Chapter 77 It is related to the Xu family

  Taking a look at Tang Anran who was sleeping with her head on Gu Wuyang's shoulder, Meng Yaxin shook her head slightly," I can't speak it out here."

  Gu Wuyang understood what she meant and frowned disgruntledly, "Just spit it out here."

  "It is related to the Xu family, so I absolutely cannot speak it out here." Meng Yaxin still refused confirmedly.

  Gu Wuyang did not know what Meng Yaxin said was true or not. But since she said it was related to the Xu Fmaliy, he decided to follow her lead this time only because he did not want Tang Anran to be involved.

  Putting Tang Anran on the bench carefully and covering her over with the coat, Gu Wuyang then followed Meng Yaxin to the stairs.

  Not long after they left, Tang Anran who was supposed to be asleep opened her eyes and stared at where they disappeared, losing in thought.

  At the stairs, Gu Wuyang and Meng Yaxin stood facing each other.

  "Now you can say it. Why does it have anything to do with the Xu family?" Gu Wuyang looked at Meng Yaxin and urged her to speak in a heavy voice.

  Meng Yaxin licked her lips with the tip of her tongue, looking nervous with hesitation.

  But she talked after a while," Last night, I heard grandpa Gu talking on the phone when I was passing by the study room."

  "Though I did not clearly hear what he was talking, I heard precisely that grandpa Gu mentioned about Xu Chengsheng as well as the Xu family and Miss Xu. He was so angry that he was still in a rage after he hung up the phone."

  "Then grandpa Gu left the study room and rushed out. He suddenly missed one step and fell down the stairs before I managed to catch hold of him. Grandpa Gu held my hand and said Xu Chengsheng's name before he went into a coma, without finishing what he was trying to say."

  "That is all I know." Meng Yaxin tried to hold Gu Wuyang's hand after finishing her talk. But she dared not look at his poker face.

  "Yang, I know you do not trust me. But I have not lied this time and what I said just now was the truth."

  "Even though the accident did not directly relate to the Xu family, I considered something must have happened between the Xu family and grandpa Gu. Otherwise, he would not be so excited that he even fell down the stairs."

  Gu Wuyang was lost in thought after hearing what Meng Yaxin said.

  Grandpa Gu and Xu Anran's grandfather had been comrades in the army and friends for so many years. Even though Xu Anran's grandfather had passed away, Grandps Gu was still getting along well with Xu Chengsheng and did not have any conflicts with him.

  He would not blindly trust what Meng Yaxin said without any evidence. But at least it was a clue, which might lead him to investigate what happened between the Xu family and Gu family.

  "Thanks for telling me that." Gu Wuyang was the person who knew what was right and wrong. What Meng Yaxin said might not help him, but he expressed his gratitude to her all the same.

  Meng Yaxin shook her head right after he said thanks, "I haven't helped you out. There is no need to feel grateful."

  "Okay." Gu Wuyang was a bit worried about Tang Anran, so he nodded to her and left without saying anything more.

  Meng Yaxin had something more to say, but he left in a hurry.

  Tang Anran was still sleeping quietly when Gu Wuyang was back. However, the coat covering her was on the floor because she turned over.

  Gu Wuyang picked up the coat and brushed the dust off on it. Tang Anran suddenly opened her eyes before he managed to cover her up again.

  "What's the time now?" Tang Anran asked in a dreamy sort of way, rubbing her eyes.

  Gu Wuyang took a look at his phone and replied while he was covering her up tightly with the coat,"Almost 12 pm. It is so cold here that you'd better go back home and sleep."

  It was the end of November. The temperature in Yang City was getting colder and colder though it was in the south of China. Gu Wuyang was concerned that she might be sick if she continued to sleep like this.

  Gu Wuyang was expecting Tang Anran to refuse and was preparing to persuade her to leave. But she accepted without hesitation.

  "Okay, I am leaving now." Tang Anran gave the coat to Gu Wuyang and walked towards the elevator.

  Gu Wuyang was stunned for a while before chasing after her, "It's too late. I will drive you home."

  "No need. I can take a taxi. Just stay here and accompany grandpa." Tang Anran refused with a smile and left before he could talk.

  Gu Wuyang stood outside the elevator and watched it closing little by little until he could not see Tang Anran.

  He felt Tang Anran's behaviour was weird, but he did not know what was wrong, so he could only keep the doubt in his heart.

  After getting in the taxi, Tang Anran leaned helplessly against the car window, watching the night scene passing by.

  Indeed, she heard the whole conversation between Gu Wuyang and Meng Yaxin. She heard that theymentionedthe Xu's, Xu Chengsheng and herself.

  Tang Anran did not trust what Meng Yaxin said but it still had an effect on her. Her words were a pain in the neck which made her very uncomfortable.

  She did not know how to ask Gu Wuyang, so she chose to run away temporarily.

  The whole family were concerned about Grandps Gu while he was in a coma, so Gu Wuyang, Gu Shenxing and others took turns to take care of him in the following days.

  Tang Anran also went to the hospital to see him after work. But she could only stay for a little while because she had to work overtime due to the new projects in the company.

  Having been working overtime for one week, the biggest project finally completed.

  "Everyone has been so tired these days, so the project has been perfectly completed and the vice president Mr. Jiang is very satisfied." Wang Xudong announced delightfully to all personnel in the design department, "It's time for dinner. Let's have dinner together. It's on me."

  "Hurray!" Everyone agreed with Jiang Xudong's proposal.

  They would definitely not miss a free dinner. Jiang Xudong was not a mean person,and every time he would treat them to a feast.

  "Nice. You guys can choose the restaurant. And as usual, as long as everyone enjoys the dinner, there is no need to care about the price." Having said that, Jiang Xudong turned around to talk seemingly unintentionally to Tang Anran, "Anran, you rarely participate in our group activities. please join us this time."

  "Sorry, I have something else to do. Wish you guys have fun." Tang Anran politely denied Wang Xudong's suggestion.

  Jiang Xudong nodded and did not continue to persuade her. But other two female colleagues gathered around.

  "Anran, let's go together. The more the merrier."

  "Yes. And after having dinner with us last time, you have not even attended one gathering. Just go with us this time, you know, it is necessary to hang out with your colleagues."

  Tang Anran could not turn them down again after hearing what they had said, so she had to agree to join them.

  The restaurant they booked was not very far away from the Xu Enterprise Group, so they went there on foot after work, talking with each other.

  There were about twenty people in the design department; therefore, Wang Xudong specially booked a luxury private room.

  After everyone sat down and started to order dishes, Tang Anran called Xu Xiaorong and told her she would go home late tonight and asked her to take good care of Xiaohang. She then phoned Gu Wuyang.

  His phone was off .Tang Anran tried to call Gu Wuyang for three times,but no one answered.

  She thought Gu wuyang's phone might be out of battery, so she sent him a text and put her phone away in the bag.

  Alcohol was a necessity for meal; wine, liquor and beer, you name it. Everyone was talking while eating and drinking in a harmonious atmosphere.

  Tang Anran tried to integrate with them, but she really did not like it when it was too noisy, especially she was not on familiar terms with them. However, she had to stay and bear it since no one had left.

  Tang Anran sneaked out without being noticed by anyone during the party, because she could not put up with the smells of alcohol and cigarettes.

  Tang Anran breathed a sigh of relief after she finally got rid of these strong smells and then texted one of the colleagues that she was leaving.

  As soon as the text was sent out, her wrist was caught tightly by a hand before she put the phone into her bag.

  Tang Anran looked up in panic, finding the person who was holding her wrist was Jiang Xudong. He was standing there with a big smile on his face.

  Frowning, Tang Anran shook her wrist. But his hand was holding her wrist so tight that she could not get rid of it.

  "What's the matter, Mr. Jiang?" Tang Anran took a step back and asked Jiang Xudong, looking watchfully at him.

  Instead of answering her question, Jiang Xudong took one step forward, trying to be closer to Tang Anran.

  Tang Anran was so scared that she yelled while trying to get rid of his hand.

  Nevertheless, without saying one word, her mouth was covered by the other hand of Jiang Xudong, who dragged her to the adjoining private room.

  Jiang Xudong directly pushed Tang Anran over and slammed the door with a bang.

  Turning on the light, Jiang Xudong looked at Tang Anran with a smile and said,"Anran, the party has just started, why did you leave in such a hurry? "

  Being pushed over, Tang Anran's knee and elbow knocked onto the tile. She gasped with pain and did not pay attention to what he said.

  Jiang Xudong took off his coat, squatted down beside her and fondled her white face.

  "How beautiful this face is. Do you know how long I have been attracted to you?" Jiang Xudong's fingers slipped over Tang Anran's face little by little while talking.

  Tang Anran looked up and tried her best to push Jiang Xudong away and got up hastily even though she was still in pain.

  "Mr. Jiang, you are drunk." She put her bag between Jiang Xudong and her, trying to keep a distance from him.

  However, Jiang Xudong grabbed her bag straightway and threw it on the ground. Then he took her arm and pushed her into the nearby sofa.

  "Smell to check whether I drank any alcohol." Jiang Xudong lowered his head to approach her with an evil smile.

  Tang Anran could smell alcohol from him, but it was not strong.

  In other words, Jiang Xudong was not at all drunk at the moment. He was sober and deliberately did this to her.

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