Chapter 60 I really want to kill you now

  The woman in front of her wore a white skirt full of stains, her hair messy and her face waxy yellow.

  Although great changes have taken place on her, Tang Anran recognized her in the first place.

  "Why don't I dare to?" Tang Anran sneered coldly, "You should be the one with a guilty heart."

  Fang Jiayi heard Tang Anran's sarcastic remarks and so the rage started to burn in her chest. As she was emotionally incited, her chest was constantly fluctuating with her hands holding tightly.

  She was supposed to be leaving Yangcheng city right away, but all her documents were at home, and her parents were being watched over by the police and were cut off from contact at all, so she could only stay in Yangcheng city.

  The money stolen that day was spent by her in less than two days. Without financial resources, Fang Jiayi could only hide here.

  Although this location was very close to Xu's Group, no one noticed her because it was about to be demolished and few people came over.

  She had no money on her but she was used to spending extravagantly so that she had a hard life now and even could not afford three meals a day.

  It was just for this reason that in just a few days, Fang Jiayi had become a messy figure like what she was now.

  "Tang Anran, I really hate you!" Fang Jiayi stared at Tang Anran and shouted at her angrily, "It's all because of you that I become down and out! You did this to me! It's your fault!"

  "My fault? Ha..." Tang Anran felt she had heard a big joke.

  "Did I ask you to steal the design? Did I tell you to sell Xu's things to Xicheng? Did I allow you to post articles on Weibo slandering me? Did I make you steal other people's money?"

  "Fang Jiayi, nobody forced you to do these things. They were your choices. You have no right to blame anyone, and you are the only one to blame! "

  This remark obviously stung Fang Jiayi, her body began to tremble because of agitation, and her eyes staring at Tang Anran were red.

  Tang Anran frowned, and subconsciously took a step backwards, trying to distance herself a little.

  But before she could stand firm, Fang Jiayi suddenly grabbed Tang Anran by the wrist and dragged her in forcibly.

  With a bang, she slammed the iron door.

  Behind the door was an abandoned yard with a lot of piled-up rubbish, and at a glance she could tell there was nobody living here.

  Tang Anran was really frightened by Fang Jiayi's move at first, but soon she calmed herself down.

  She had sent a message to Gu Wuyang before she came. She also believed that Gu Wuyang would figure out how to find her after he found something strange.

  And she noticed that Fang Jiayi's hands were empty and she would not hurt her for the time being, so she was not very worried.

  Tang Anran shook off Fang Jiayi's hands and looked at her coldly without speaking.

  "Tang Anran, I really hate you." Fang Jiayi took back her hands, gritted her teeth and said, "I hate you. I wish I could kille you now!"

  When Fang Jiayi said this, her eyes sparkled with a gloomy light, and Tang Anran could clearly feel the viciousness in her.

  Tang Anran stepped back and looked at Fang Jiayi with a sneer: "I have never liked you, either."

  She knew that she would only provoke Fang Jiayi more by saying so, but when she thought that she had been so sincere to her before, but was cheated by here again and again, Tang Anran felt her previous kindness and sincerity were all wasted, and couldn't help but talk back against Fang Jiayi.

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