Chapter 63 There would be ample time for us

  Yu Wenjin and Bu Ao, who were left in the living room, looked at each other, confused about Gu Wuyang's behaviors.

  It was not just them, even Tang Anran having no idea about what Gu Wuyang was going to do on earth.

  Returning to the bedroom, Gu Wuyang put Tang Anran in the bed, and wrapped her in quilts tightly, revealing only her head.

  "Gu Wuyang, what are you doing!" Tang Anran frowned and looked at Gu Wuyang confusedly.

  Gu Wuyang pressed down on Tang Anran, and he frowned his brows as he looked at her and said, "Don't dress like this again."

  As soon as he had said it, Gu Wuyang changed his mind, "You can dress like this in front of me, but you are not allowed to let other men see you!"

  Listening to Gu Wuyang's words, Tang Anran was shocked, she reacted from this for a while.

  She only cared about Gu Wuyang just now, and forgot to change the clothes. As a result, she went downstairs in night skirt.

  And her night skirt was a slip dress making of thin cloth. Although there was nothing exposed, it seemed more or less inelegant to some degree, especially at the presence of two men Yu Wenjin and Bu Ao in the living room.

  Factually, Gu Wuyang reacted very quickly just now, before they could see Tang Anran clearly, she had been forcibly taken away by him.

  "I know!" Tang Anran replied shyly, her hands that were wrapped in the quits pushing Gu Wuyang , "I won't wear it in front of you!"

  She had paid enough attention about dressing in front of Gu Wuyang during this period. Such ambiguous clothes like this, she won't dress them in front of him. But today, she was really careless.

  Tang Anran's answer made Gu Wuyang unpleasant. He lowered his head and pressed his forehead against hers, asking, "why?"

  "Why what?" Tang Anran blinked doubtfully, because she didn't quite understand what he was saying.

  "Why are you unwilling to dress like this in front of me?" Gu Wuyang repeated his words a little aggrievedly. Then his cool lips kissed her gently and said, "Xu Anran, we are husband and wife. It is legal."

  Looking at him and listening to his words, Tang Anran felt sweet in her heart but also found it a little poignant.

  "Gu Wuyang, we're a fake couple." She turned her head away from Gu Wuyang's kiss, and tried to maintain her normal pitch, "We're just acting for grandpa. We will get divorced soon."

  Tang Anran knew her words hurt him, but she thought about it all night yesterday, and finally decided to stick to the previous decision.

  Her examination report had not come out, and she also didn't know what Xu Anran had done before. She was afraid that she would not be good enough for him and would drag him down. So instead of being separated later, it was better to cut off all possibilities now.

  "I don't love you and have no......"

  Before she could finish her words, Gu Wuyang who was pressing down on her suddenly kissed her on the lips.

  This kiss was different. She could feel that Gu Wuyang was angry, and even the kiss was very possessive.

  He held Tang Anran tightly, deepened the kiss, and encroached on the air in her mouth, extremely wanting to rub her into his blood, his bones at this moment.

  Tang Anran almost lost herself in Gu Wuyang's kiss. In the end, a little sense she had left calmed her down.

  She opened her mouth and bit Gu Wuyang hard on the lip. A faint smell of blood spread through their mouths, but even so Gu Wuyang didn't intend to stop kissing Tang Anran.

  They entwined with each other for a long time. It was not until Tang Anran felt some hypoxia that Gu Wuyang finally left her lips with reluctance, but his hands were still holding her tightly.

  "Don't say that again. I won't get divorced with you." Gu Wuyang gently brushed Tang Anran's hair in her forehead, and his voice was extremely firm.

  He liked to be with her and teased her, he wanted her to be happy, and he was unwilling to see her cry. He wanted to sleep with her and have babies with her.

  Gu Wuyang was no longer that seventeen or eighteen years old boy, he had passed the age of impulse. What's more, he had been in love before, so he was very clear about his feelings for Tang Anran.

  He likedher, and only wanted her.

  Tang Anran breathed twice, her blurred eyes looking at Gu Wuyang's deep ones.

  She saw the light in Gu Wuyang's eyes and it was impossible that she wasn't moved. However, she had to refuse.

  "Gu Wuyang, what you have done has bothered me." She took a deep breath and forced herself to say something against her will, "I don't have any feelings for you, and I even don't want to be with you."

  " I hope you can stay away from me in the future, please don't do such things and say such words again."

  "I know you are a very excellent man, but I don't like you. Please don't waste your time and care about me again. If it is possible, I hope you can agree to divorce me as soon as possible."

  "That's what I want to say. Now go out, please. I need to change my clothes."

  After saying such a long sentence in one breath, Tang Anran just closed her eyes and stopped to look at him.

  Her words were like a knife that directly stabbed into the heart of Gu Wuyang. He was very heart-broken, and his eyes also became sour with tears.

  But he was never a person who would easily give up. What's more, they were now married, and they were already the legal husband and wife. Therefore, as long as he did not agree to divorce, Tang Anran would always be his wife!

  "It doesn't matter if you feel nothing about me. I won't let you go anyway." Gu Wuyang lowered his head down and softly kissed Tang Anran on her lips and whispered something in her ears.

  After saying this, Gu Wuyang got up and left the bedroom, and he also carefully closed the door for her.

  Lying on the bed, Gu Wuyang's words were still echoing in the ears. Tang Anran's heart constantly accelerated. She didn't react from that for a long time.

  "Anran, I will turn you into my bed one day. Kissing you from your pretty eyes to your trembling legs. I will declare my sovereignty over your red ears."

  " Anyway, with time going by, autumn goes while winter will come. There will be ample time for us"


  When Tang Anran changed her clothes and went downstairs, Yu Wenjin and Bu Ao had fallen asleep in the guest rooms. There were only Gu Wuyang and Xiao Hang in the living room with a strange man in military uniform, who might be the subordinate of Gu Wuyang.

  "Boss, this child only has some skin trauma, which can heal after having a rest for a few days , but it is this leg..." The man hesitated for a while before continuing, "The leg hurts seriously before which hasn't recovered, yet new injuries were added now and children's bone is tenderer....."

  "I'm afraid it will be difficult for him to recover completely from his situation. "

  Although children could recover better than adults after being hurt, their bodies are too fragile--- a serious injury may leave scars for a lifetime.

  Hearing the words, Gu Wuyang's face darkened.

  "That is a possibility only, if it can be treated well, will there be any rehabilitative opportunity later?" Tang Anran walked to the man's side and asked him in a hoarse voice.

  "Sister-in-law. " When the man saw Tang Anran coming along, he quickly greeted to her and explained, "There is nothing absolute in medicine. If he can take a good rest, there will be a chance to recover completely. "

  "Thanks." Tang Anran thanked the man gratefully and then sat down besides Xiao Hang.

  Xiao Hang was not awake now, so he didn't hear their conversation.

  "Boss, the military region still has some things to be dealt with, then I'll go back first." The man stood up straight, raised his hand to salute for Gu Wuyang and Tang Anran, and then he turned to pick up the medical box on the table to leave the villa.

  The servants were busy, and now there were only three of them in the living room.

  Looking at the scars that covered Xiao Hang's young face, Tang Anran felt very terrible.

  " Don't be too worried. I will try to cure Xiao Hang's leg." Gu Wuyang sat down besides Tang Anran, and he stretched out his hand to embrace around her shoulder, trying to calm her down.

  Tang Anran now was not in a mood to think about what had happened in the room, but just wanted to know what happened to Xiao Hang.

  Gu Wuyang didn't intend to hide anything for Tang Anran, so hearing her question, he told her about what happened last night honestly.

  After hearing the story Gu Wuyang told her, Tang Anran didn't respond for a long time.

  Before, she just felt that Mr. Chen behaved a little strangely. But she didn't expect that he should be so abnormal and so crazy that he treated the children in this way.

  "We definitely can't let them go! " Tang Anran clenched her fists and looked very angry.

  She used to be a mother. Since her daughter died and she was reborn to Xu Anran, she became more and more fond of children. It seemed that she wanted to make up for all the maternal love she had failed to give her daughter Duoduo by giving it to other children.

  Although she knew that those parents may abandon their children for some reason, no matter what the reason was, it cannot be forgiven.

  And those bad guys that hurt these children must be subjected to legal sanction, and could never be let go lightly!

  Tang Anran turned her head to see Gu Wuyang, hesitated for a moment, and finally could not help saying, "Gu Wuyang, I have two things that need to be discussed with you."

  "You can say it." Gu Wuyang held her hands, his deep eyes staring at her straightly.

  "The first thing is that I want to set up a welfare house in the name of Xu Group , so as to adopt those children who are hurt. I will discuss with my father about the fund, but other aspects....."

  "You don't have to worry about that. The welfare house and the children will be dealt with by Gu Group. I will take care of them."

  Before Tang Anran finished her words, Gu Wuyang suddenly said, "the newly built welfare house will be established in the name of Xu Group and Gu Group, and those children will get the best care."

  Listening to Gu Wuyang's words, Tang Anran felt relieved.

  This was settled, but there was one more thing.....

  Thinking of what she was going to say, Tang Anran could not help biting her lips and clenching her hands on the leg.

  Seeing she was so nervous and hesitant,Gu Wuyang didn't say something to urge her but just waited very patiently.

  "I want to adopt Xiao Hang." After struggling for a long time, Tang Anran summoned the courage to speak.

  If she were single, she wouldn't have to talk to anyone about adopting Xiao Hang, but she hadn't got divorced with Gu Wuyang yet.

  Being Mrs.Gu, she had to discuss with Gu Wuyang about the adoption of Xiao Hang.

  Gu Wuyang didn't respond at that moment when he heard Tang Anran's words.

  He knew Tang Anran liked Xiao Hang very much, but he didn't expect that she should like him so much that she wanted to adopt him.

  With surprise for a while, Gu Wuyang came back to life quickly. He answered directly and readily, "No problem. I will handle the formalities."

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