Chapter 41 Appeared in the face of Tang Anran again

  "Most people think that they will learn a lot if he works from a grass-roots unit, but actually, it doesn't. This varies from person to person." Jiang Hua smiled to Tang Anran and then he continued, " With your education level and talent, it's really waste of human resources. Your major is Architectural design so you can go to the design department and work with Wang Xudong."

  After hearing Jiang Hua's suggestion, Tang Anran hesitated.

  As he said, it was true that she could learn something only when she worked in a suitable position which could give full play to her professional knowledge or skills.

  But... Xu Anran did major in Architectural design but she learned Business Administration, which were completely different majors. Hence, she couldn't do this job.

  With a polite smile, Tang Anran tried to express her willing euphemistically, " I totally agreed on what you said, but I haven't reached the field more than one year and almost forgot all I learned in college. I am afraid that I'm not qualified. How about giving me another position?"

  "Miss, you don't need to worry about it. Wang Xudong is the best one in the design department, and I can ask him to teach you on his own. No matter what you don't understand you can ask him. After all, you have learned how to design in the college before so it won't be so hard for you, right?"

  Since Jiang Hua had said this, it would be so weird if Tang Anran insisted on refusing.

  After hesitating for a while, Tang Anran nodded and accepted his arrangement in the end. Then she was sent to the design department and handed to Wang Xudong by Jiang Hua, to work、with him and learn from him.

  Though Wang Xudong was only in his twenties, he had already showed his designing genius, whose designs could be selected to take part in the world-class design competition every year, and no one failed to get a reward.

  Bacause of this, he could be the manager in the design department of Xu's company at such a young age.

  After Wang Xudong introduced her the daily work of the departme,nt he took his phone out and showed his wechat code to Tang Anran, "Anran, this is my Wechat. You can scan it and add me as your friend. If you have any questions, you ask me at any time."

  "Okay. Thank you, Manager Wang." Tang Anran thanked him politely and then took her phone out and added his wechat.

  After he received the notification, Wang Xudong agreed immediately with a smile, "Now we are workmates. You can call my name directly. Don't be so polite."


  As his assistant, wasn't it better for her to call him "Manager Wang"? Who would call the name of theoir immediate leader?

  However, before Tang Anran finished her words, Wang Xudong's phone rang. Seeing that he went off to answer the call, Tang Anran stopped saying.

  In the next few days, Tang Anran began to work with Wang Xudong. Probably because Xu Anran had learned the knowledge before, the job was not so difficult for Tang Anran. After some days' learning, Tang Anran was already familiar to the business so that she could work on the project with Wang Xudong now.

  During this period, Gu Wuyang didn't come back all the time and also didn't contact Tang Anran voluntarily. Meanwhile, Tang Anran didn't pay any attention to it due to her busy work.

  Therefore, the two people who just had a wedding had no contact with each other for 20 days until a sudden accident happened. Gu Wuyang finally left the military area and appeared in the face of Tang Anran again.

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