Chapter 81 You really got me

  Hearing that Jang Dong mentioned North City, an important thing came to Gu Wuyang's mind--the plane ticket Tang Anran bought last time when she tried to run away

  He did not know what on earth was the matter in North City that was so important and made Tang Anran leave him and Xiao Hang quietly. But whatever happened, he must find her now. After hanging up the phone, he took up the key of the car, ready to go out.

  However, as soon as he stood up, Xiao Hang standing on the side suddenly gasped his pants, pulled it softly, and said," Dad, I want to go with you for mom."

  With a pair of red eyes and a choked voice, he was on the verge of crying.

  Because his mother, Tang Anran, had told him that a boy must have a strong mind and could't cry at random. Looking at Xiao Hang grieved like this, Gu Wuyang did not feel comfortable either. So he did not refuse him and took Xiao Hang with him to the plane to North City.

  As the main leader and competitor of this cooperation program, there were a lot of chances for Li Wenbo to contact with Tang Anran. On the first day, they sat together and discussed the work.

  Counting yesterday and the day before yesterday in, this was the third time that Li Wenbo had invited Tang Anran to have lunch together.

  Three and out. Tang Anran knew that she couldn't leave Li Wenbo in suspense too long, so she accepted his invitation delightfully this time.

  It was a western restaurant not far from the subsidiary of Gu Family's Enterprise. Not willing to stay with Li Wenbo in a private room alone, she chose a window seat especially.

  " It was really an honor to have lunch with such a pretty lady." Li Wenbo raised his glass to Tang Anran, wearing a gentle smile.

  To be honest, jerk as he was, he was quite charming. Plus treating women in a gentle manner, Li Wenbo could easily appeal women, especially young girls knowing little of the society.

  In spite of his seeming single-minded to Yang Qing since he married her immediately after Tang Anran 'death, he still wandered in women willfully on the sly.

  Even though Yang ping could be happy now, Tang Anran believed she would certainly become the second Tang Anran after Li Wenbo got fed up with her.

  After all, it was not worth at all for a woman to pay sincerity to a man like Li Wenbo.

  " Thanks." Tang Anran clinked glasses with Li Wenbo, covering up the resentment and hatred to him. Then she took a sip of the red wine and said, "I am not good at drinking. Hope manger Li will not mind me just taking a sip."

  " Of course not." Li Wenbo shook his head with a smile. What he liked most was a woman who did not drink alcohol, as it was more convenient for him.

  Having not finished the lunch yet, Li Wenbo 's phone rang suddenly. He took out the phone, it was Yang Qing .

  With his countenance changing slightly , Li Wenbo smiled to Tang Anran apologetically," Excuse me, I need to answer a phone."

  With this, he took up the phone and left his seat.

  Tang Anra had no interest in whom Li Wenbo was talking to, but coincidentally he did not walk so far. Across a screen, Tang Anran heard all of his words clearly.

  " I am still working. Do not call me again if all is right......Our servant will accompany you to take the antenatal examination. I am really busy these days."

  " What woman are you talking about! Could you not be suspicious all the time? "

  " Listen, Yang Qing, I am so busy that I even do not have a lunch. It is completely a waste of my time for having you ask these meaningless questions."

  " That's enough, I don't want to continue this boring topic. I am going to work."

  After answering Yang Qing impatiently, he hang up the call before Yang could finish her words on the other side of the phone, and then went back to his seat.

  Hearing Li Wenbo mentioned the name of Yang Qing, and combining with what he said just now, Tang Anran was capable of guessing what Yang Qing had said.

  Formerly, Tang Anran was the same, caring about whether Li Wenbo had a meal on time, whether he was tiered, and could not resist to give him several phone calls a day.

  At first, Li Wenbo was patient to answer her questions one after another. However, his attitude got worse and worse with time. Finally, he went home even less than once a month.

  She used to believe that it was because she did not do well enough,which made Li Wenbo detest her, turn away from her, and abandon her.

  But in hindsight, it was not that he changed his heart, but he had such a characteristic at the beginning, and had been fed up with pretending.

  A man like Li Wenbo, would never pay even half of his sincerity to a woman.

  "Sorry, some business matter." Li Wenbo smiled to Tang Anran with a regret, not flushing even when he was lying.

  Not nailing his lie, Tang Anran gave him a cooperative smile, and continued her lunch.

  Hang up the phone by Li Wenbo pitilessly, Yang Qing was infuriated. Even her body was shaking with anger.

  Previously, Li Wenbo would never talk to her in such a tone and attitude. She was more sure of his extramarital relationship.

  Thinking about this, Yang Qing took out the note that Tang Anran gave him ,and dialed Tang Anran 'number again.

  Looking at the strange number on the screen, Tang Anran did not want to answer it, for she thought it was a crank call. Since her phone had rung twice, she finally picked it up.

  " Hello."vShe greeted with politeness.

  Instead of speaking, Yang Qing kept silent and listened to the voice on the other side carefully. Hearing the same ringtone as what outflowed from Li wenbo's phone before, she got it instantly.

  This western restaurant played many kinds of light music, not loud, but still could be heard clearly through the phone.

  She heard this song when she had a phone call with Li Wenbo and heard it again when she called Tang Anran, which made Yang Qing suspect that Li Wenbo was with her now!

  If it were other women, they may curse with rage. But Yang Qing had experienced too many men, and knew exactly what they were thinking about.

  Making a scene would not make Li Wenbo come back, but only result in aversion, so she had to tolerate.

  Thinking of this Yang Qing took a deep breath. After calming down, she hang up again.

  The one hanged up without a word again? Tang Anran frowned.

  Contemplating for a while, she slid the screen with her delicate fingers and found out yesterday 's crank call .

  Sure enough, they were the same number.

  It was understandable that it was a mistake at the first time. But this was the second time, which means,it was not dialed by a mistake, but on purpose.

  Even though Tang Anran had no idea who was the caller, she knew that person could not call her just with a simple harassing purpose.

  Disgusted at being with Li Wenbo, Tang Anran endured her nausea and did not eat too much. This meal finished soon.

  "Miss. Xu, May I call you anran if you don't mind?" After paying for the bill, Li Wenbo looked at Tang Anran with a smile, " ‘Cause I really want to make friend with Miss Xu."

  " Either is fine." Tang Anran nodded with a smile, then raised hand to look at the watch on her waist. After that, she looked at Li Wenbo and said with regret, "I am sorry Manager Li, I have something to deal with now. See you next time."

  After finishing her words, Tang Anran left the restaurant forthrightly even before Li Wenbo could say a word.

  Staring at Tang Anran getting into the taxi, Li Wenbo raised his hand and rubbed his chin with an insatiable expression.

  Li Wenbo had to admit that it was Tang Anran's beautiful face that made him intrigued. But two after getting along with her for two days, he had been more and more interested in her.

  In his own conceit, he did not believe there would be a woman he couldn't figure out. So this time must be imperative.

  But he would never expect that he was indeed digging his own grave and was going to bury himself.

  Actually Tang Anran had nothing to do but just made an excuse to leave.

  After getting off the taxi, she went back to hotel forthrightly.

  However, when she opened the door, her eyes were covered by a hand, while an arm holding around her waist.

  No sooner did she calm down from startle than she fell into a warm and strong embrace, a familiar smell encircling her completely.

  After knowing who was this person was, Tang Anran sighed with a relief. But before she could feel relaxed, she felt herself was in the air.

  Gu Wuyang was putting her on his shoulder!

  " Let me down!" Tang Anran cried while beating his back.

  Giving no reply, Gu Wuyang just took her to the bedside quickly, and then put her down.

  " You......" Tang Anran just said a word, and then was frightened by his magnified handsome face.

  Forehand against forehand, they were quite close to each other, with all the hot breath falling on her face and in her ears.

  All the thing she wanted to say just now slipping out of her mind for a moment, Tang Anran could do nothing but blink and stare at him bewilderedly.

  Gu Wuyang had already arrived North City yesterday. But North City was so big that he had no idea where Tang Anran went. It almost took him a day to find exactly which hotel she checked in.

  He had been waiting in the room for three hours. During this time, he even had thought about how to punish her when she came back.

  However, all his rage subsided in the blink of an eye when he saw Tang Anran.

  At the beginning ,he hated her so much that he wanted to divorce all the time in the first year of their marriage. But now, everything was totally different.

  He did not know when it started, maybe when she looked into his eyes directly and argued with him restively for the first time, maybe when she danced exquisitely with a confident smile in the old house of Gu Family,maybe when he saw her happy for a long time because of a small thing.

  Anyway, no matter what the reason was, his heart was captured by Tang Anran completely.

  Staring at Tang Anran , Gu Wuyang brake into a gentle sigh. Lowering his head, rubbing in her neck with his head, Gu Wuyang said in a masculine and husky voice,

  " Xu Anran, you really got me."

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