Chapter 83 Life just like a drama depending on performance

  Looking at this familiar face, Tang Anran couldn't help recollecting all the things having happened before.

  Li family had been always preferring boys than girls. Detesting she could not give birth, and detesting Duoduo was a girl, Li Wenbo's parents did not want take part in their granddaughter's birthday party. They even made an excuse to go out on that day.

  For this, Tang Anran had become numb from grieved , for they were always the same on duoduo's birthday every year. Regardless of the mockery of the servant,she would buy a birthday cake,prepare a table of delicious food that Duoduo liked,and celebrate the birthday with Duoduo.

  At that time,Li Wenbo ,who hadn't been home for a long time came back suddenly. At first, Tang Anran was delightful for she thought Li Wenbo especially came back for Duoduo's birthday.

  However, what made her shocked was that he didn't come back alone.

  He brought a strange woman with him. Of course this woman was Yang Qing.

  Li Wenbo told Tang Anran that he would marry Yang Qing,who had been pregnant with his child. What's more, he compelled her to divorce him and leave with Duoduo without taking away any property, so that he could marry Yang Qing fitly and properly.

  Seeing her father bring back a strange aunt as well as hearing he wanted to divorce her mom and marry that aunt,Duoduo was out of control. After all,she was just a four-year-old child.

  Duoduo cried and ran out. Thought Tang Anran followed her immediately, she did not catch up with her in time. She could do nothing but watching Duoduo dash against that overspeeding lorry.

  Thinking of her only four-year-old daughter,Tang Anran's heart twisted and her hands tightened unconsciously. After taking several deep breaths, she finally got hold on herself.

  "Nice to meet you, Mrs Li." Standing up as well as enduring the disgust ,Tang Anran greeted Yang Qing with a smile.

  With secretary getting out of the office tactfully, Tang Anran and Yang Qing were left in the office.

  Straightforwardly, Yang Qing walked straight to the sofa with her big belly, then smiled to Tang Anran and said,"I have heard from my husband that special assistant Xu is quite beautiful. I am so curious that I want to explore by myself. Unexpectedly, Miss Xu is much prettier than he said."

  "You overpraised me, Mrs Li." Nodding with a smile,Tang Anran sat beside Yang Qing, but distanced with her deliberately.

  Though they did not acquaint with each other, women know women best. Thus Tang Anran was certain that Yang Qing 's visit was definitely with her purpose.

  As she expected, Yang Qing got into the point directly.

  " Miss Xu, I believe we can hit it off well because I feel we are old friends at the first sight. And now, I have something to tell you from the bottom of my heart." With eyes fixed on the face of Xu Anran, Yang Qing said with a meaningful smile." One of my besties has been pregnant. But her husband could not bear the loneliness and cheated on her with a young girl in his office.

  "She was bad-tempered, so she gave that young girl such a scolding that the girl became so infamous and notorious, and even did not dare to go out." Mentioning this, Yang Qing paused and held Tang Anran's hands friendly," The expected date of my confinement is around the corner. Maybe because of pregnancy, I frequently have lots of foolish reflections, always worrying about Wenbo would be seduced by someone."

  " Miss Xu , you are such a tender and beautiful woman who is congenial to me. Could you please supervise my husband for me in the company? To be honest, I am also bad-temper. If my husband also did such a thing, probably I wouldn't let that woman have an easy time too!"

  When saying her last sentence, Yang Qing suddenly intensified strength on her hand holding on Tang Anran , and scratched the back of Tang Anran 's hand with her sharp nails.

  Apparently, there was more than what she said. And Tang Anran had understood the implicit of her words, which was obviously a threat.

  While other people would be frightened by Yang Qing's words, Tang Anran was immune to it. What a pity it wasn't anyone else but Tang Anran , who came back for revenge.

  Pushing Yang Qing's hand away with a smile, Tang Anran asked pretending not understand it,

  " I have heard that Mrs Li and Manager Li are second spouse. It seems that Mrs Li has been pregnant even before Manager Li's divorce and also driven his wife and daughter to death.

  " Bullshit!" Yang Qing was pleased at first, but hearing Tang Anran's words, her face immediately became pale and her brow were drawn together tightly, "Miss Xu, I knew you are smart. You'd better think over it before saying it out. Don't talk nonsense!''

  " The more people, the more talk. It doesn't matter where I heard of it. "Standing up and looking down from the height,Tang Anran said," I mean, now that Mrs Li could capture Manager Li's heart as well as make him desert his family before his divorce, other women can also do this."

  " So Mrs Li, don't need to be nervous. Anyhow, this kind of thing is bound to happen sooner or later."

  Having not expected Tang Anran would speak out such words, Yang Qing shook with rage. Blazing with anger, her furious eyes seemed to burn Tang Anran to death on the spot.

  "Xu Anran, don't think you can get your own way because you are the employee of Gu Family's Enterprise." Standing up by means of holding sofa, Yang Qing raised her hand and pointed her finger to Tang Anran, and swore ," Dare you put your thought on my husband. I would certainly make you live in a fate worse than death!"

  "Mrs Li , don't be agitated for you are with a baby. What if some accident happened, it would be much easier for other women to get into Li Family."Stepping back, Tang Anran spoke to Yang Qing with a satiric smile.

  Just by saying a few words, Tang Anran had made Yang Qing breathless and uncomfortable because of anger. Presumably it was because of the emotional fluctuation that Yang Qing get a collywobbles. Her face flushed with anger before but now became pale while her forehead began to sweat.

  Although itched to kill Tang Anran now, Yang Qing was more afraid of losing her baby and being discarded by Li Wenbo. Thus she could only endure her rage and turned to Tang Anran for help.

  "Miss Xu....I......I get me please..." Speaking with a weaker voice, Yang Qing fell on the sofa with her hands covering the belly.

  Not a Virgin Mary, Tang Anran didn't want to help her just even though her baby was innocent. But she called Li Wenbo ultimately, for she was going to carrying out her another plan.

  Li Wenbo was in the company today. However, Yang Qing had already told the secretary not to let himknow she was also in the company. Thus Li Wenbo had no idea that she was here.

  Suddenly receiving a call from Tang Anran that Yang Qing had an incidentin her office now, Li Wenbo hurried to Tang Anran's office even without thinking.

  Actually ,more or less, Li Wenbo had some emotional resonance with Yang Qing. In addition, she had been pregnant with his son, so he couldn't give her the cold-shoulder.

  When he arrived at Tang Anran's office hurriedly, he saw Yang Qing sitting on the sofa with her forehand full of sweat and cryingout of pain constantly, while Tang Anran was standing silently aside with tears filling her eyes.

  " Honey,I am... so hurt..."Seeing that Li Wenbo come in, Yang Qing cried to him, with tears running down her face.

  In that case, the first reaction of Li Wenbo was not to take care of Yang Qing but to walk straight to Tang Anran , and asked her softly," anran, what happened? Why are you crying?"

  " Manager Li, you'd better attend to Mrs li first. Maybe her Taiqi was affected. "Sweeping her tears and turning her head to Yang Qing, Tang Anran said,"Mrs Li, I knew what your meant. I would keep a distance with Manager Li from now on."

  After finishing her words, Tang Anran left the office quickly.

  Fickle was Li Wenbo in love, but he was not stupid. He understood everything when he heard Tang Anran's words.

  He turned his head and glared at Yang Qing. Considering she was pregnant with his son, he did not talk too much to her, but sent her to hospital as soon as possible.

  Tang Anran did not come back to her office until all of them went away. Taking out several tissues , she swept the tears that she squeezed out.

  She used to think that it was enough that she tried her best to do the housework and take care of her parents-in-law and daughter, just being a good housewife.

  It wasn't until Duoduo had an accident that she realized all her thoughts were completely wrong.

  In Li Family's eyes, she was nothing beyond a cost-free servant who served them.

  Neither did they ever take her as a family member, nor considered her feelings.

  This time, not only would she revenge for Duoduo, but also for herself. None of the people who had humiliated them would slip away.

  Just now,in order to bring a misunderstanding and escalate their relationship, she performing in front of Li Wenbo.

  It seemed that her plan was a success, and she could move on to the next step.

  In the central hospital of north city, a doctor sent Yang Qing who had finished her check to a ward ,and said to Li Wenbo ,"This madam's Taiqi was effected by emotional fluctuation. It was lucky that your baby is old enough and your wife was delivered to hospital in time, don't worry,nothing serious.

  " Keep her calm as far as possible, and don't get her stimulated. Just have a good rest for a few days. Don't worry, everything will be fine."

  "Thank you , doctor." Li Wenbo thanked the doctor and sent him out of the ward.

  Lying on the bed as well as having an intravenous drip, Yang Qing said reluctantly,

  "Honey, thanks to your arrival in time, otherwise our son and I would die because of that bitch..."


  Having not finished her words, Yang Qing was interrupted by Li Wenbo. He growled with a gloomy face, "Yang Qing, would you cut it out?"

  Having a number of grievances to complain to her husband before, she was shocked by his scolding now.

  Looking at him in a daze , she murmured, " Honey, what happened to you?"

  " You don't need to ask me, just ask yourself what you have done?"

  Glaring at Yang Qing, Li Wenbo raised his hand.

  But when his palm was about to fall on Yang Qing's face, Li Wenbo recalled the doctor's words, and finally, he forced himself to take his hand back.

  Cherishing what he could not possess rather than what he had got was Li Wenno's nature. Thus, compared with Yang Qing, he preferred Tang Anran ,who could arouse his interest and possessive desire more.

  " Yang Qing , keep away from Xu Anran. If you dare to make trouble for her, you would be at your own peril. After warning Yang Qing, Li Wenbo sneered and left the ward without any hesitation.

  Actually it was just a caution that warned Yang Qing not to bring any trouble to Tang Anran.

  However, what he did not expected was that it made Yang Qing hated Tang Anran more and more. Ultimately, Yang Qing made a lunatic decision.

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