Chapter 61 There existed no way to deceive the heart again

  Fang Jiayi was now very emotionally broken, and Tang Anran's word was exactly the last straw that overwhelmed her.

  "Damn you!" she lost control of her temper with a roar, and suddenly extended her hand to Tang Anran.

  Although Tang Anran had taken precautions, she didn't expect that Fang Jiayi had so much strength at this moment, and her back smashed against the iron door when Fang Jiayi pushed her heavily.

  "En……" the pain in the back made Tang Anran to snort subconsciously.

  Before she could react, Fang Jiayi' s hands had been firmly around her neck.

  The pain and a sense of suffocation spread from the neck and her cheek also became flushed.

  " Xu Anran, why you can easily get the things that I can't get even if I try so hard! You dismiss me from the Xu Group and rob me of everything. Now you should find those polices to catch me! what you have done is trying to kill me! "

  "You didn't give me a way to live, I also can't let you go either !" Fang Jiayi's face expression became distorted, and she tightened her hands around Tang Anran's neck and yelled, "Now you dare to come here today, then let's die together!"

  Tang Anran couldn't breathe now and her consciousness was fading away.

  For some other people, they might give up struggling, but Tang Anran couldn't.

  She had a lot of things to handle, she absolutely could not die in Fang Jiayi's hand like this!

  With this in mind, Tang Anran made the best of her energy to push Fang Jiayi away, and turned to open the door.

  She struggled to shout as she pulled on the lock of the iron door.

  Unfortunately, her throat was hoarse, so she couldn't make loud noise even with great efforts.Her hands were also too weak to open the door.

  "Don't try in vain. I wouldn't let you go from the moment you come in." Fang Jiayi laughed triumphantly, "Even though you are the daughter of Xu Group and the wife of Gu Wuyang, what can you do now? You have to die with me!"

  "Hahahaha, if I die, you will also die with me"

  After shouting out, Fang Jiayi grabbed Tang Anran's wrist again, and forced her to the room.

  In the middle of the room stood an gas tank. Altar是祭坛、圣坛的意思 The more she got close to the air gas, the stronger the smell was. Tang Anran knew that Fang Jiayi really wanted to kill her today.

  She struggled to break away from Fang Jiayi's hands, but Fang Jiayi refused greatly to let her go, and they two wrestled together.

  While they were entangled with each other, the iron gate was suddenly kicked hard with someone's feet. Next, there came a cry of eager concern from Gu Wuyang outside.

  Hearing the sound of Gu Wuyang, Tang Anran slightly felt relieved, Fang Jiayi was also a little stunned.

  She didn't expect that Gu Wuyang would come here so soon.

  At the moment Fang Jiayi was in a daze, Tang Anran quickly run off from her hands, and went to open the door for Gu Wuyang.

  Maybe it was because Gu Wuyang was here, Tang Anran's mood became a little stabler. Her hands also gained strength and so she opened the door very soon.

  When the door was open, looking at Gu Wuyang whose expression was anxious standing outside the door, Tang Anran became completely relaxed.

  "Gu……" when Tang Anran just uttered one word, her legs became soft and then fell to the ground.

  Fortunately, Gu Wuyang had swift response to emergency and timely reached out his hands to hold her in his arms.

  There were obvious strangulation marks on Tang Anran's neck, and fingernail marks on her face and the back of her hands. With messy hair and dust on her clothes, she looked very embarrassed.

  Seeing her situation, Gu Wuyang felt distressed and angry.

  "Have a rest first!" Gu Wuyang gently pacified Tang Anran and slowly made her down to let her rest against the wall beside them and then he turned to look at Fang Jiayi who was standing in the courtyard .

  Fang Jiayi now had recovered from the shock. Looking at Gu Wuyang who had dark facial expression and was walking towards herself, she retreated in horror.

  "Gu Wuyang, you cannot kill me!" She excitedly yelled, "It's against the law to kill people. You can't do that!"

  She wanted to die with Tang Anran just, but now, when death did come, she regretted it.

  Certainly, Gu Wuyang didn't intend to do things that were against the law. What's more, Fang Jiayi was not worth his own hands, but he did not plan to let her go.

  He bent down to pick up the rope on the ground, and quickly imprisoned Fang Jiayi. He tied her hands and feet, directly threw her to the ground, and then he took out the phone and called the police.

  After calling the police, Gu Wuyang turned around and took off his coat to cover Tang Anran, and then he picked her up from the ground, walked toward the car stopped at the side of the road.

  During this period, Fang Jiayi wanted to escape, but her hands and feet were tied, so her action was not very inconvenient. What was more, the room only had one exit, the front door, and since Gu Wuyang was still guarding the gate, she had no way to leave.

  A few minutes later, the police rushed over and escorted Fang Jiayi who was lying on the ground out.

  Before getting on the car, Fang Jiayi walked through the side of Gu Wuyang's car. she looked past him at Tang Anran who was in the passenger seat.

  "Xu Anran, do you think he really loves you?" Fang Jiayi's mouth raised a sneering smile, "You are also just a substitute."

  After saying this word, Fang Jiayi looked at Gu Wuyang with some nostalgia, and finally she got into the police car.

  What Fang Jiayi had said was like a small stone, which gently hit Tang Anran in the heart. Although it did not hurt her, it made her feel very uncomfortable.

  "Don't trust her." Gu Wuyang got in the car and raised his hand gently touching Tang Anran's hair.

  In terms of what Fang Jiayi had said just now, Gu Wuyang obviously did not want to make too much discussion. After giving a simple explanation, he never mentioned it later.

  Although Tang Anran felt a little uncomfortable, she didn't say anything more. They went to the hospital without a word on the way.

  Fortunately, Tang Anran just had some skin trauma without serious problems, and a simple bandage was reasonable.

  After dealing with the injuries, Tang Anran wanted to see Xiao Hang.

  Beyond their expectation, they found it empty without anyone when they came into Xiao Hang's ward. The quilts were neatly folded in the bed.

  "Hello, I want to ask where is the patient in the ward of 506?" Tang Anran walked in a hurry to the nurse's station, asking anxiously at the nurse on duty.

  "506?" The nurse repeated the ward number, then looked down at the computer to inquire, " The patient in 506 was out of the hospital yesterday afternoon."

  A bad feeling suddenly rushed out of Tang Anran's heart when she heard the reply.

  According to the nurse, just after they left yesterday, the dean, Mr. Chen went through the hospital formalities for Xiao Hang and then left with him......This was so strange.

  After all, Xiao Hang's injury had not completely recovered, and he should rest in the hospital for some more time.

  What's more, Gu Wuyang had paid the medical expenses yesterday, which was enough for Xiao Hang to stay in hospital until he was recovered. Therefore, it was certainly not because they had no money that they leave hospital.

  "I'm afraid Xiao Hang will be in danger." Tang Anran turned to look at Gu Wuyang nervously, "Let's go to the welfare house to find Xiao Hang now."

  She used to be a mother, and she liked children very much. And Xiao Hang was the child that was rescued by Gu Wuyang and her. She certainly liked him a lot and worried about his safety.

  Gu Wuyang looked up to check the clock on the wall. It was late now, and Tang Anran had experienced something bad today, so he wasn't willing to take her for risks.

  "I send you home, and then go to the welfare house."

  "No, I must go with you!" When Gu Wuyang just finished his words,Tang Anran immediately contradicted, "I'm worried."

  "I'm worried too if I take you with me." Gu Wuyang held Tang Anran's hands, he tapped the wound on the back of her hand twice with his fingertips covered by a layer of thin callus , "You get hurt today. I need you to go home and have a good rest. I promise I will take Xiao Hang back in safety. "

  Gu Wuyang's attitude was extremely firm, and he maintained his words no matter what Tang Anran said.

  Tang Anran knew she couldn't convince Gu Wuyang, so she had to accept his proposal in the end helplessly.

  After sending Tang Anran back to the villa, Gu Wuyang was ready to drive to leave, but Tang Anran who was walking to the house suddenly turned about going to the window of the driver's seat.

  She bent forward, and Gu Wuyang lowered the window cooperatively.

  "Be careful. I also hope you can come back in safety." Looking at his dark eyes, Tang Anran warned him worriedly.

  "Well, Don't worry." Gu Wuyang replied in a deep voice.

  Hearing his reply, Tang Anran was ready to go back home. Unexpectedly, Gu Wuyang put out a hand around her neck, so the distance between they turned closer.

  Next second, a little cold kiss fell on her lips.

  This sudden kiss shocked Tang Anran, without wating for her reaction, the kiss was ended.

  "Good night." Gu Wuyang smiled and let her go. He pressed the accelerator hard and drove out of the gate of the villa quickly.

  Tang Anran stood still. Her fingers gently touched her lips; she felt the heartbeat was accelerating.

  She could not cheat herself any more--- she really fell in love with Gu Wuyang……

  The welfare house where Xiao Hang used to stay was located in the suburb, which was a long distance from Gu Wuyang's villa. He finally found it after driving for a total of four hours.

  On the way, Yu Wenjin called Gu Wuyang to have a drink, but when he learned that Gu was going to the welfare house, he asked Bu Ao to come with him together."

  "The welfare house is sepulchral." Yu Wenjin frowned at the sight of the dark building, he subconsciously got closer to Gu Wuyang, "Dear Yang, you have to protect me."

  "Get away." Gu Wuyang pushed Yu Wenjin away with objection,and his face also turned dark.

  Indeed, the welfare house in front of them had something wrong.

  "Going in and see. " Bu Ao got three flashlights from the car and handed them to Gu Wuyang and Yu Wenjin respectively. They three pushed the door of the welfare house together.

  It was one o'clock in the morning. The people in the welfare house were all asleep. The door was finally opened from inside after Gu Wuyang knocked on it for about three minutes .

  A man around sixty or seventy years old opened the door. He wore a coat, squinting at them warily , "Who are you?"

  "Old man, we are....."


  Before Yu Wenjin had time to finish his words, there,from the house,suddenly came a miserable scream.

  Hearing the sound, the old man's face suddenly changed and he subconsciously tried to close the door.

  But before he closed the door, Gu Wuyang first reached out a hand and blocked the door, and he winked at the two people behind him, then they three rushed in together.

  "You can't get in!" The old man looked at their backs and shouted in a worried voice, but they ignored him and ran quickly down the sound source.

  The sound came from the basement, and when they opened the door together and walked in, what they saw inside shocked these three men .

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