Chapter 53 I just allow you to look at me

  As soon as Gu Jinyan finished her words, Gu Wuyang drooped his eyes looking at her and asked, "Why?"

  "You don't need to know why, and just remember that I won't do anything harmful to you."Gu Jinyan said while she patted his shoulder.

  Then, Gu Jinyan took her hand back and walked out of the training room, not waiting for Gu Wuyang to speak.

  After seeing their interaction, Yuwen Jin and Bo Ao who sat on the long chair exchanged their sight and had a look at Gu WuYang who was with a long face, then they followed Gu Jinyan and left the room.

  Tang Anran saw that Gu Wuyang stayed there quietly. She was a bit worried, so she walked to him and stood in front of him looking at him with her eyebrows drawn together, " What happened?"

  Being asked by Tang Anran with concern, Gu Wuyang finally recovered from his deep thoughts.

  "Nothing." He answered and took over the coat in Tang Anran's arms.

  After he put it on, Gu Wuyang pulled her hand naturally and walked out with her.

  Tang Anran's hand was cold and soft like there were no bones inside, which was very great to be held. Therefore, every time he held her hand, Gu Wuyang was unwilling to let her hand go.

  Although Gu Wuyang didn't tell her, Tang Anran could feel that he was in a bad mood.

  Looking at their hands holding together, Tang Anran bit her lips and then looked up at him.

  Gu Wuyang was 20cm taller than her, so every time she looked at him, Tang Anran had to raise her head up.

  He was handsome and had a great figure. Besides he was in high status and of a good family. He almost had all the advantages one could think of.

  However, because he always kept a long face and showed a cold momentum of ‘leaving me alone', even though some girls liked him, they dared not approach him.

  She still remembered the first time she met him. At that time, she was also scared by his expressionless cold face.

  And she never knew that she would get used to him without any fears, and even fell in love with him now.

  While she stared at him thinking, Gu Wuyang suddenly lowered his head and looked her eyes like he felt something, "What are you looking at?"

  "Your handsome face." Tang Anran was immersed in her own thoughts, so she just answered him unconsciously as soon as she heard Gu Wuyang's question.

  Then immediately, she recovered from her thoughts after she said that.

  She was a bit surprised and then lowered her head regretfully. How could she speak her real thought out?

  Looking at her shy look, Gu Wuyang's mood became better at once, even a smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.

  "You can keep going. Anyway, I just allow you to look at me." His hand holding her hand slowly tighten up but his face was filled with tender.

  At this moment, Tang Anran's heart jumped so quickly that she turned her head away not to look his face.

  It never occurred to her that Gu Wuyang who was like a cold man made of ice would be so good at flirting.

  When Gu Wuyang arrived at the hall downstairs with Tang Anran hand by hand, it was almost 12 o'clock, which was the time for lunch.

  In this manor, except the housekeeper who came here three times a mouth regularly, there were no other maids. Therefore, they needed to prepare lunch by themselves.

  Usually, they always called for food delivery when they gathered for a party, so did today.

  However, when Yuwen Jin was about to call the restaurant for food delivery, Wen Jiayi who just went downstairs stopped him, "You don't need to ask for that. How about let me cook for you today if you don't mind."

  "Who allowed you to go downstairs?" As soon As Yuwen Jin saw Wen Yijia, he took his phone back and yelled madly, "Go back to your room!"

  Hearing Yuwen Jin's yelling, Wen Yijia lowered her head a sorrowful mien. In her eyes, the tears were sprouting, but she didn't say anything.

  "Yuwen Jin, what's wrong with you? Why do you yell at her!"Gu Jinyan was playing her phone when she heard Yuwen Jia's yelling. Immediately, she stood up and yelled him back.

  Gu Jinyan had known Wen Yijia for more than 20 years and they kept a good friendship. Therefore, she couldn't stand Yuwen Jin yelling at her.

  "Sister Yan, this is none of your business." With a cold face, Yuwen Jin looked at Gu Jinyan while one of his hand clenched into a fist like he was trying to suppress something.

  "You..."Gu Jinyan pointed at him and was about to say something, but she was stopped and her hand was pulled back by Wen Yijia.

  "Sister Yan, it's doesn't matter." Holding Gu Jinyan's wrist, Wen Yijia shook her head to Gu Jinyan and sobbed.

  Meanwhile, looking at Wen Yijia who was upset with tears in her eyes Tang Anran felt like she was looking at herself who just married Li Wenbo.

  As a rich family, the Li family didn't hire any maid. No matter how trivial or laborious the things were, like washing clothes, cooking, raising the kid and cleaning the house, she needed to do them all just by herself.

  At that time, as long as she did anything not coming out the way they preferred, Li Wenbo's mother would yell and shout at her with the worst cursing in the world.

  In the beginning, Li Wenbo would say something for her, but soon Li Wenbo turned a blind eye. Even sometimes, he would curse her together.

  She felt so sorry for the previous her and also felt sorry for Wen Yijia now.

  While they were deadlocked, Tang Anran stood up suddenly and held Wen Yijia's hand, "I can cook too. How about letting us cook for them together?"

  Seeing that Tang Anran helped Wen Yijia out of a predicament, Yuwen Jin recovered his normal smiling look and waved his phone to her, "Anran, today is your first time to be here attending our party. How could I let you cook for us? I will order food delivery."

  "Since we are gathered for a party, it will be better to cook by ourselves instead of ordering food delivery. Or you don't believe my cooking?" Tang Anran pretended to be angry and asked him.

  Yuwen Jin knew that she was kidding him. Now that she said this, he couldn't refuse anymore.

  He gave a cold stare to Wen Yijia near her and then stopped speaking.

  Then, Tang Anran took Wen Yijia's hand and walked into the kitchen, preparing the lunch together.

  "I added a point to her." After seeing that Tang Anran and Wen Yijia left for the kitchen, Gu Jinyan turned her head to Gu Wuyang and said with a smile, "But she still only has minus 99 points, which means she is still unqualified in my heart ...."

  Hearing Gu Jinyan's words, Gu Wuyang just turned his head and gave a glance at her without saying anything, but pulled his face long.

  There was a big four-door refrigerator, and inside was filled with many fresh vegetables and meats.

  After they came in the kitchen, Wen Yijia thanked Tang Anran gratefully.

  "I didn't do anything. You don't need to do that." Tang Anran smiled to her and reached out to open the fridge, taking several food materials out.

  Wen Yijia also took some food materials and then tied her long hair to a ponytail and pulled her sleeves up, starting to kill a fish with a knife.

  Looking at her skillful movements, Tang Anran suddenly smiled and said while she was cutting the eggplant, "Miss Wen, it's really difficult to imagine you can kill a fish like this when the first time I saw you."

  After all, according to her gentle and graceful appearance and temperament, Wen Yijia was more liked a princess who never cooked. How could she kill a fish and scale a fish so skillfully?

  After she heard what Tang Anran said, Wen Yijia stopped her movement in a trance as if she was thinking something.

  After a while, Wen Yijia shook her head with a wry smile, "I didn't know how to do it before. But I learned it because he likes eatting fish."

  It was easy for Tang Anran to guess that "he" was Yuwen Jin, so she didn't ask but nodded her head understandably.

  About one and a half hour later, they finally finished preparing the lunch including eight dishes and one soup which were both visually appealing and flavorous.

  After Gu Wuyang helped Tang Anran to put all the food on the table, he suddenly lowered his head and asked near her ear in a low voice when nobody noticed, "Which foods did you cook?"

  Tang Anran didn't know why he asked that, but she still pointed at some foods on the table and answered honestly, "sweet and sour pork ribs, eggplant with garlic sauce,cola chicken wings and hot pot with beef brisket."

  "Alright." Following the direction of her figure, Gu Wuyang looked over and nodded as a response, then they didn't speak anything more.

  After all the people sat down, they started to have lunch.

  "Anran, I never know that you are so good at cooking."Yuwen Jin had a piece of Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish and said to Tang Anran with his thump up, "It's so delicious."

  Tang Anran looked at the fish in front of Yuwen Jin and then looked at Wen Yijia sitting opposite her. With a pleasant smile on her face, she seemed very happy and didn't tell him that it was her who cooked this.

  Noticing her reaction, Tang Anran understood her meaning at once. She was afraid that Yuwen Jin wouldn't eat it anymore if she admitted she was the one who cooked the fish.

  "Then eat more if you like it." With a smile, Tang Anran said, not to admit or to deny.

  After hearing Tang Anran's words, Wen Yijia gave her a smile immediately, showing all her appreciation.

  After a while, Yuwen Jin suddenly looked at Gu Wuyang surprisingly, " Wuyang, don't you hate eating sweet food? Why do you keep eating the sweet and sour pork ribs and Cola Chicken Wings? And the eggplant with garlic sauce and Hot pot with beef brisket . I saw you only eat these today."

  Tang Anran was about to refill her bow when she heard what Yuwen Jin said. Her hand with her chopsticks stopped and she turned to look at Gu Wuyang surprisingly.

  All the foods mentioned by Yuwen Jin was made by her, so Gu Wuyang just ate the meals she cooked?

  Tang Anran wondered in her mind, but soon she felt that she thought too much. Maybe the reason why he just had them was that only these foods were put in front of him.

  However, the one who put them especially in front of him was also himself after he asked Tang Anran which foods she made.

  Did he do that on purpose, or she thought too much?

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