Chapter 78 She really got desperate

  Compared with the state of drunkenness, the sober Wang Xudong was the most horrible.

  When Wang Xudong saw Tang Anranat first sight, he knew her identity- the daughter of Chengsheng Xu. The reason why he got close to her on his initiative was not only because of Xu Anran's beautiful face, but also her identity.

  Wang Xudong was well aware of that in this competitive workplace, it was too difficult for him to use his own ability to reach his goal, which was a waste of time as well.

  So after he had seen Tang Anran, he tried to play a trick on her and wanted to take advantage of her identity as Xu's daughter.

  He had always heard that Xu Anran and Gu Wuyang didn't get on well, and Xu Anran liked to play outside, so he thought that with his appearance and ability, it should be easy to get her heart.

  But he did not know that Xu Anran had become Tang Anran, so his tricks didn't work at all.

  When soft methods failed, hard tactics could be used.

  He believed firmly that it was impossible that she wouldn't be moved after becoming his woman!

  Thinking of this, Wang Xudong got more excited and he was ready to take off Tang Anran's clothes.

  Even though Tang Anran struggled hard, she couldn't run away from Wang Xudong. Soon her coat and sweater were taken off by him, leaving a bottoming-shirt on her only.

  At this moment, Tang Anran was very worried, but meanwhile, she knew that she must calm down at this time, so she could only try to suppress the panic in her heart and force out a smile that was uglier than crying.

  "Take it easy, it's not easy to take off the clothes. I 'll do it on my own. "Tang Anran said, showing a shy smile to Wang Xudong.

  Wang Xudong was surprised by what she said and the smile on her face for a while.

  Tang Anran, on the other hand, seized the chance and pushed him away from herself with the greatest effort, and then stood up and ran to the door.

  Unfortunately, Wang Xudong's reaction was faster than she expected. Before she could touch the door, he had already caught up her and pushed her to the ground again.

  "Bitch, how dare you play tricks on me! I won't spare you today! "Wang Xudong swore angrily and began to take off Tang Anran's trousers with his hands.

  Tang Anran felt something like a mobile phone under her back. When Wang Xudong did not pay attention, she quickly took it out and looked at it. It was her own phone indeed.

  With her trembled fingers, she dialed the phone number of Gu Wuyang, praying again and again that he could answer her phone, but in the end a cold female voice came out.

  "sorry, the phone you are calling is power off"

  Wang Xudong was trying to take off her trousers when he heard this sound. Then he stopped and grabbed the phone.

  " Ha, call for help? Don't dream." With a sneer, he smashed the phone to the ground.

  Seeing that she missed the last chance to ask for help, Tang Anran closed her eyes in despair, and her tears came out.

  Feeling that she stopped struggling, the expression on Wang Xudong's face was more complacent, and he accelerated his movement.

  Tang Anran really wanted to give up befor , but she was not willing to let it be.

  She had not taken revenge for her daughter and hadn't punish Li Wenbo yet. If Wang Xudong really made it, what was the point of her rebirth? Wasn't it all for nothing?

  Thinking of this, Tang Anran opened her eyes again, and her eyes at this moment was exactly clear.

  "Wang Xudong." She looked at Wang Xudong and called his name coldly.

  "what......" Wang Xudong replied with a smile, and his attention was distracted by Tang Anran again.

  Seizing the opportunity of this moment, Tang Anran lifted her leg and kicked Wang Xudong heavily.

  "Ah!" The pain made Wang Xudong immediately howl in pain.

  He rolled over in pain, covering the injury, and the cold sweat came out of his forehead.

  Ignoring Wang Xudong's screaming, Tang Anraneven didn't have time to pick up the clothes and bags that were scattered on the ground, but hurriedly opened the door and ran out.

  Wang Xudong wanted to get her back, but he could not stand up because of the huge pain. In the end, he could only watch her running away.

  Tang Anran ran out of the hotel in a hurry, regardless of how embarrassed she was at the moment, and just wanted to take a taxi to leave the place as soon as possible.

  But now she was so frightening with scattering hair and untidy clothes, that no car wanted to stop.

  She was afraid to go back to the hotel to ask colleagues or the hotel staff for help. After all, Wang Xudong was still inside, and she would probably be caught again if she went back.

  Since she was unable to take the car, Tang Anran could only walk by herself. What's worse, when she just walked a few steps, suddenly it began to rain heavily after the thunder.

  Originally, she wore few clothes. Now she was shivering with cold in the rain.

  No phone. No wallet. It was so cold and she couldn't take a taxi. At this moment, Tang Anran was really desperate.

  Tears fell down from her face with the rain. She would persist, no matter how terrible the things she suffered was.

  Suddenly, a piercing light came out in front of her. A car stopped and the door opened. She vaguely saw a man coming toward her with an umbrella.

  Tang Anran thought that it was Wang Xudong again, so she turned to escape in a panic. However, she accidentally stumbled on her foot and fell directly into a puddle.

  The clothes were all wet and the face was covered with sewage.

  " Are you okay?" A familiar male voice came out near her ear, with some concern in his tone.

  The man tried to reach out to hold Tang Anran up, but as soon as his hand just touched her, she dodged immediately.

  Noticing that the voice didn't belong to Wang Xudong and was kind of familiar, she slowly raised her head to see him. Unexpectedly, it was Gu Shenxing.

  "Don't be afraid. It's me." Gu Shenxing appeased her in a low voice and reached out again. This time she did not escape anymore.

  Gu Shenxing took her to his car and turned on the heater, then he handed her the spare towel, "Wipe the water first. I 'll take you home now. "

  "Thanks." Tang Anran thanked him gratefully, and then silently wiped the water on her face.

  Gu Shenxing didn't ask what she had experienced, which made Tang Anran relieve a bit. After all, even she didn't recover from what had happened tonight, so she would not know what to tell him if he asked.

  Keeping silent all the way, soon they arrived at the door of villa of Gu Wuyang.

  "Brother, thank you." Tang Anran thanked Gu Shenxing again and was preparing to open the door to get off. But Gu Shenxing suddenly grabbed her wrist.

  "wait a minute."

  Actually, Tang Anran didn't understand what he meant for a moment. She unconsciously looked along the direction of his sight, and then she found two people standing at the door of the villa.

  They were Gu Wuyang and Meng Yaxin.

  It seemed that they were talking about something very seriously and did not notice Gu Shenxing's car at all.

  It was a long distance. And since the window was not open, Tang Anran could not hear what they were saying, but it seemed that both of them were emotional.

  Thinking of that Gu Wuyang's mobile phone was turned off the whole evening and he did not answer her call but stayed with Meng Yaxin all the time, she suddenly felt very depressed.

  At this moment, she was still so naive to comfort herself. Gu Wuyang's mobile phone might have a power failure, and he did not deliberately turn off his phone to reject her call. And he was just having a talk with Meng Yaxin. Nothing would happen.

  However, after she just comforted herself in the heart, she was hit by the reality in the face the next second.

  She saw that Meng Yaxin drilled into the arms of Gu Wuyang, holding his waist tightly, and Gu Wuyang......did not refuse.

  At this moment, the strength in Tang Anran's body was like drained away at once, and she couldn't do anything but sit in the car helplessly.

  All her self-comfort she made and all the explanations she prepared for Gu Wuyang, now seemed to be fooling herself.

  Tang Anran closed her eyes to avoid seeing the scene that they were hugging. She said to Gu Shenxing in a dumb voice, "Can you drive me out of here first? "

  Gu Shenxing didn't say anything as he pressed his lips, but he turned the steering wheel again and drove the car out of the courtyard.

  At the moment when the car turned around, Gu Wuyang pushed Meng Yaxin away and then shut her out. Unfortunately, Tang Anran didn't see it.

  Gu Shenxing's car had run for some distance before it finally stopped at the roadside.

  They were both speechless and kept silence like that.

  After a long time, Gu Shenxing turned to Tang Anran and slowly said, "Maybe it was just a misunderstanding. Yang is not such a person."

  She didn't answer, but still stared at the rain out of the window in a trance.

  In fact, she also didn't think that Gu Wuyang would be the person she thought. But Meng Yaxin was his first love and childhood sweetheart.

  How could the months of affection between her and Gu Wuyang be rival to theirs that was more than twenty years?

  Tang Anran really lost her confidence. After an unsuccessful marriage, she did not believe in men. And she finally took the courage to be together with Gu Wuyang, but now there was a Meng Yaxin between them again.

  No matter what kind of person he was, it was a fact that they hugged each other. It was also a fact that he didn't refuse her.

  Taking a deep breath, Tang Anran turned to Gu Shenxing and looked at him finally," Brother Gu, can you send me to family Xu?

  She did not want to go back to the villa anymore in case that she would see Gu Wuyang and Meng Yaxin again. And there was no place for her to go now. Therefore, she asked such a favour from him.

  After hearing that, he did not immediately drove the car. Instead, he continued to ask, "Don't you want to go home? Don't you want to listen to his explanation? "

  It never occurred to her that Gu Shenxing would ask so many questions today since he used to be cautious with his words and actions. She was surprised and shook her head, "I don't want to think about this. Please."

  It seemed that Tang Anran really rejected to go back to the villa, so Gu Shenxing stopped asking and sent her to the Xu family.

  It rained harder and harder. Gu Shenxing opened the door for her with the umbrella in his hand, and then sent her all the way to the door.

  "Brother Gu, thank you very much." Tang Anran thanked Gu Shenxing again and then continued" Please do not tell Gu Wuyang about what happened today. I will handle it. "

  Gu Shenxing was not a person who liked to care about other's business. Since Tang Anran had already said this, of course, he would respect her will.

  "Don't worry, I won't interfere in your affairs, but if you need any help, come to me at any time. "Gu Shenxing nodded to her with a smile. After saying this, he turned around walking to the car with the umbrella and quickly drove away.

  The maid opened the door for Tang Anran and was shocked deeply after she saw Tang Anran, who was entirely in a mess now. Immediately, she began to prepare bath water and clean clothes for Tang Anran.

  Soaking in the bathtub, Tang Anran looked up at the white ceiling. After tangling for a long time, Tang Anran finally made a decision.

  Tomorrow she would leave Yang city and returned to the Li family in North City. She would take revenge for her daughter and gave the humiliation that they gave to her before back to them.

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