Chapter 55 Fang Jiayi wouldn't leave Yang City even she could fly

  She raised her head surprisingly and then saw Gu Wuyang in gray cotton pajamas walking out with a water cup in his hand.

  Obviously, Gu Wuyang didn't know that Tang Anran would appear in front of the door of his room. With his eyebrows drawn lightly, he looked at her and asked, "What's up?"

  "I..."Facing Gu Wuyang, Tang Anran took a pause and then she raised her phone up in the face of him, "Is that you who did this?"

  On the screen showed the accounts of the Yang Cheng police and court, and also some famous people having a great number of fans.

  Gu Wuyang read it quickly, then he shook his head, "No, not me."

  Actually, he just called Yuwen Jin in the morning and asked him to prepare in advance so that he could help her to guide the public opinion in time as soon as Tang Anran responded. Therefore, it was Yuwen Jin who did that, not him.

  Hearing Gu Wuyang's answer, a light of disappointment shone in Tang Anran's bright eyes. Maybe she was wrong.

  "I'm going to sleep now. Good night." Tang Anran took her phone back and then went back to her room quickly.

  With a bang, she closed the door heavily.

  Staring at her closed door, Gu Wuyang wondered with confusion. Did he say something wrong? Why did she look unhappy?

  After thinking for a while carefully, Gu Wuyang still didn't find out where the problem was.

  Knowing that it was not Gu Wuyang who did that, Tang Anran not only felt disappointed but also made sure again that he was not into her at all. In the future, it was necessary to keep a safe distance from him!

  Meanwhile, after seeing that all the people stood by her side blaming and cursing Tang Anran instantly, Fang Jiayi was so happy and she went to the bar drinking and dancing with her friends until the dawn. And then she fell asleep deeply so that she didn't check her phone all night.

  When she woke up the next morning, she found that the public opinion totally changed. The people who stood by her side and helped her to against Tang Anran now all stood by Tang Anran's side.

  And she became notorious overnight. All the information about her was posted on the internet by the people and she even received a lawyer's letter. Tang Anran really sued her.

  When she was still in the huge shock of the change, her phone suddenly rang. It was the calling from her mom.

  As soon as Fang Jiayi picked the phone with her trembling figures, her mom's voice sounded in a hurry, "Jiayi, there were so many people suddenly appearing in front of our home. And some of them were reporters and policemen who came to look for you. What happened to you? Where are you now?"

  The number her mother dialed was Fang Jiayi's private number, which hadn't been exposed yet.

  As soon as she heard there were some reporters and policemen in her family, Fang Jiayi freaked out. They would definitely put her into the jail.

  "Mom, you have to stop them from finding me. And don't tell them my phone number!"

  After her mom heard Fang Jiayi's words, she immediately realized that Fang Jiayi had done something wrong, so she persuaded her and sobbed, "Jiayi, you can't just hide outside. Please go home first. Whatever you've done, mom and dad will always be here with you. We will protect you. Let's figure out some way to solve the problem."

  "Stop nagging! I will go to jail if I go back. Do you want me to go to jail?"With a gloomy face, Fang Jiayi shouted loudly and angrily, "Don't make decisions for me. Remember, don't tell anyone my phone number!"

  Then, Fang Jiayi hanged up the phone at once without waiting for her mom's reply.

  Her friends who drunk with her hadn't wake up yet and slept on the sofa in the room. Looking at them, Fang Jiayi hesitated for a while and then finally made a decision.

  Ten minutes later, Fang Jiayi took their wallets, jewelry and cell phones into her own bag and then covered her face by her clothes, leaving away quietly.

  Now, she couldn't come back home and she didn't have money. It was the only way for her to live.

  Meanwhile, Tang Anran sat in the living room in the villa listening to the report from Xu Xiaorong while having breakfast.

  "Miss, the policemen went to Fang Jiayi's home in the early morning today, but they didn't find her. Did she run away?"

  Hearing what Xu Xiaorong said, Tang Anran stopped peeling the egg in her hands and smiled, "She bought the worker of Xu's company to steal the draft and then sold it to Xi Cheng company, which made a loss of 80 million to Xu's company and Hui Yao company."

  "Besides, she cooked up a story and spread it around maliciously. With the addition of these crimes, she would spend her whole life in jail if she didn't run away."

  She knew that Fang Jiayi would definitely not confess her crime, so she had prepared everything for her. Now, Fang Jiayi wouldn't leave Yang City even she could fly.

  After she said that, Tang Anran turned her head looking around and asked Xu Xiaorong with confusion, " Where is Gu Wuyang?"

  "Mr. Gu has left in the morning and didn't tell anyone where he was going, just told us that we didn't need to prepare the breakfast for him."

  "Well." After hearing Xu Xiaorrong's words, Tang Anran said lightly. And suddenly, she had no appetite to eat her breakfast with no reason.

  After breakfast, Tang Anran asked the driver to send her to Xu's company.

  She had told Jiang Hua the thing about Wang Yue, and Jiang Hua called the police to take her to the police station. The others in the Design department also recovered their normal working life.

  Now it was the time to go to work. As soon as Tang Anran got off the car and didn't even get in the company, many workers rushed toward her suddenly.

  "Anran, long time no see. We missed you so much."

  "Yes, do you come back for work? Please let me know if you need us to help."

  "Anran, I never thought that you are the daughter of the Xu family. Do you want to keep it a secret all the time if the newspaper didn't publish your photo?"

  Hearing their compliment and discussion, Tang Anran just felt funny.

  When that thing just happened, all of them regarded her as a trouble maker and blamed that she got them in trouble. And now they knew her real identity, so they came to fawn on her.


  "Excuse me, I need to work now." With a polite smile, Tang Anran said in a cold voice.

  After hearing her words, they knew that she was asking them to leave politely. Therefore, they couldn't say anything more and went aside making a way for her.

  Tang Anran got off the elevator and walked to the office of Jiang Hua directly.

  The moment she just arrived at the door, she heard some voice coming from inside. Although she knew that it was not good to eavesdrop, Tang Anran couldn't help but stop to listen.

  "I will solve it. You don't need to worry about it. Just wait for my order."

  It was Jiang Hua who was speaking, and after he said that, a female voice sounded immediately in the office.

  "But we've spent a lot of time. If we were found by Xu..."

  "Shut up! You'd better speak after thinking!"

  Jiang Hua interrupted the woman before she finished her words, and immediately, it became silent inside. Tang Anran who stood in front of the door didn't know if she should come in or not.

  "Anran, you're here." While Tang Anran was hesitating, a hand reached out from her back suddenly and patted her shoulder, "Why don't you come in?"

  Tang Anran was scared by the unexpected voice, and before she could react, the door opened all of a sudden, and Jiang Hua walked out with a long face.

  Seeing Tang Anran and Wang Xudong who stood at the door, Jiang Hua got black-faced.

  "Vice-president, you don't look good. Do you feel uncomfortable?" Noticing Jiang Hua's black face, Wang Xudong asked with concern.

  Hearing his words, Tang Anran who stood near him turned her head speechlessly. Meanwhile, she also felt strange.

  Obviously, Jiang Hua was mad at them because they suddenly appeared. Was he afraid that they had heard something?

  Jiang Hua heard Wang Xudong's question and the expression on his face soften a little.

  "I've been so busy recently, so I didn't sleep well." He pushed the glasses on his nose and smiled at them. " Don't stand here anymore. Come in if you have something to say."

  Tang Anran nodded her head and followed Jiang Hua walking into the office. After she came in, she looked around unconsciously but didn't find someone else.

  But she had heard the voice of a woman clearly just now. How couldn't she see her now? Would a person disappear in the air?

  Thinking of this, Tang Anran's sight fell on the door of the room inside Jiang Hua's office. Now, only this room could be used to hide a person.

  However, Jiang Hua walked over and stood in front of Tang Anran, which exactly blocked her view to the room, "Miss, what are you looking for?"

  "Nothing. I just think that you have a pretty good taste on decoration." Tang Anran took her sight back and felt a bit nervous, but on her face, there was no emotion showing at all, except for a faint smile.

  She had planned to tell Jiang Hua that she wouldn't come to work anymore. Now that she had heard the unexpected communication, she changed her mind and didn't want to leave Xu's company now. Although she didn't know what the matter was that Jiang Hua discussed with that woman, she could still feel that it related to Xu's company.

  At least, she couldn't leave until she figured this out.

  After a short talk with Jiang Hua, Tang Anran made sure about the time when she went back to work and then left.

  Wang Xudong who hadn't plan to find Jiang Hua before also left with her after seeing Tang Anran ‘s move.

  There was only Jiang Hua in the office. He looked at the door closed by Wang Xudong while his meaningful eyes were concealed by his glasses.

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