Chapter 50 Because he loved her.

  As long as she thought about that Xu Anran might have AIDS, Tang Anran felt so flurried that her immediate reaction was pushing Gu Wuyang away.

  Right now, she had only one thing in her mind: Don't infect Gu Wuyang!

  Gu Wuyang's hands stopped in the air and looked at Tang Anran who was in panic with his eyebrows drawn together tightly.

  "What's wrong?" Gu Wuyang reached out again and grabbed her shoulders. Staring at Tang Anran's eyes, Gu Wuyang asked, "Xu Anran, what are you afraid of?"

  Tang Anran tried to get rid of his hands again but she failed because Gu Wuyang grabbed her so tightly.

  "I... I'm not afraid." She forced a smile," I just got a little bit tired. Can we go back now?"

  Without any response, Gu Wuyang kept looking at her. Obviously, he didn't believe what Tang Anran said.

  He knew that Tang Anran was hiding something. But he would know nothing of the secret if she never thought of telling him.

  After a while, Gu Wuyang finally took his hands back and said, "Okay."

  He would definitely figure out the truth even if she didn't tell him.

  When they went back to the living room, there was only master Gu and Gu Shenxing sitting on the sofa.

  After hearing that they wanted to leave now, master Gu frowned unsatisfiedly, "It's too late now. How about you stay here for a night? I have ordered the maid to keep your room clean all the time, so you can go and sleep there directly."

  Normally, Tang Anran would definitely agree with him. But now she was upset and just wanted to go back to her own place to calm herself down. So she refused his suggestion.

  Seeing that Tang Anran insisted on leaving, master Gu didn't ask them to stay anymore.

  In the garage, Tang Anran didn't choose to sit on the passenger seat as before but opened the door and sat on the backseat.

  Gu Wuyang looked at Tang Anran's pale face through the mirror silently for a while and then drove the car away from the Gu's old family without saying anything.

  In the Second floor of Gu's old house, Gu Shengxing stood on the balcony of his room looking Gu Wuyang's car going away and then took his sight back when the car disappeared in his sight.

  He moved his sight onto the wine in his hand and smiled lightly, then he drunk it all and turned around walking to the room.

  All the way home, Tang Anran was very quiet and leaned on the door looking at the view outside the window, saying no words to Gu Wuyang.

  20 minutes later, Gu Wuyang drove the car to the garage of the villar. The moment he just parked the car, Tang Anran opened the door and got off the car immediately, then walked into the villa in a hurry.

  After Gu Wuyang locked the door, got off the car and went upstairs, he found that Tang Anran had already locked the door of her room.

  Before, Gu Wuyang's room was on the third floor. After the wedding, he moved to the second floor and lived in the opposite of Tang Anran's room.

  Looking at the closed door in front of him, Gu Wuyang wondered if he should knock the door or not.

  Thinking of the pale face of Tang Anran, he was so worried about her and had no idea of what had happened to her.

  He knew Gu Wuyang's character well. She dared to love or hate, fearing nothing and doing everything directly without any tricks.

  Probably because of this, sometimes she spoke with a sharp tongue. Gu Wuyang thought she might say something very mean to Tang Anran so that Tang Anran was so upset like this.

  Staring at the door for a while, then Gu Wuyang still didn't knock on the door and turned around walking into his room.

  Meanwhile, Tang Anran sat on the bed with her arms clasping around and her head buried in her knees.

  Right now, she felt so bad and her eyes were so sore that she almost cried, but she didn't.

  It was very clear in her mind that if her guess was right, then Xu Anran's body had a great chance of getting infected with HIV, which would never be cured.

  At the time she just got this news, Tang Anran felt so scared and helpless, but now, she already calmed down.

  No matter how great the possibility was, it was necessary for her to go to the hospital to do a check-up. She couldn't freak herself out.

  It would be great that she didn't get HIV. Otherwise, she couldn't stay here for learning anymore but needed to go back to the North city as soon as possible, so that she could take revenge for her daughter before she died.

  Thinking of this, Tang Anran calmed her emotions. Then she lied on the bed searching for some information about HIV on the phone after she took a shower. Not until dawn did she finally fell asleep.

  Because she had worriedin her mind, Tang Anran didn't sleep well and she woke up as soon as the alarm clock rang.

  After she get washed, she went downstairs to have breakfast.

  At the time she came into the living room, she saw Gu Wuyang sitting at the table and reading the newspaper, and he didn't eat the breakfast on the table.

  Hearing the sound of her footsteps, Gu Wuyang raised his head up and then his eyes crossed with hers.

  In fact, he didn't sleep well too because he was worried about Tang Anran all night. Now that he saw Tang Anran's face was not so pale as last night, he finally relieved himself of it.

  "Good morning."Gu Wuyang said first.

  Nodding her head as a response, Tang Anran pulled the chair near Gu Wuyang out and was about to sit down subconsciously. But then she stopped suddenly.

  She hesitated for a moment, and then pulled the chair in and went to the farthest position from Gu Wuyang sitting down.

  Noticing her movement, Gu Wuyang's sight changed but he didn't say anything, just kept reading the newspaper while asking, "About Fang Jiayi, what's your plan?"

  He knew that Tang Anran wouldn't tell him what happened last night, so he didn't ask anymore and changed the topic.

  Tang Anran drunk a sip of milk and then raised her head looking at him, "To make her fall down heavily, of course, we need to push her higher. And I know she will do something else."

  "You're right." Gu Wuyang said seriously and then handed the newspaper in his hand to Tang Anran.

  Tang Anran took it over and had a look, she found that the top news on the newspaper was exactly the weblog written by Fang Jiayi yesterday. Besides, except for the original content, Fang Jiayi added many new contents.

  Probably that she didn't worry about being known by Tang Anran, Fang Jiayi admitted her identity and blamed Tang Anran that she gave up their friendship for a man with no conscience. What's more, Tang Anran had grabbed her boyfriend as well as her car and money.

  Anyway, due to her words, Xu Anran got a worse reputation.

  But Tang Anran didn't care about her fame. After all, Xu Anran had a bad fame long before, so that it couldn't affect her at all even her reputation got worse.

  Although she couldn't see Fang Jiayi now, Tang Anran was pretty sure that Fang Jiayi was very complacent now. However, it was not a big deal because she wouldn't be complacent soon.

  Putting the newspaper on the table, Tang Anran drunk another sip of milk, "Since she asked the nemisis by herself, we shall let her keep smiling longer. Anyway, she will stop to cry soon."

  As she said this, a crafty smile unconsciously rose up on the corner of Tang Anran's mouth.

  Looking at her smiling face, Gu Wuyang suddenly felt a tremble in his heart like there was something blooming.

  Suddenly, he stood up and the chair slipped across the ground, making a sharp voice.

  Tang Anran looked at Gu Wuyang who came to her with confusion and winked her eyes, "What are you doing?"

  Ignoring her words, Gu Wuyang walked around the table and stopped in front of her. He put one of his hand on the table and then bent down lightly.

  Tang Anran didn't makeup today, but her lips were red and pulpy like they were inviting Gu Wuyang to kiss them silently.

  Time stopped at this moment. Tang Anran blankly looked at Gu Wuyang's face approaching and totally forgot to stop him. She even forgot to breathe, and just looked at his eyes.

  Gently, a warm soft thing touched her lips with a cold momentum coming from Gu Wuyang.

  Gu Wuyang didn't go in further while Tang Anran totally went blank.

  Their lips just attached together tightly and none of them moved.

  "Miss, outside..." Xu Xiaorong rushed in the living room and got stoned by the unexpected scene in front of her.

  Being interrupted by her, Tang Anran recovered her mind immediately. She pushed Gu Wuyang away at once and then took the milk drinking while her hand holding the cup of milk was trembling constantly.

  Her heart jumped so quickly, and her heart totally fell in the panic. Besides, her cheeks were burning. Anyway, the whole body of her was different.

  The strangest thing was that she didn't reject Gu Wuyang's approach at all. What's wrong with her?

  Compared with the panic of Tang Anran, Gu Wuyang was very calm. And he even raised his hand naturally to wipe the milk left on the corner of Tang Anran's mouth and said calmly, " How do you make yourself a dirty cat by drinking the milk like a kid?"

  Tang Anran was shocked again by the gentle Gu Wuyang in front of her.

  Was he really the one who was arrogant and could freeze the people when he didn't speak?

  In fact, not only Tang Anran, but also Xu Xiaorong who stood at the door of the living room was shocked, looking at Gu Wuyang with an incredible look.

  Being watched by their astonished sights, Gu Wuyang kept calm with a faint smile on his face.

  He also didn't know why he did that suddenly, but he never regreted, and even felt very happy.

  When a man had interest in a woman, it meant that he had fallen in love with her.

  Now, Gu Wuyang finally understood why he would have a different feeling to Tang Anran before.

  Because he loved her.

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