Chapter 82 I never believe your word.

  Hearing Gu Wuyang 's words, Tang Anran's mind went blank totally. She thereupon stopped her struggle.

  It was not the first time that Gu Wuyang said this kind of words. However, hearing the helplessness and the pain in his voice, Tang Anran also felt sad with tears round her eyes.

  She had cautioned herself once and once again that do not think about this thing before revenging, and do not have any relationship with Gu Wuyang any more.

  But all her caution disappeared in a moment when he appeared and said to her in such a helpless tone.

  Tang Anran opened her mouth and wanted to speak. But gazing at his dark eyes, which she only felt she had fallen into, she totally forgot what she was going to say.

  " Why did you leave Yang city for here, and what on earth are you going to do?" Gu Wuyang questioned closely with a gloomy face, and his hand holding her arm tended to intensify its strength.

  Unable to ferret out the reason now , Gu Wuyang could only asked her for the answer.

  Tang Anran silenced for a while, and then shook her head , which declared herself that she would not say any word .

  Regardless of the rage in his heart, he was not willing to vent his temper on Tang Anran. Like smashing his fist down on the cotton, Gu Wuyang was angry but had no way to vent it out.

  " Ok, you can leave these questions out for now, but you have to tell me, why did you change you phone number without telling me?" Frowning as well as suppressing the anger, he asked, " Wasn't everything all right before? Why didn't you send me a message even though you have other things to do ?"

  " It is my own business,and it has nothing to do with you." The ache on the shoulder made Tang Anran frown uneasily, "You have promised me to let me go as soon as finishing the wedding."

  " Since you have found me, how about fulfilling your commitment."

  Speaking of this, Tang Anran paused for a moment. Getting out of his intimidating look, she said in a husky voice , " I want a divorce."

  After a long time of waiting and finding, he did not expect to get such an answer.

  " What do you take me for, Tang Anran!" With a scowled face, Gu Wuyang gnashed his teeth and growled.

  Hardly before Tang Anran could speak than he lowered his head and kissed on her lips rudely.

  Probably because of anger, there was no compassion in this kiss at all, only invasion and punishment.

  Holding her delicate waist tightly, his strength was so tremendous that it would crush her and melt her in his blood and fles .

  During their passion, Tang Anran carelessly bit Gu Wuyang 's lip, then a hint of blood smell spread in their mouth.

  Even so , Gu Wuyang did not intend to free her. On the contrary, he continued smooching, even harder. At the same time , he tightened his hands holding on her , as if she would disappear as soon as he loosened his grip.

  But his strength was too great while Tang Anran was fragile. Being kissed and held in this way, Tang Anran could not breath well soon.

  Even though reluctantly, Gu Wuyang could only loosen his strength and stopped this endless kiss.

  After taking several deep breaths, Tang Anran was finally relieved and calmed.

  She raised her head to look at the man pressing upon her, and said slowly," I saw you and Meng Yaxin embracing together at that night."

  This word took Gu Wuyang several seconds to react.

  " Nothing happened between us. I had pushed her away at that time."Staring at Tang Anran, Gu Wuyang promised solemnly," Trust me. I really have nothing to do with her."

  Actually, Tang Anran would still trust him even he did not make a promise. However, she had other plan now, so she could only grasp this.

  " Since you had hold each other, it was still having nothing happened?" She sneered at him," Gu Wuyang ,are you too stupid ,or you think I am stupid, so that you can deceive me with such a lie?"

  Having only dated with Meng Yaxin before and only having few access to female in the usual time, Gu Wuyang had no idea how to coax her with a comparatively lower EQ.

  Having heard that she did not trust him at all, he was annoyed.

  Trying his best to endure the outrage , Gu Wuyang continued explaining," I am not deceiving you, fact is fact! We had already lost contact with each other, and there was no need to cheat you because of this."

  " Meng Yaxin is your first love. It is said that first love was like the shining moonlight for a man. Can you really not contact her?"

  Tang Anran raised her hand and held his collar. Pulling his body down, her red lips got closed to his ear and she chuckled, "Who do you think you are? Gu Wuyang, I never believe your word."

  Like a sharp blade scratching on his heart, Gu Wuyang was hurt deeply.

  Although Gu Wuyang loved Tang Anran, he had his own proud.

  Holding his heart in front of her, he wanted to address the misunderstanding and be together with her.

  But his heart was treading relentlessly by Tang Anran. In her eyes, his heart even was not wortha straw.

  With a self-mocking smile, Gu Wuyang loosened his hand holding on her, and scrambled out of bed.

  " Xu Anran, I remember your words." Standing at the bedside and turning his back to her, Gu Wuyang said ," Hope you won't regret." After finishing his sentences, he went out of the room and shut the door sharply without looking back.

  Realizing that Gu Wuyang had really gone, her left hand holding the bed sheet tightly loosened slowly. Her back had already soaked with sweat.

  In fact, neither did Tang Anran feel well when she said these harsh words to Gu Wuyang. However, it was the only method to cut off the relationship with Gu Wuyang.

  She had already prepared for the worst when she decided to come back for vengeance. She did not want Gu Wuyang to get involved.

  Rather than waiting for the final misery, she'd like to end this relationship now. After all, it was better now than late.

  After cutting the bound with Gu Wuyang, she could devote herself to the revenge without worrying about getting him involved.

  The words Tang Anran said to him were still echoing in his mind, but he was unaware of what Tang Anran was considering.

  After hearing her words, he only felt that what had happened between them was totally a joke. His self-proclaimed mutual affection was nothing but a game for her.

  She was tired and fed up with it.

  But Gu Wuyang 's self-control was perfect all along. Despite having suffered a fatal strike, he was not out of control. After leaving Tang Anran's room, he returned to his hotel instantly.

  It wasn't a short distance between his hotel and Tang Anran's. He planned to bring Xiao Hang with him at first. However, worrying about the message was not accurate, he decided to enquire it first by himself and left Xiao Hang in the hotel.

  As soon as Gu Wuyang opened the door, Xiao Hang sitting on the sofa came over immediately and gazed at the place behind Gu Wuyang 's back. Seeing that Tang Anran wasn't there, Xiao Hang drew a long face instantly ," Dad,isn't mom here?" After hearing Xiao Hang's question, Gu Wuyang's body stiffened for a while. Then he crouched down in front of Xiao Hang and rubbed his head.

  Neither did Gu Wuyang want to cheat Xiao Hang, nor tell him the truth, so he did not answer his question.

  But Gu Wuyang overlooked one point that xiao hang was more mature and delicate than the average children. Even though he did not speak out, Xiao Hang could approximately know something by guess.

  " Is mom not willing to came back? Doesn't she want us?" His round eyes were full of tears instantly, he was on the edge of crying.

  Despite having no blood relation with Tang Anran and Gu Wuyang, Xiao Hang had already taken them as his biological parents in the heart. What's more, he did not grow up in a normal environment. Having encountered those things, he was much more sensitive than other children.

  The more he thought about the reason why Tang Anran did not come back, the more he blamed himself. He believed it was because Tang Anran did not want a son like him that she was reluctant to go home.

  " Dad, only if mom agree to come back, I can leave. You can send me anywhere you like." Sniffing the nose, Xiao Hang choked with sobs, and he said," You can tell mom I can go now."

  As he spoke , Xiao Hang was ready to run out with his short legs, but was taken back by Gu Wuyang in time.

  " A real man must not cry casually." Gu Wuyang raised up head and wiped away Xiao Hang's tears, then he held Xiao Hang in his arms ." You will never be our burden nor trouble. It is none of your concern about this thing. Don't think too much about this, and dad will resolve all the thing."

  It was too impulsive of Gu Wuyang just now. After calming down and contemplating what Tang Anran had said, he realized it was just a lame excuse, which apparently was not the real reason.

  What he could confirm was that Tang Anran must have hidden something important from him. Since she was not willing to speak out, he decided to find it out by himself. No matter how deep it was concealed, the truth would come out one day.

  After hearing Gu Wuyang's words, though he still felt sad, xiao hang did not cry any more. He followed Gu Wuyang's arrangement obediently.

  In the next few days, Gu Wuyang did not appeared in front of Tang Anran. Not thinking over about it, Tang Anran believed it was her words that had hurt Gu Wuyang and made him back to Yang city.

  Considering that Gu Wuyang would not be involved, Tang Anran speeded up her revenge. She had more and more contact with Li Wenbo during this period.

  The body of Xu Anran was young, pretty as well as curvy. To some extent, it was perfect. Meanwhile, Tang Anran deliberately catered for the tastes of Li Wenbo, and had fascinated him successfully.

  However , Tang Anran's vengeance plan was not that simple. She had more things to do.

  She had already checked out that it was Yang Qing's number that harassed her before. Having known that Yang Qing had suspected the relationship between her and Li Wenbo, Tang Anran believed Yang Qing would come to her soon.

  What made Tang Anran surprised was that Yang Qing was more impatient than she thought. Only one week later, Yang Qing came to her irritably.

  "Special assistant Xu, this is the wife of Manager Li. She said she had something important to tell you." Leading Yang Qing walk into Tang Anran's office, the secretary said to Tang Anran who was concentrating on her work.

  Tang Anran's office had shifted from Gu Family's Enterprise to Wanfu Group temporarily because of work. As the young mistress of Wanfu Group, Yang Qing was free to come in the office of the cooperator's special assistant without being prevented.

  Hearing the secretary's words, Tang Anran stopped her hand tapping the keyboard for a moment, then she raised up her head and look at the door.

  As soon as raising up her head, Tang Anran saw Yang Qing, who was standing behind the secretary with a big belly and was smiling to her.

  Although she had an elegant disguise, Yang Qing's anger and resentment covered by the smile could be clearly felt by Tang Anran.

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