Chapter 76 She would be happy only if she left you

  Wen Yijia was planning to find Tang Anran. But considering she left without telling him, Yuwen Jin would absolutely be angry. She did not want to bring any trouble to Tang Anran.

  Thus, Wen Yijia decided not to bother her.

  She sent a message to Tang Anran and told her what happened. She asked Tang Anran not to worry about her and then took a bus to another province.

  When Tang Anran saw Wen Yijia's message, it was 7pm already.

  The company had a new project, so the whole department was busy today. All the people kept working until now. After they just finished the half of the project, Tang Anran finally got time to check on her phone.

  Immediately, Tang Anran called Wen Yijia back after she saw her text, but no one answered.

  Shecalled Wen Yijia a few times but no one answered. So in the end Tang Anran decided to go home first though she was worried about Wen Yijia.

  Since she did not know when she would finish today's work, she told Gu Wuyang not to pick her up earlier. Therefore, she took a taxi to home.

  As soon as she arrived at home, she saw Yuwen Jin siting on the sofa with a long face while Gu Wuyang sat on another sofa reading a book leisurely.

  At the same time, both of them stood up when they saw Tang Anran.

  Even if he was in such a bad mood, Yuwen Jin asked Tang Anran politely, "Sister-in-law, do you know where Wen Yijia is now?"

  Tang Anran did expect that Yuwen Jin would come here to ask her about Wen Yijia.

  "I don't know. She did not tell me." Tang Anran looked at Yuwen Jin with a poker face and answered calmly.

  Wen Yijia only told her that she had left the Yuwen family, but she did not tell Tang Anran where she was going. So Tang Anran really did not know where Wen Yijia was and she did not lie.

  But obviously, Yuwen Jin did not trust Tang Anran. After all, he knew that Wen Yijia met Tang Anran last night after investigation.

  Since he found that Wen Yijia had gone after he woke up this afternoon, Yuwen Jin hadn't got any useful answers from the servants, and immediately Yuwen Jin ordered many people to look for her.

  However, after searching all airports, train stations and high-speed rail stations throughout Yangcheng, no information of Wen Yijia was found.

  Later on, he found out she took a coach but it did not require an ID card to buy the ticket. So Yuwen Jin now only knew Wen Yijia left Yang city by coach, but he had no idea where she went.

  Wen Yijia only had a few good friends and Tang Anran was one of them. He knew she must know something, so he came immediately.

  In fact, if it wasn't that Gu Wuyang stopped him before, he would go to Xu's company asking her directly.

  "Sister-in-law, please let me know where she is. I have to find her." Clenching his fists tightly, Yuwen Jin tried to control his temper.

  Considering that Tang Anran was Gu Wuyang's wife, he had to control his temper even if he was filled with anger.

  "I told you I did not know where she was. If you do not trust me, please go to ask others." Tang Anran replied impatiently with her eyebrows drawn together.

  Being cheated on once, she hated the males who were unfaithful to marriage. If Yuwen Jin wasn't Gu Wuyang's friend for a long time, she would absolutely ask him to get out of here.

  Yuwen Jin was about to say something again, but Gu Wuyang tabbed him on his shoulder,"Jin, if Anran said she did not know, then she really did not know. You don't need to ask any more."

  "But……" Yuwen Jin paused, clenching his fists much harder," But I lost her."

  Rarely, a vulnerable look appeared on Yuwen Jin's face.

  He loved Wen Yijia and he hated her as well. Thus, he would feel angry and disgusted when he saw her, but meanwhile he felt worried and afraid if he did not see her.

  He was always in two different moods when he was with her.

  "If you still torture her and cheat on her, I think you don't need to look for her." Tang Anran said in a cold voice," Then, she will be much happier after leaving you."

  Having said that, Tang Anran went upstairs, without concerning what Yuwen Jin thought.

  Standing still, Yuwen Jin felt his heart was gripped and squeezed again and again by an invisible palm which made him unable to catch his breath.

  Would Wen Yijia be much happier if she left him?

  After all, it was the private thing between Yuwen Jin and Wen Yijia. Gu Wuyang was not officious, so he did not say anything about their relationship, but said in a heavy voice," If you don't have enough people, I can ask Jiang Dong to help you."

  "No need, I've got enough." Yuwen Jin shook his head and replied gloomily.

  While Yuwen Jin was about to leave the house, Gu Wuyang said, "What happened before was just an accident. You should not only blame it on Yijia."

  After hearing what Gu Wuyang said, Yuwen Jin halted and his body went rigid.

  Then the scene of what happened many years ago came to his mind immediately. Two naked bodies were intertwined in the bed of the hotel……

  Yuwen Jin's face became gloomier. He picked up the pace to leave without saying anything.

  Looking at Yuwen Jin's back, Gu Wuyang sighed helplessly.

  He had said something which he was not supposed to say today. It was Yuwen Jin's responsibility to deal with these things now.

  Tang Anran gave Wen Yijia some more calls after she came back to her room, and finally it was answered.

  Wen Yijia did not want to bring trouble to Tang Anran, so she only told her she had left Yang city and had found a safe place to live. Except this, Wen Yijia did not tell Tang Anran anything else.

  Tang Anran totally understood Wen Yijia's point. Knowing she was safe now, she did not ask any more questions. But she asked Wen Yijia to contact her immediately if there were any problems.

  When Wen Yijia's issue was just solved, Gu Wuyang received a call from Gu Shenxing and was told that Grandpa had an accident and was being rescued in the hospital now.

  Without asking the details, he went to the hospital with Tang Anran right away.

  The whole family waited outside of the operating room anxiously, including Meng Yaxin.

  "What happened?" Gu Wuyang asked Gu Shenxing seriously.

  Gu Shenxing pushedhisglassesonhisnose, "Grandpa missed a step when he walked down the stairs, and then he fell down."

  Hearing what Gu Shenxing Said, the heart of both Tang Anran and Gu Wuyang sank.

  Grandpa was more than 70 years old. He had stayed strong before, but recently his health became worse and worse.

  The best scenario today would be skin trauma and the worst scenario would be that his life was in danger.

  Thinking of this, Tang Anran looked up to see Gu Wuyang, finding his face was pale and he was shivering.

  Gu Wuyang's parents died when he was a little boy. He was brought up by his grandpa, so, compared to his cousins, he had a closer connection to him.

  Tang Anran did not know how to comfort Gu Wuyang, and the only thing she could do was to hold his hand and say softly, " Don't worry too much. Grandpa will be fine."

  Gu Wuyang did not reply, but he grasped her hand in his palm.

  After about more than an hour, the door of the operating room was open, and the doctor walked out.

  "The condition of Mr. Gu is not very good." The doctor removed the surgical mask, and said to them," His life was saved. But his health had not been good. Now his brain was injured this time, which caused a blood clot within the brain which presses on the nerves."

  "Considering Mr. Gu is old and the risk of surgery is very high, we don't recommend a surgery to eliminate the clot, so conservativetreatmentis recommended." Noticing everyone was looking at him, the doctor paused and swallowed the saliva intensely.

  "But conservative treatment has slow effects, so we are not sure when Mr. Gu will wake up."

  Everyone's heart sank after they understood what the doctor was trying to say.

  Even though it was hard to accept, it was the truth and they had no options but to accept.

  "What is the success rate of the surgery?" Gu Wuyang asked the doctor in a heavy and husky voice with his eyebrows drawn together.

  The doctor hesitated for a while and stretched his left hand to show him a number," Less than 10%."

  Which meant there was more than 90% chance that Master Gu would die on the operating table if he was operated on.

  It was so risky that they did not dare to make a decision. They could not bet on 10% chance using Master Gu's life. Therefore, they decided Master Gu would stay in the ICU with conservative treatment rather than have a surgery.

  After Master Gu was placed in the ICU, Gu Wuyang asked others to leave and he stayed here.

  Gu Wensong and others did not want to stay, so they all made an excuse to leave.

  Gu Shenxing and Gu Jinyan planned to come tomorrow morning to swap with Gu Wuyang, so they also left. In the end, only Gu Wuyang and Tang Anran were in the ICU.

  "You have been working for the whole day. You can go home and have a rest." Gu Wuyang touched Tang Anran's head and tried hard to smile at her, "I am fine. No need to worry."

  Even though Gu Wuyang said that, there was no way Tang Anran would not worry. So she shook her head, rejecting his suggestion.

  Master Gu had always been nice to her. Although it was because of Xu Anran, Tang Anran was not an ungrateful person, so she wanted to stay to accompany him.

  Tang Anran's attitude was so firm that Gu Wuyang did not ask her to leave any more. They sat together on the bench in the corridor.

  Tang Anran was tired after one day's work, therefore, though she tried to keep awake, she still fell asleep shortly.

  Gu Wuyang took off his coat and put it over her after he noticed Tang Anran was asleep. He then put her head on his shoulder.

  Once he finished this, a voice of footsteps sounded in the quiet corridor and then a figure appeared in front of him.

  Gu Wuyang raised his head, seeing Meng Yaxin who had already left before.

  He frowned spontaneously and was about to ask her to leave away. But Meng Yaxin said, "Yang, I know you don't want to talk to me, but I really have something very important to tell you. This is about Grandpa Gu."

  Hearing Meng Yaxin mention grandpa, Gu Wuyang was more displeased and said to her coldly, "Speak it out."

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