Chapter 65 She has too many secrets

  In the consulting room, the woman doctor said nothing but passed the diagnosis certificate to Tang Anran.

  Exerting herself not to stress out, still, her hands trembled as she picked up the diagnosis certificate. Finally, with a deep breath, she mustered all her courage to lay eyes on the result.


  Her body turned stiff and her mind was a complete blank.

  "The result is negative. Your body is well." The woman doctor looked at Tang Anran with a poker face and said, "But no problem this time doesn't necessarily mean no problem forever. "

  "Young girls like you should cherish your body, so don't mess with your body anymore. You can't be always so lucky."

  The words were harsh but Tang Anran knew she meant good, so when she came to herself she gratefully said thank you to the doctor.

  Confirming that she wasn't infected with HIV, she could finally rest assured in relief.

  She shredded the diagnosis certificate and threw it into the dustbin at the door of the hospital. Then she suddenly raised her head, watching the azure sky over her and couldn't help smiling. The weather exactly suited her delight at the moment.

  Tang Anran didn't ask the chauffeur to send her here so now she could only go back home by taxi.

  However, there were so many people outside the hospital that it was hard to stop a taxi. She could only walk as looking for a taxi.

  Suddenly, a person stopped in front of her.

  Tang Anran was with her head down, not able to discern who it was, so she decided to go past the person on the side with her head down.

  But as she went left, the person went left too, and as she went right, the person also went right, obviously blocking her way.

  She was a tad agitated and raised her head, only to meet a pair of smiling eyes and she was stunned.

  "Surprised to see me?" Gu Shenxing smiled at the sight of the stunned Tang Anran, "Why did you come to the hospital alone? Is not Wuyang with you?"

  He asked three consecutive questions, none of which was heard by Tang Anran.

  The only thing in her mind was why Gu Shenxing was here and whether he knew what she came to the hospital for.

  The more she thought about these, the more she fretted about them. She unconsciously clenched her hands and waited for a while and then asked, "What are you doing here?"

  "I have a friend in hospital, so I'm coming to visit him." While speaking, he raised the fruit basket in his right hand and shook it in front of Tang Anran as if he was trying to prove his words.

  Hearing that, Tang Anran sighed with relief.

  "Then go ahead. I'm going home." She politely smiled at Gu Shenxing, trying to go past him and keep going.

  But as she was just about to move her legs, Gu Shenxing blocked her way again, "It's hard to stop a taxi here. Let me drive you back later."

  "I'm good……"

  "We are family. It's no big deal."

  Gu Shenxing interrupted Tang Anran's words and stuck his car key into her hand, "Keep it for me. "

  After saying this with smile, he scurried to the hospital with the fruit basket.

  Looking at the car key in her hand, Tang Anran couldn't help but frown.

  Gu Wuyang had told her to stay away from Gu Shenxing before. Though she didn't know why, she unconsciously didn't want to touch him with a bargepole. But she didn't expect to meet him here after parting for so long.

  She wanted to go at first, but now that Gu Shenxing's car key was now in her hand, Gu Shenxing would not be able to drive if she went away. And since there were no people she knew around, she couldn't just leave the key to anyone.

  Thus she could only grasp the key in hand, waiting for Gu Shenxing right there.

  Fortunately, it didn't take Gu Shenxing long, not even ten minutes, to get out of the hospital.

  "Thanks." Gu Shenxing took the key from Tang Anran and smiled at her, "Let's go. I'll drive you home."

  Tang Anran wanted to refuse again but Gu Shenxing didn't even give her the chance by pulling over the car in front of her and opening the door for her.

  After all, he was Gu Wuyang's cousin so nominally they truly were family. Besides, since he had already opened the door for her, it would be impolite to refuse him.

  In that case Tang Anran could only thank Gu Shenxing and sat on the passenger seat.

  As Tang Anran didn't sleep last night, plus she had been busy since morning, her body couldn't take it any more.

  And since Gu Shenxing was driving steadily and the car was playing lullaby-like soothing English songs, it wasn't long before Tang Anran drifted off.

  When waiting for the traffic light, Gu Shenxing raised the temperature of the heater in the car, took off his coat and covered Tang Anran with it. His eyes behind the glasses were glinting with cryptic glows.

  After the car entered the gate of the villa, Gu Shenxing didn't wake Tang Anran up firsthand but stopped the car at the gate and called Gu Wuyang.

  Gu Wuyang had been busy from yesterday to today and almost didn't sleep for a whole day and night.

  But in comparison, he used to keep awake for several days and nights when he was out for missions, so a day and night meant nothing to him. He didn't feel tired and was looking at the data sent by Buao in the study, with high spirit.

  According to the data, Qi Lan and Xu Chengsheng used to stay in North City, and they even had their wedding ceremony in North City.

  But what did all these have to do with Xu Anran? Why was she so hurried to go to North City? Who was the Duoduo she was talking about?

  She had too many secrets. Gu Wuyang had to get to the bottom of it.

  As he was thinking, the phone on the desk suddenly rang. He picked it up and saw it was from Gu Shenxing.

  He frowned, swiped the phone and answered.

  "Are you home?" Upon answering the phone, Gu Shenxing asked.

  "Yes." Gu Wuyang dropped his eyelids and answered curtly.

  Gu Shenxing was silent for a spell and continued, "Come down here, I'm at the gate."

  "Coming." Gu Wuyang replied with a gruff word again and hung up the phone. He closed the laptop and budged from the study.

  Upon arriving at the gate he saw Gu Shenxing's car parked there and Gu Shenxing was standing beside the car door in a white shirt, the phone in his hand.

  Gu Wuyang walked towards him and stopped in front of him. He was just about to speak when he glimpsed the sleeping Tang Anran in the passanged seat and he scowled.

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