Chapter 58 Wife and children have warmed the brick bed

  "We will pay the operation. Inform the doctor to do the operation right away." Gu Wuzheng looked at the nurse coldly and said.

  The nurse was deterred by the cold quality of Gu Wuyang, and she was stunned for a while before she responded. At the same time, she recognized Gu Wuyang's.

  "Please don't worry, Senior Officer Gu. I will inform the doctor right now." The nurse nodded and responded, then rushed to the doctor's office with the medical record book in her hand.

  Until seeing the nurse really go to call the doctor, Tang Anran was finally relaxed.

  Looking down at the little boy lying in the hospital bed, she showed a gentle smile on her face: "What's your name, little boy?"

  She knew that the child must be very painful now, so she wanted to divert his attention by talking to him.

  But to Tang Anran's surprise, instead of answering her question, the little boy looked at her and whispered back, "It doesn't hurt."

  His face was still bloodstained with a little sad look, but his eyes were still very clear.

  He knew Tang Anran was worried about him, so he told her directly that he didn't feel painful.

  After these three words, the boy turned his head and did not speak again.

  After all, the prestige of the Gu Wuyang was still there. The nurses and doctors dared not delay, and rushed over in a few minutes.

  "Senior Officer Gu, we are doing the operation soon." The doctor in white coat smiled at Gu Wuyang embarrassedly, told the nurses to start preparing the operating room, and then pushed the little boy into the operating room.

  While waiting outside, Gu Wuyang casually checked the boy's identity, hoping to contact his family.

  But when he saw the results of the police investigation, he felt it was somewhat unexpected.

  Tang Anran had been sitting beside Gu Wuyang, and just happened to see the message he received on his mobile phone.

  After reading the information, her face showed a touch of heartache, "This child is really pathetic."

  The little boy, Xiaohang, was abandoned at the door of the children's home just a few days after he was born. He grew up in the welfare home.

  The couple who died in the car accident today were not Xiaohang's biological parents, but his adoptive parents.

  They just finished the adoption procedures today, ready to take Xiaohang home to start their new life, but nobody expected such an accident happening suddenly.

  A five-year-old child, abandoned by his parents at an early age, finally had a family and new parents, but before the new life begun, it was completely over.

  About an hour later, the door of the operating room was finally pushed open and Xiaohang on the mobile bed was pushed out by a nurse.

  "The fracture in the right leg and the abrasion on the body have been treated, and the wounds have been stitched up. There should be no danger of life. He will soon be able to recover after a good rest."

  The doctor could not wait to tell how the operation went on before Gu Wuyang and others made an enquiry.

  "Thank you." Gu Wushu nodded, politely thanking the doctor, and then returned with Tang Anran to the ward specially arranged for Xiaohang.

  The effect of anesthetics had not yet been over, so Xiaohang was still sound asleep, not knowing when he would wake up.

  Tang Anran stared at his tender face for quite a good while, and this naturally reminded her of the appearance of Duoduo .

  She saw Duoduo smiling at her, calling her "Mom" with her sweet voice.

  After thinking about it for a while, Tang Anran suddenly made a decision in her heart.

  "Gu Wuyang, I want..." She was about to speak to Gu Wuyang about her decision, but before she could finish, the door was suddenly pushed open and a man came in.

  A man in his forties, dressing in a suit and wearing glasses on his nose, looked quite gentle.

  "What is going on with Xiaohang?" The man looked at Xiaohang lying on the hospital bed and his voice sounded worried.

  A policeman who followed the man explained to Gu Wuyang, "This is Director Chen of the Children's Welfare Home. Xiaohang has no family members, so we can only inform him."

  "Senior Officer Gu, I heard that you saved Xiaohang. Thank you so much." Director Chen suddenly took Gu Wushu's hand and thanked him excitedly.

  However, he pulled his hand out with a cold face and turned his head with a frosty look, conveying a very clear message that he did not want to look at him more.

  Gu Wuyang was not an impolite person, but the feeling that Director Chen gave him was a little bit strange.

  Although they met for the first time today, he was disgusted with him from the bottom of his heart.

  Director Chen looked at Gu Wuzheng's indifferent attitude and smiled with embarrassment. "Today, I really brought troubles to Senior Officer Gu and Mrs. Gu. Now that I'm here, I'll take care of the following things. I don't want to bother you two."

  Tang Anran sensed what he meant. Obviously, Director Chen didn't want them to stay here quite much.

  "It's not necessary for Director Chen to be so polite. Xiaohang has not woken up yet. We are still worried about him." Tang Anran looked at him and smiled. "We would like to stay here until Xiaohang wakes up."

  As soon as Director Chen heard what Tang Anran said, he had a strange look on his face, but did not say more about it anyway. He adjusted his spectacles on the bridge of his nose and smiled back at Tang Anran. After that, he went out with the police to deal with the aftermath of the car accident.

  After Director Chen and the police left, Tang Anran turned to Gu Wuyang and said, "Is there anything wrong with Director Chen?"

  Anyhow, she had been with Gu Wuzheng for several months, and now she could interpret some of his emotional changes, so just now she could obviously feel that Gu Wuyang had rejected Director Chen.

  Gu Wushu nodded and his face suddenly turned gloomy.

  His intuition had always been very accurate. Although he was not sure what was wrong with Director Chen, he could know that he was by no means a good person.

  After they had waited for about two hours on the sofa in the ward, Xiaohang in the hospital bed finally woke up.

  He stared at the snow-white ceiling with his eyes wide open, his head keeping repeating the scene he had seen before.

  Crimson blood splashed on his face, and the two people who had just smiled and talked to him a second ago died in front of him like that, crushed and mangled.

  Just when Xiaohang was immersed in such painful memories and could not get rid of them, a warm hand gently grasped his small hand.

  "Xiaohang, how do you feel now?" Tang Anran stood by the bedside, asking him with care.

  Xiaohang knew that she had no malice towards him and could feel the gentle breath on her body, so he couldn't help hoping to get closer to her.

  "It doesn't hurt." Xiaohang shook his head and responded softly.

  Five-year-old child as he was, he tried to pretend to be an adult.

  Looking at him acting like this, Tang Anran couldn't help laughing and touching his face with her fingers.

  Indeed, she was really fond of this kid.

  Xiaohang was strong and sensible. Gu Wuyang also liked him very much. Seeing the interaction between Tang Anran and Xiaohang now, his mouth also rose with an unconscious smile.

  Looking at it, a sudden thought occurred to Gu Wuyang that he wanted to have a baby with Tang Anran.

  If there were a child, then he would be able to warm up the brick bed with his wife and child. Simply thinking about living such a life like that, Gu Wuyang was filled with happiness.

  Gu Wuyang went up to Tang Anran, grabbed her by her slender waist with his arm, leaned close to her ear and whispered, "Mrs. Gu, if you like children, we can have one now."

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