that she finally did not need to talk to Gu Wuyang anymore.

  Actually, Gu Wuyang had already thought about this. Although he was not clear about reincarnation, he knew the meaning of it.

  Gu Wenya and Gu Wenjing loved reading novels and they liked to tell him about their favorite plots. Thus, he knew what reincarnation meant.

  Tang Anran was reincarnated as Xu Anran. Therefore, even if the person in front of him was Xu Anran's body, the spirit belonged to Tang Anran.

  No one else would believe this if they heard this story. But Gu Wuyang, who had never believed in ghosts and gods, trusted the story easily.

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