Chapter 56 You may scare me to death

  "Anran, I thought you won't come back. Now I'm very glad to see you back."

  Wang Xudong followed her up and touched his head while speaking with a shy smile.

  Before in Tang Anran's mind, Wang Xudong was a steady boss, and this was the first time she saw this kind of expression on his face, which really surprised her.

  "Manager Wang, you..."

  Before Tang Anran could finish her words, Wang Xudong suddenly interrupted her, "Anran, we're friends. You don't need to call me so officially."

  "In fact, I have been thinking to tell you this but I don't know how to say it. After this incident, I realize that it will be late if I don't tell you now."

  Hearing the familiar words, Tang Anran went blank. According to his behavior now, was he going to confess his love?

  Thinking of this possibility, Tang Anran immediately felt nervous and embarrassed.

  "Manager Wang, I remember that I have a very important thing to do right now. So I have to leave now. You can tell me later if you have something to say. Bye-bye." Tang Anran waved to Wang Xudong and then ran to the elevator quickly before Wang Xudong said something.

  Seeing that he didn't follow up, Tang Anran finally relaxed.

  She hoped that she just thought too much. After all, she was still in a mess of the relationship between her and Gu Wuyang now and really didn't want to get any relationship with another guy.

  It was Wednesday today, and Tang Anran planned to go back to work next Monday so that she could stay at home and had a rest at the weekends. Besides, she could read some books about Architectural design.

  And recently, she didn't know what Gu Wuyang was doing. He always went out early and came back late, so that they hadn't seen each other for two days.

  In the morning of the weekend, Tang Anran woke up naturally. As soon as she opened her eyes, Tang Anran saw a man sitting on the sofa near the bed.

  "Ah!" Tang Anran was dazed for a moment and then she screamed out, picking up one book on the bedside table and throwing to the man.

  The man reached out and caught the book thrown by her, then he stood up walking over.

  Against the sunlight through the window, Tang Anran couldn't see his face clearly, but she heard a familiar male voice sounding near her ear.

  "Xu Anran, do you want to kill your husband in the early morning?"

  As soon as she heard the voice, Tang Anran looked at the familiar figure again and then she relieved.

  "Don't you know you may scare me to death?" Looking up to him, Tang Anran said madly, " What are you doing here in the morning."

  "Xu Xiaorong told me that you wake up at 7 o'clock every morning. But now..."When he spoke that, Gu Wuyang looked at the clock on the bed stand and said jokingly, "It's 9:30."

  "Today is Saturday. Can't I get up late?" Tang Anran said in a low voice with his eyebrows drawn together.

  She should have a good mood today, but after being scared by Gu Wuyang, all the good mood disappeared immediately.

  Gu Wuyang didn't mind the anger in Tang Anran's words at all. Instead, he bent a little bit down and looked at her face with interest.

  Her eyes were still misty covered by a layer of water, making them brighter because she just woke up. Due to the dissatisfaction with Gu Wuyang, her pink lips curled while her eyebrows were drawn together.

  Her hair was a bit messy, and her face didn't have any makeup now which looked not so bright as before, instead, it looked very real and natural.

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