Chapter 80 It was enough to have you here.

  In Li Family, Li Wenbo finished his breakfast. And Yang Qing, who was pregnant, helped him put on his overcoat.

  "Honey, remember to accompany me to take antenatal examination this afternoon." Yang Qing touched her belly and smiled with happiness.

  Li Wenbo lowered his head and kissed Yang Qing's lip lightly. Then he smiled with a nod and said, "I won't forget. I 'll come back home to pick you up after work. "

  "Okay, drive carefully on the road."

  Yang Qing smiled and sent Li Wenbo out seeing him off, and then returned to the room with the help of the maid.

  As soon as she just sat down on the bed, Yang Qing saw half of a note pressed by a lamp on the bedside cabinet.

  Yang Qing pulled the light pink note out from under the lamp curiously, and then she saw a row of numbers on it. It looked like a phone number.

  The written character was delicate, which seemed to be written by a woman.

  She put the note under her nose and smelled it. There was a faint smell of perfume which should be the latest luxury perfume from Brand A.

  This kind of lady perfume was limited to 50 bottles worldwide, and she had spent a lot of time getting only a small bottle of counterfeit before.

  Although the smell on the note was similar to that of a counterfeit, it was obviously more fragrant and made people more comfortable when smelling it, so Yang Qing was pretty sure that the perfume on the note was real.

  Unconsciously, Yang Qing dialed the numbers on the note with her phone. And soon it was connected.

  "Hello." A voice of a young lady came from the other side of the phone.

  Having heard that famale voice, Yang Qing's face changed and she hung up immediately.

  A woman with good handwriting, a sweet young voice, and the ability to afford such an expensive perfume should be a beauty.

  Thinking of this, there was an alarm ringing in her heart.

  She used to be man's mistress before. So she knew Li Wenbo was a man who could lose in the temptation easily. Therefore, she was always on guard and would never allow any woman who could threaten her to appear around Li Wenbo.

  Unexpectedly, no matter how carefully she was on guard, someone still found a loophole.

  But, whoever this woman was, Yang Qing must drive her away from Li Wenbo. Otherwise she would fall into the same old rut like Tang Anran. After all, it was very difficult for her to get this marriage.

  At the door of the branch of Gu's company, Tang Anran looked at the phone in her hand, frowning doubtly.

  Standing next to her, Gu Shenxing noticed her difference and asked with concerns, "What's wrong? "

  "Nothing, it might be a wrong call." Tang Anran shook her head, put her phone in the bag, and walked into the company with Gu Shenxing, without paying too much attention to the phone.

  If she wanted to develop a relationship with Li family in the fastest way, the best way was to participate in the cooperation between Gu's company and the Li family as a role in charge.

  When she told Gu Shenxing at the hotel that she wanted to get involved in the project, he only kept silence for a moment and then directly agreed to her without even asking one question.

  As for this, Tang Anran only thought that she still occupied the identity- the wife of Gu Wuyang, so Gu Shenxing would allow her to take part in the project and she did not think much about it.

  At 10 o'clock, Li Wenbo and Li Jiafu followed the assistant walking into the conference room.

  As soon as Li Wenbo entered the room, he saw Tang Anran who was sitting next to Gu Shenxing and talking with him. His eyes immediately flashed a light.

  If it was not because of the situation now, he would rush towards Tang Anran at once.

  "Manager Li, this is boss Gu of the head office and also the young master of company Gu." The person in charge of Gu's branch stood up and went to Li Jiafu and presented an introduction to him," this is assistant Xu, the special assistant of boss Gu as well as the main person in charge of this project."

  Li Jiafu used to be a peasant with little knowledge, but had a good mind for business. After he suddenly got a large sum of money, he used it to set up a small company.

  Then, that small company became the current Wanfu company after more than 20 years of operation.

  Of course, in addition to doing business, Li Jiafu was also very good at pleasing others.

  "I didn't expect that boss Gu would be so young. A promising young man like you reminds me of the old saying that indigo blue is extracted from the indigo plant but is bluer than the plant it comes from. "Li Jiafu smiled and said, but actually he kissed the wrong ass.

  Gu Shenxing stood up from his chair and stared at Li Jiafu. He asked faintly, "Before you came, haven't you investigated something about company Gu? "

  Li Jiafu did not know what Gu Shenxing meant by this question, but he nodded quickly and said, " Be reassured. We have all learned about Gu company carefully. "

  "since it is so, you should know my identity and information. Why did you say that you didn't expect that?"

  The tone of Gu Shenxing was very calm but very aggressive so that Li Jiafu was nervous and even some cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

  Although Li Wenbo was fickle in love, he wasn't a stupid person. So he understood that Gu Shenxing picked on them deliberately at once.

  More talk, more mistakes. They could not continue to discuss it, so he quickly changed the topic.

  "Boss Gu, this is our plan for this project, with the greatest sincerity of Wanfu. "Li Wenbo smiled and stepped forward to hand the document to Gu Shenxing.

  Although this project was a bid that belonged to the party whose payed the highest price, but Wanfu company was the most powerful of all competitors. In addition, Li Jiafu and the head of Gu's branch had private contacts. It could be said that 99 % of the chance of this project would be given to them successfully.

  They originally thought that they could directly negotiate about the details of the contracts here today, but they did not expect that Gu Shenxing came up suddenly, which completely disrupted their plans.

  They had no idea why Gu shenxing suddenly appeared here and would like to intervene in this project since he had always ignored the branch.

  However, it was not the time to think about this matter. Wanfu company had invested a lot of funds in this project. They must succeed this time!

  Gu Shenxing took the document, looked it over simply and turned it over to Xu Anran, "Assistant Xu, this project will be followed up by you. "

  "I got it. Boss Gu" Tang Anran accepted the document, smiling and nodding as response.

  The meeting ought to last several hours, but since Gu Shenxing said this, it ended quickly only after less than half an hour.

  Before leaving Gu's branch, Li Wenbo could not help but walk to Tang Anran.

  "Miss Xu, what a coincidence! I didn't expect that we would meet each other so soon." Li Wenbo looked tenderly at Tang Anran," I do not know if there is an honor today to invite Miss Xu to have lunch together? "

  Of course, Tang Anran would not refuse the opportunity to approach Li Wenbo, but she understood that if Li Wenb easily o succeeded, he would quickly lose interest in her.

  "Thanks for your invitation. But my job just stuck with me. We'll go next time."

  Tang Anran smiled at Li Wenbo and declined his invitation. Then she left the conference room with Gu Shenxing.

  As she expected, this refusal did not make Li Wenbo angry, but even made him more interested in her.

  After all, whether it was a man or a woman, there were rebellious spirits in their minds. People desired what they failed to achieve.

  n the office of general manager, Gu Shenxing sat on the sofa while Tang Anran took a seat next to him, and Zhang Hao, the general manager of the branch, stood nervously, keeping his head low.

  He always thought that the head office's people were so busy that they should not notice here since North City was away from Yang City. Therefore, he continued to accumulate money by unfair means in the name of the general manager of the branch and even did a lot of things which harmed the company's interests.

  All of these things had been very well concealed before, but this time, the dirty deal between him and Li Jiafu seemed to have been discovered by Gu Shenxing.

  Even if Gu Shenxing did not say anything to him from beginning to end, Zhang Hao could not help but shake with a guilty conscience.

  Gu Shenxing always carried out his work resolutely. He took a sip of coffee and said," You don't need to come tomorrow. " He even didn't a glance at Zhang Hao when saying this.

  "boss Gu." Zhang Hao shouted anxiously and tried to attempt for another chance.

  But after getting an eye contact with Gu Shenxing, he did not know what to say at once. In particular, Gu Shenxing only dismissed him and did not pursue his responsibility and also, he didn't ask him to compensate the company for its previous losses as well.

  It would be really stupid if he didn't know to accept the fact at this time.

  Therefore, in the end, Zhang Hao quickly cleaned up his own things, and left Gu without saying anything.

  "Tomorrow a new general manager will come and take office, and you can ask him anything you don't understand. "Gu Shenxing put down the coffee cup and turned to Tang Anran," He is loyal to me. You don't have to worry that your identity will be exposed and you will not be bullied here.“

  Hearing what Gu Shenxing said, Tang Anran nodded first and then asked with a puzzle, "Are you going back now? But how about the project? Isn't that what you come her for this time? "

  "it's enough to have you here." Looking at the smile on his face, Tang Anran couldn't distinguish if he was joking or serious.

  This project was precisely related to the design. And Tang Anran's previous studies in Xu company now could be used.

  Although it couldn't be said that there was completely no problem, at least she would not bring Gu Shenxing trouble.

  Just at this moment, the door of the office was knocked. Then it was open and Gu Shenxing's real assistant came in.

  The assistant came to Gu Shenxing, reported to him with a bow, " boss Gu, the car has been arranged and it is time to go to the airport."

  Gu Shenxing nodded and then left after talking to Tang Anran.

  After seeing that Gu Shenxing left, Tang Anran then realized that he really seemed strange today, but she could not say where it was for a moment.

  Thinking of it for a while, Tang Anran simply left it aside.

  The first step of the plan had been reached, and now it was time for her to prepare for the next step.

  At the same time, in the villa of Gu Wuyang in Yang City.

  Xiao Hang sat on the sofa in the living room with tears in eyes. In his hand, it was a photo of Xu Anran. Gu Wuyang sat on the other side of sofa with a long face. His gloomy eyes stared closely at the mobile phone on the table.

  It had been nearly 40 hours since Tang Anran lost contact with him. Gu Wuyang was like crazy and had almost turned the entire city over. However, he still didn't find any news of Tang Anran.

  During the forty hours, Gu Wuyang did not rest even for one minute because he feared that he would miss the news if he fell asleep.

  Even if he had extraordinary patience, he was unable to calm down after having beard it for so long.

  At the moment that Gu Wuyang had no patience to wait and prepared to go out to find Tang Anran, the quiet mobile phone on the table finally rang.

  Without seeing clearly who was calling, he just picked up the call immediately.

  As soon as the phone was connected, the voice of Jiang Dong came with excitement, "Boss, there is news about sister-in-law."

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