Chapter 54 It should be arranged by someone

  Gu Wuyang took a chop and put it in the bowel of Tang Anran naturally like he didn't hear what Yuwen Jin had said, then he took one for himself.

  After he did this, Gu Wuyang gave him a glance and said, "Even the food cannot make your mouth closed?"

  Yuwen Jin heard a sense of threat from Gu Wuyang's words, so he gave Tang Anran a smile and then didn't speak anymore, having his lunch quietly.

  Due to this short "play", Tang Anran's mind fell in a whirl so that she didn't have too much food.

  After they finished lunch, all of them sat on the sofa chatting and then went upstairs to the game room. Yuwen Jin took Gu Jinyan and Boao to play the game machine while Wen Jiayi didn't feel well so she went to the restroom.

  Therefore, only Gu Wuyang and Tang Anran were free right now.

  "Can you play pool?" Gu Wuyang looked at Tang Anran who was in a trance now and asked.

  Tang Anran's mind had flown away and she didn't hear what he said at all. She winked her eyes and asked with confusion, "What?"

  Facing her confused look, Gu Wuyang sighed lightly and then took her hand and walked to the corner of the game room where the pool table was.

  "Do you wanna play?"Gu Wuyang took a cue and asked.

  Tang Anran was thinking the things about Gu Wuyang before, but the more she thought, the more mess she got in her mind. Now she just wanted to do something keeping her mind away from this, so after she heard Gu Wuyang's words, she nodded and agreed at once, "Yes."

  But the moment she just answered, she remembered one important thing.

  She raised her head looking at Gu Wuyang with an embarrassed smile on her face, "But, I don't know how to play it."

  "I can teach you." Hearing Tang Anran's words, Gu Wuyang said that quickly and then handed the cue to her, "Put your left hand here while your right hand there, and then bend down."

  While speaking, Gu Wuyang reached out and put his hands on the same place of the cue, covering her soft warm hands with his big palm. Then, he bent himself down as well. The distance between their body suddenly got close.

  Gu Wuyang's face touched Tang Anran's cheeks, and their breaths were mingled together. It was so close like he would kiss her lips as long as he turned his head.

  His breath was getting heavier and heavier as an atmosphere filled with ambiguities started to surround hem.

  Taking a deep breath, Gu Wuyang tried to calm himself. With a hoarse voice, he said near Tang Anran's ear, "You can push harder at the beginning. Then, don't use much effort, and try to use skills. Remember, the white ball can't be hit into the hole."

  Tang Anran was planning to distract her attention by playing the pool. And now, she got more nervous than before.

  At this time, she totally had no idea about what Gu Wuyang was talking about. Her brain got entirely blank. With a cue held in her hand, she didn't know what she should do. In the end, it was all Gu Wuyang who moved the cue. A few minutes later, all of the balls were hit into the hole, leaving a white ball on the table only.

  "Do you know how to play it now?"Gu Wuyang turned his head and looked at her asking.

  When he spoke, his lips brushed across her smooth cheek gently, and his warm breath fell on her skin.

  Tang Anran trembled and suddenly released her hands. She took several steps back to get far away from him.

  "I got a little bit tired. I don't want to play it now." With a red face, she ran out of the room after she said that.

  Staring at her running figure, Gu Wuyang couldn't help but smile lightly, and then he bent down, hitting the last white ball to the hole.

  All of them was planning to stay here for one night, but because something happened in Yuwen Jin's family, he left first with Wen Jiayi.

  Since they left, Gu Jinyan didn't want to stay with Tang Anran, so in the end, the party finished earlier.

  Tang Anran didn't take notice of the issue of Fang Jiayi all day. Therefore, Fang Jiayi became more unscrupulous on the internet and kept slandering on Tang Anran.

  After she went back to the room and took a shower, Tang Anran sat on the bed and began to refresh the comments on the weblog. It had been two days whereas the weblog of Fang Jiayi was still one of the most popular topics. It seemed that she had hired a lot of Internet Water Army.

  "Miss, we got everything ready you needed." Xu Xiaorong stood outside knocking at the door and reported to her.

  "Come on in." Tang Anran closed the phone and replied to her.

  After she got Tang Anran's agreement, Xu Xiaorong opened the door and walked in, then she delivered the information she gathered to Tang Anran.

  Tang Anran took it over and checked, then she nodded with satisfaction.

  Now the public opinion was totally on her side, and Fang Jiayi had been pushed high enough. It was the time to fall down for her now.

  In the evening, Tang Anran logged in the weblog account of Xu Anran and sent a long weblog, appending all the evidence.

  According to the evidence she offered, it was Fang Jiayi who bought one employer of Xu's company to sell the draft to Xi Cheng company. Besides, she also attached the invoices of the staffs, destroying Fang Jiayi's lies about that Tang Anran had grabbed her staffs.

  The last picture in the weblog was an indictment which sued Fang Jiayi that she was involved in commercial fraud and malicious rumoring.

  Since her name was still on the most popular topics, as soon as Tang Anran updated her weblog, it drew all the people's attention, causing an increasing heat.

  And just one minute later, there were many famous people on the Weblog began to repost her weblog. Tang Anran remembered that she didn't hire the internet water army. Why did they repost her weblog so quickly?

  Although she couldn't find out the reason, the most important thing right now was Fang Jiayi.

  Before, due to Fang Jiayi's former speech, all the people on the internet stood by her side blaming Xu Anran and Xu family instantly. Now, after Tang Anran updated the weblog and put all the evidence in front of them, the situation immediately changed.

  Now, most of the people who had stood by Fang Jiayi's side before changed their sides. Except for a few people who didn't believe what Tang Anran said. But soon, both the Court and Police office of Yang City reposted Tang Anran's weblog and they determined to inquire thoroughly into the matter at once.

  All the people went to ask Fang Jiayi under her weblog, but Fang Jiayi didn't say anything as if she had disappeared. Others made a guess that she was too scared to log in her account.

  With her phone in her hands, Tang Anran looked at it for a while, and then she suddenly looked at the door.

  She didn't believe it was just a coincidence that her weblog was reposted by them. Thinking clearly, it should be arranged by someone.

  Staring at the door for a few minutes, Tang Anran threw the bedclothes back and jumped out of bed, wore the slippers and opened the door walking to the room in the opposite.

  Standing in front of the door of Gu WUyang's room, Tang Anran bit her lips and wondered if she shoul knock on the door or not. However, before she made the choice, the closed door suddenly opened from inside.

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