Chapter 49 I wanna talk to you alone

  Facing her sight with strong pressure, Tang Anran retreated unconsciously.

  Although she kept smiling all the time, Tang Anran still could feel that she disliked her.

  After they got eye contact in the air, none of them spoke and they had been in a deadlock.

  At this time, Gu Wenjing who stood near them came over and held Gu Jinyan's arm, "Sister, our sister-in-law prepared a present for you since she heard you came back."

  The moment Tang Anran heard her words, she knew that Gu Wenjing played the same old trick again and wanted to embarrass her again by the same method she used in the birthday of master Gu.

  When she was about to say something, Gu Jinyang said first, "The present from her? I dare not to accept."

  After saying this coldly, Gu Jinyan gave Tang Anran another glance and then walked to master Gu sitting near him.

  Now, Tang Anran was pretty sure that Gu Jinyan really hated her.

  But she had no idea why she had such a strong hostility to her. Did Xu Anran provoke her before?

  While she was still thinking of this, master Gu stood up and smiled to give greetings, "Okay, now since everyone is here, it' s time for lunch now."

  Then all the people stopped chatting and walked to the restaurant together.

  Before Tang Anran came in the hall, Gu Wuyang suddenly grabbed her wrist. Tang Anran had to stop walking because of his unexpected movement.

  Raising her head up, Tang Anran looked at Gu Wuyang with confusion, having no idea what he was going to do.

  "She was mean in speech but soft in heart." Gu Wuyang lowered his head staring at her eyes, "Don't be upset about what she said."

  Gu Wuyang was afraid that Tang Anran was irritated by Gu Jinyan's word, so he tried to speak something to comfort her.

  Hearing his words, Tang Anran felt warm in her heart.

  "I know. I don't care about it." Tang Anran smiled and said.

  She was not saying it to satisfy him, but she truly didn't care.

  After All, she was not a mean person who would be angry at this thing. Besides, she liked Gu Jinyan's straightforward temper.

  Making sure that Tang Anran was okay, Gu Wuyang finally relieved himselfand then walked in the restaurant with her.

  When they came into the hall, all the eyes of the people inside fell on them.

  "Now I really can rest assured since you love each other so much." Sitting on the seat of honor, master Gu looked at them smilingly, "It seems that my wish of having a great-grandson will come true soon."

  Both Tang Anran and Gu Wuyang were confused when they heard master Gu saying that in sudden until they followed people's sight and saw their hands holding together tightly...

  Tang Anran made a low shout and unconsciously pulled her hand back from the palm of Gu Wuyang, then with an embarrassed smile on her face, she found a seat to sit down, trying to hide herself like an ostrich.

  Probably because her hand was held by Gu Wuyang so naturally and comfortably, Tang Anran didn't feel anything wrong and walked in with him hand by hand.

  Compared with Tang Anran, Gu Wuyang responded more calmly.

  There was still a faint warm feeling on his figures making him reluctant to release her hand.

  Since master Gu was here with them, the twins dared not do something to Tang Anran, and others' attention was drawn by Gu Jinyan, so Tang Anran had a peaceful dinner.

  After dinner, all the people didn't leave but sat on the sofa in the living room drinking the tea and talking, in a harmonious atmosphere.

  Tang Anran felt that there was a sight staring at her all the time, but every time she looked around, she saw nobody suspicious except Gu Shenxing who was playing the phone.

  "Weird..." Tang Anran frowned lightly and murdered.

  "What's wrong?" Hearing her twittering, Gu Wuyang looked at her and asked with concern.

  Tang Anran shook her head and didn't tell him about it. Maybe she just thought too much.

  Seeing that she didn't want to tell him, Gu Wuyang stopped asking. But when he turned his head back, he saw Gu Shengxing's eyes.

  Just now, he felt that Gu Shenxing kept peeping at Tang Anran but wasn't sure, and now he got him.

  With a long face, Gu Wuyang stared at Gu Shenxing with his deep eyes showing a very clear warning.

  Gu Shenxing raised his hand to push the glasses on his nose and then he gave Gu Wuyang a smile. He curled his lips and then lowered his head playing his phone again as if nothing had happened.

  Tang Anran wasn't familiar to others and had no interest in their conversation as well, but seeing that Gu Wuyang didn't plan to leave, she could only keep staying there like a wooden person.

  "Miss Xu, I wanna talk to you alone."

  While Tang Anran was leaning on the sofa and playing the phone, a woman's voice sounded near her ear.

  She raised her head with confusion and then saw Gu Jinyan in front of her looking at her with an expressionless face.

  Obviously, it was her who just spoke to her.

  Tang Anran felt a bit weird about why Gu Jinyan took the initiative to talk with her since she didn't like her.

  Now that Gu Jinyan had asked for this, Tang Anran accepted her request in spite of her confusion. Tang Anran nodded her head and said "okay", then put her phone away and stood up walking out with her.

  Tang Anran followed Gu Jinyan walking across the foreyard and stopped at the backyard at last

  In the backyard of Gu's old house, there were only several trees so that it was a bit empty and cheerless. With no lights in the backyard turned on, Tang Anran could barely see Gu Jinyan's figure in the moonlight.

  Having no idea about what she was going to say, Tang Anran just stayed there waiting for her to speak.

  A few minutes later, Gu Jinyan who kept silence all the time finally turned around. Vaguely, Tang Anran felt Gu Jinyan's sharp eyes staring at her.

  "I never thought you would marry Gu Wuyang during my five-years leaving." Gu Jinyan's face was barely seen in the dark, but the violence in her eyes wasn't reduced at all. In a cold voice, she said, "Xu Anran, don't think that I will forget what has happened before after 5 years."

  After she heard what Gu Jinyan said, Tang Anran was really curious about what happened before.

  However, she just had the body of Xu Anran but didn't have any memory of her, so she knew nothing about the "thing" mentioned by Gu Jinyan.

  And she couldn't ask her either. After all, it was possible that Gu Jinyan would doubt her as long as she asked about it. So at this time, she could do nothing but keep silence.

  Seeing that Xu Anran just stood there without saying a word, Gu Jinyan sneered all of a sudden, "Xu Anran, don't think that you can fool me by pretending you are a mute! Let me make it clear for you. You don't deserve Wuyang, and you'd better divorce him as soon as possible when I can still be kind to you."

  Although Tang Anran didn't plan to spend her whole life with Gu Wuyang and she would leave one day, she still felt bad after she heard what Gu Jinyan said directly and forced her to get a divorce with Gu Wuyang.

  "Why?" Tang Anran raised her head up and looked into Gu Jinyan's eyes under the moonlight, "This is none of your business. Why should I listen to you?"

  "Because everyone in the world can marry Gu Wuyang except you!"

  As soon as Tang Anran just finished her words, Gu Jinyang shouted out loudly and angrily.

  Realizing that she was out of control, Gu Jinyan took several deep breaths to calm herself down, then she continued to say, "I know all the dirty things you had done. If you don't want me to reveal them to the public people, then divorce him right now."

  "He deserves better, and you, how could an impure girl marry him?"

  After saying this, Hu Jinyan took her sight on Tang Anran back and turned around leaving the backyard.

  Meanwhile, Tang Anran stood still with a bad mood and touched her forehead after seeing her leaving back disappear in the dark.

  According to what Gu Jinyan said, the only information she got was that Xu Anran must have done something bad and it was found by Gu Jinyan.


  Thinking of this word, Tang Anran suddenly changed her face.

  She knew that Xu Anran had a bad name all the time and she spent her nights in bars, drinking with various men. Did she do something out of bounds?

  But the problem was that she didn't have Xu Anran's memory and was not sure if she did that or not, let alone the thing happened five years ago.

  If Xu Anran really did something out of bounds with those men, would she probably have AIDS?

  The more she thought, the more irritable she got in her heart. And her face also became more blacker.

  She still didn't take revenge for her daughter and didn't give all the pain she had suffered back to Li Wenbo. She couldn't die!

  While she was in the panic, a hand fell on her shoulder.

  "Ah!" Tang Anran was scared and screamed out unconsciously. Then the hand on her shoulder covered her mouth at her first screaming.

  "Don't scare."

  A man lowered his head to her ear and said in a low voice, breathing the warm air to her ear.

  Hearing the familiar voice, Tang Anran knew who the man behind her was, and the fear in her heart disappeared immediately.

  After he saw that Tang Anran had calmed down, Gu Wuyang took his hand on her mouth back and turned her around facing him.

  With his hand on her shoulders, Gu Wuyang frowned looking at her and said in a tone with unobtrusive tenderness and concern that he didn't notice himself, "Since when have you become so timid?"

  "Of course I was scared since you showed up suddenly." Tang Anran rolled her eyes but meanwhile, she was also relieved.

  In the moonlight, Gu Wuyang noticed Tang Anran's pale face and he couldn't help but ask, "What did Gu Jinyan speak to you?"

  His question reminded Tang Anran of the words that Gu Jinyan said just now.

  Suddenly, Tang Anran pushed him away and took several steps back.

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