Chapter 44 You doubt that someone revenged me?

  After she heard what Jiang Hua said, Tang Anran changed her face.

  Though she was still not familiar to the business of the company, she knew that Xing Hui company was the competitor of Hui Yao company, and Xi-Cheng company also had a conflict of interest with Xu's company.

  Now, Xi Cheng company gave the draft to Hui Yao company, which meant both Xu's company and Hui Yao would have a great loss!

  "The draft was saved in my computer. How could it be taken by Xi Cheng company?" Tang Anran frowned after she said. Then thinking of the reactions of the workers before, she suddenly realized, " Do you think that I give the draft to Xi Cheng company?"

  Surely, Jiang Hua wouldn't doubt Tang Anran at all. After all, as the daughter of Xu Chengsheng, she would be the heir of Xu's company. It was impossible for her to let her own company set up.

  However, there were so many people here, and he couldn't tell them who Tang Anran was. So he didn't speak anything but smiled to Tang Anran, " You may rest assured. I don't doubt you. Now it seems that there is a mole working in the design department."

  Speaking of this, Jiang Hua glanced across the faces of all the people with his sharp eyes and then continued to say, " all the people here were suspected."

  As soon as his words were finished, those who were quiet just now immediately came on the boil again.

  "Vice-president Jiang. Obviously, it was her who did that. There's nothing with us."

  "Right. She did the last part and was also the last one who left the company last night. All the evidence points to her!"

  "She is the biggest suspect. You should check her."

  Though Xu Anran had a bad name in Yang city, no one knew her look because of Xu Chengsheng's protection on her. People just knew that she married to the Senior Officer of military areas, Gu Wuyang, but had no idea about what she looked like.

  In this case, they didn't connect the Xu Anran standing in front of them with the one who was the daughter of the Xu family, but just thought that they had the same name.

  But not including Wang Xudong.

  Hearing their discussions, Wang Xudong pushed his face long and said to them with a cold face, "Enough! We still don't figure it out. Don't fasten the responsibility on her."

  "Is there a need to check? We all know that it is Xu Anran who did that!" A male stood out and shouted out loudly and angrily, "She got us into trouble!"

  "Manager Wang is right. Before we figure it out, none of you can calumniate Miss Xu any more." Giving the male a cold glance, Jiang Hua said, " If anyone of you dares to say it again, please get out of here!"

  After hearing Jiang Hua's words, all the people were suppressed at once and no one dared to speak more,only staring at Xu Anran unwillingly.

  "From now on, all of you must stay in the company before this event ends. Besides, I will take care of all the communication devices of you until we get the one who did this. After this, I will compensate for your loss.”

  After giving them a warning, Jiang Hua lowered his voice and said this in a gentle voice, which was the saying that giving a candy after a slap, and it worked well.

  All of them felt better and stopped making conflicts.

  Except Wang Yue, who stood among them with a heavy heart and dared not to raise her head, but tried to hide herself.

  This accident made a huge loss to Hui Yao. The leader of Hui Yao company was going to sue Xu's company according to the legal proceedings before, but considering the influence of Xu Chengshen in Yang city and his relationship with Gu Wuyang, they dared not to break the relationship with Xu's company at once.

  In the end, they would retain their right to investigate Xu's company legal liability if they could solve the problem in a week.

  All the employees working in the design department were detained in the company and watched. And Tang Anran followed Jiang Hua to his office. Wang Xudong stood outside looking at the closed door and his eyes changed a bit.

  In the office, Jiang Hua poured a cup of hot water to Tang Anran and asked in a low voice, " Miss, don't worry. I can handle it. And for now I just want to know if you have any conflict with the people in the company during this period."

  "You are doubting that it was someone who wanted to revenge me?" As soon as Tang Anran heard what he said, she knew his meaning immediately.

  With no hiding, Jiang Hua nodded his head, " The security of Xu's company is tight so that people from outside can't come in. Therefore, it must be our employees working in the design department who did this."

  "Of course, we also suspected that maybe Xi Cheng company had bought someone in the company to do this, but meanwhile, we doubted that someone you had conflicts with before set you up this time."

  Tang Anran thought for a while and then shook her head slowly, "I understand, but I just worked here for a short time, so I didn't have any conflicts with anyone here."

  Moreover, she kept a good relationship with them until this happened. Yesterday, they treated her well when they had dinner together.

  But now, they were all involved in this event so that they treated her with such bad attitudes, which Tang Anran could completely understand.

  Since Tang Anran had no conflicts with them, then it must be someone who bought by Xi Cheng company.

  Thinking of this kind of event happening under his management, Jiang Hua felt so terrible that he had to find out the mole as soon as possible.

  After the whole morning's discussion with Jiang Hua, Tang Anran sill had no idea about who the mole was. In the end, she left his office exhaustedly.

  Before she walked out of the door of the company, someone patted her shoulder suddenly.

  Tang Anran turned around confusedly and then saw Wang Xudong standing behind her with a smile on his face, " It's time for lunch. Let me buy you lunch."

  Tang Anran retreated unconsciously and shook her head after giving him a smile, "Thanks. But I have no appetite now. You can go by yourself. Don't care about me."

  "Bread is the staff of life, you know. It's not healthy to skip lunch." Wang Xudong frowned, " Anran, I know that you have a bad mood right now because the incident happened today. But you still need to have lunch. You can go to have lunch with me first, and then we can try to figure it out together."

  As he said these words, Wang Xudong reached out trying to hold Tang Anran's shoulder.

  However, before he could touch her shoulder, a hand slapped on the back of his hand with a sound of "Pa", which hurt, making him take his hand back subconsciously.

  Both Tang Anran and Wang Xudong raised their heads surprisingly, and then they saw Gu Wuyang in military uniform standing there black-faced.

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