Chapter 64 She was unwilling to leave away from Gu Wuyang

  Tang Anran didn't know that Gu Wuyang would agree with her directly. She looked at him surprisingly, "You agreed?"

  "Why not? Since you like him so much." Gu Wuyang said smilingly and his sight fell on the face of Xiao Hang, "Besides, he has strong willing and I like him too."

  Last night, he saw many kids in welfare house had the psychological disease more or less after they experienced this. Some of them even had terrible autism and refused to talk with people, just staying in their small world.

  But Xiao Hang didn't. He still kept an optimistic attitude towards life, which was so difficult for him and showed his strong willing at the same time.

  Although both of them wanted to adopt Xiao Hang, they still couldn't make this decision just by themselves without Xiao Hang's agreement.

  During the process of waiting for him to wake up, Gu Wuyang and Tang Anran went to the police office first to solve the problem of welfare house.

  After some investigation, they finally knew that Chen Shen had been put in jail because of the crime of acting indecently against a child when he was 20 years old.

  However, due to his good performance during the time of serving the sentence, he was given a reduced sentence and released from prison earlier.

  No one knew that Chen Sheng didn't turn over a new leaf, and what's worse, he got more pitiless than ever.

  Relying on his rich family, Chen Sheng changed his name and identity, and then he built the welfare house and began his crime of torturing the innocent kids who were sent there.

  And none of the people would connect director Chen who looked very kind and liked to do good things with that freak before.

  Fortunately, his true color was found by Gu Wuyang and the poor kids were saved while Chen Shen got his punishment.

  After they solved this, they went back immediately.

  In the guest room, Xiao Hang had waken up already.

  He wore a blue pajama and observed the environment around him with vigilance.It seemed that he was a bit confused about where he was now.

  Feeling the fear of Xiao Hang, Tang Anran walked to the bed and reached out to touch his head, consoling in a gentle voice, "Don't be afraid, Xiao Hang. Now you are safe here."

  As soon as he saw Tang Anran and Gu Wuyang who stood in front of him, Xiao Hang got relieved and didn't feel nervous anymore.

  He knew clearly that they wouldn't hurt him at all.

  "Uncle, Anti." Xiao Hang called them in a low voice and almost at the same time his stomach cooing.

  His small face turned red, then he lowered his head with embarrassment.

  Since he was taken here, he had eaten nothing, so he really felt hungry now.

  Looking at the embarrassed Xiao Hang, Tang Anran felt so sorry for him.

  "I'll go to prepare the lunch for you." Smilingly, she said while touching his head, and then she left.

  After seeing that Tang Anran walked out, Gu Wuyang who kept silence all the time suddenly walked to the bed and sat down.

  "Do you still feel hurt?" Staring at Xiao Hang's face with his deep eyes, Gu Wuyang asked him seriously.

  There were a lot of injuries on Xiao Hang's body, which would cost hima long time to recover completely, though he already had the medicine now. Obviously, it still hurt now, so actually, Gu Wuyang asked this on purpose.

  He wanted to do a test.

  "Yes, but I can bear it." Xiao Hang nodded and answered honestly with a firm expression showed on his red face.

  It really hurt, but he would bear it and wasn't defeat by it.

  "Xiao Hang, after you recover from the injuries, I will send you to a new welfare house where you won't be bullied by others anymore. Do you wanna go there?"

  Hearing Gu Wuyang's words, Xiao Hang lowered his head slowly with a disappointed expression.

  But soon he looked up and pressed his lips together and then said, "Sure, you and Anti helped me a lot, and I will take care of myself. Don't worry."

  Looking at him and hearing what he said, no one would believe that he was just a 5-year-old kid.

  Especially, during the past 5 years, he lived in a tough life. For the other kids, they must cry for stay, even losing their temper.

  But Xiao Hang didn't. Instead, he showed his good sense and strong willing only.

  The reason why Gu Wuyang set this test for him was to test if Xiao Hang really deserved him to raise with all of his energy.

  Of course, Gu Wuyang would still let him stay if he cried for stay. But he would leave him to the maid to take care.

  The good news was that as a good kid, Xiao Hang didn't disappoint him.

  "I was kidding just now. You can stay here and live with us." Touching Xiao Hang's head gently, Gu Wuyang said in a serious tone, "Here is your home now."

  Xiao Hang never expected that Gu Wuyang would say that. His big round eyes shone the surprising light. With his mouth widely open, he forgot how to speak at this moment.

  Standing in front of Xiao Hang, Gu Wuyang continued to ask, "Xiao Hang, your Anti and I want you to stay here living with us as our kid. Do you agree?"

  Hearing what Gu Wuyang said, Xiao Hang who went blank before now was entirely at loss.

  Before he recovered, Tang Anran came back holding the tray with her hands.

  Due to the injuries, there were so many things he couldn't eat now. So Tang Anran just cooked the noodles with some vegetables.

  Although it was just noodles, Xiao Hang enjoyed it very much and soon he ate it all.

  "It's very delicious." The corner of his mouth rose up, showing a big smile on his pale face.

  With all the sincerity, he said from the bottom of his heart.

  Looking at his smile and thinking of his look when eating in a terrible hurry, Tang Anran felt very sad for him.

  After she cleaned the dished, she scratched his nose with her cold figure and smiled, "I will cook more delicious foods for you after you get recovered."

  "Thanks, Anti!" Xiao Hang thanked her happily.

  After Xiao Hang had the noodles, Gu Wuyang repeated the question he asked just now.

  Meanwhile, Tang Anran who sat on the bed also looked at Xiao Hang with expectation, waiting for his answer.

  At the first time, he heard what Gu Wuyang said, Xiao Hang wanted to say yes.

  Because he really liked them. It was from them that he could felt the warm love which was the thing he never got before.

  But he found that he couldn't do it at the moment he opened his mouth and was about to say yes.

  In the morning of the day before yesterday, he was adopted by the couple and left the welfare house hopefully. He thought that he could get rid of the shadow of the unfortunate experience and began a new life.

  But before they could go back home, the sudden traffic accident took their lives away.

  5-year-old kid as he was , Xiao Hang was mature and had a sensitive mind.

  In fact, he felt guilty all the time because he thought it was all his fault. If they didn't adopt him, then they wouldn't go to the welfare house taking him home. And then they wouldn't suffer the traffic accident or die on that day.

  And the more he thought, the guiltier he felt. In the end, he blamed all the responsibility on himself unconsciously and thought it was him who caused their death.

  So he dared not answer Gu Wuyang and Tang Anran because that he really afraid of bringing any trouble to them.

  On the one hand, he was afraid of approaching them, but on the other hand, he wanted to stay with them together. So his heart was struggling now.

  Looking at his nervous look, Tang Anran held his shoulder gently, "Xiao Hang, I know this happened too suddenly for you, but we really like you."

  "Don't worry! We won't force you to make a decision right now. You can consider it slowly. Whatever the decision you make, we will understand and respect it."

  "Thank you, Anti Tang. Thank you, Uncle Gu." Xiao Hang appreciated them gratefully. Then he lowered his head and began to think about it seriously.

  They didn't want to push him too much, so they left to build a private space for Xiao Hang after they said this.

  Tang Anran took her phone out and checked the time, then found that it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

  Looking at the date on the screen, Tang Anran counted the days and then remembered that she forgot to go to the hospital taking the result of the check-up.

  "I have something to do now." She put the phone back to the pocket and said to Gu Wuyang, then she turned around and was about to go downstairs.

  Seeing that she walked out in a hurry, Gu Wuyang frowned and suddenly reached out grabbing her wrist, "Where do you wanna go? I can drive you there."

  Of coursethatTang Anran wouldn't tell him that she was going to the hospital to get the checking result of HIV, so she answered immediately, " I forgot something in the company, and I will come back soon."

  Because of Xiao Hang, she asked one day off and didn't go to work today. So Gu Wuyang didn't doubt her after hearing her words.

  Gu Wuyang released his hand and as soon as she got free, Tang Anran went downstairs at once, then took a taxi leaving for the hospital.

  After she arrived at the hospital and heard her name called by the nurse, Tang Anran suddenly got afraid.

  It would be best if it was negative and she had no problem. However, if the result was positive, then what she should do next?

  She didn't take revenge for her daughter and didn't let Li Wenbo pay for what he did to her. She couldn't die.

  The most important thing was that she was unwilling to leave Gu Wuyang at this moment.

  But right now, it was not the time for her to think about it, so after she adjusted her mood, she stood up, pushed the door open and walked in.

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