Chapter 35 You are my perfectly justified granddaughter-in-law

  He lowered his head so that his gentle breath blew to the ear of Tang Anran while speaking.

  Since she ran away but was taken back by him last time, Gu Wuyang had begun to call her "Mrs Gu". Of course, Tang Anran knew that he did that on purpose.

  "Mr. Gu is so handsome that I cannot take my eyes off you." With a smile, Tang Anran looked at him and said in a comical tone.

  Gu Wuyang was going to make fun of her, but instead, he was teased by Tang Anran. At once, he got stunned.

  Even Jiang Dong who was one of the best men sitting on the passenger seat also laughed out loud. It was the first time that he saw someone dared to tease Gu Wuyang like this, which was so funny.

  Hearing Jiang Dong's laugh, Gu Wuyang's face turned dark.

  He turned to him and gave him a cold glance. Being glanced like this, Jiang Dong's whole body stiffened up and immediately stopped laughing.

  When he saw the bride was Tang Anran, Jiang Dong got a heavy hit on his boyish heart. After all, he really got a crush on her since the first time he met Tang Anran. He even asked Gu Wuyang to introduce her to him. And he never thought that she would become Gu Wuyang's wife last time they met.

  Now seeing Gu Wuyang suffered a "setback", he finally got a chance to be happy. But then he was warned by him. Now, Jiang Dong could just ask the god in his heart, "Jesus! Why gave me such a tough life?"

  After Jiang Dong stopped laughing, Gu Wuyang turned to look at Tang Anran again.

  Tang Anran's makeup was specially designed for her by the most famous fashion stylist and dresser of Yang city today so it was quite delicate and beautiful. Plus she had good features and a small face, which made her an attractive beauty in every twinkle and smile.

  Except for Meng Yaxin, Gu Wuyang never looked at a woman so carefully. But now, his sight fell on Tang Anran's face involuntarily and even couldn't take it back.

  "Is there something on my face?" Feeling his staring, Tang Anran subconsciously raised her hand to touch the face and asked Gu Wuyang confusingly.

  After hearing Tang Anran's question, Gu Wuyang finally came back to life.

  "Nothing." Gu Wuyang said coldly and then moved away his sight calmly.

  Seeing that his expression was the same as usual, Tang Anran didn't continue asking but turned to look the scenery outside the window.

  The thing that she didn't know was that actually, Gu Wuyang's heart was not as peaceful as his face at this moment.

  He found that his heart which fell asleep for a long time finally woke up again.

  Maybe, it was not a bad thing to live with her just like this...

  While Gu Wuyang was still wondering, the car stopped in the door of Gu's old house.

  Instantly, the noise of firecracker and fireworks and the cheers of the guests sounded in his ears. There were still a lot of things needed to be done by him, so Gu Wuyang could only leave the question behind.

  On Tang Anran's head was covered by a red bridal veil, so that she couldn't see the road clearly. As before, it was still Gu Wiyang who took her off the car and walked her to the living room.

  Meanwhile, master Gu was sitting on the chair in the middle of the living room and watching them walking close.

  Because Gu Wuyang's parent died early, he was raised up by master Gu. Among all the grandsons and granddaughters, master Gu loved and cared him most.

  Now he saw Gu Wuyang finally got married to Tang Anran and built a small family. No one would be happier than him.

  The car of Qi Lan and Xu Chengshen also arrived at the Gu's old house together. They sat on the right side of master Gu after they came in the living room.

  Before Gu Wuyang and Tang Anran stopped in the front of master Gu, two red cushions had been put on the floor for a long time.

  Along with the congratulations of a woman, Gu Wuyang and Tang Anran knelt down on the cushions together and gave master Gu and Xu's parents a kowtow, then served them three cups of tea.

  "Good, good, good." Master Gu was so happy that he broke into loud cheers. Then he took lucky money out and handed it to Tang Anran while saying, "Anran, you are my perfectly justified granddaughter-in-law from now on, and no matter who bullies you, he will be the enemy of Gu Family!"

  Master Gu already heard the thing that Fang Jiayi stopped their wedding car before. He also knew there were many people in the guests today didn't like Xu Anran.

  Master Gu had always tended to protect his family. Since Xu Anran married Gu Wuyang, she was one of the Gu family, and he wouldn't allow anybody to bully her.

  And he said this in front of all the guests with the aim of warning them not to harbor any bad ideas about Xu Anran.

  After hearing master Gu's words, there were some people lowering their heads and not daring to look at them in guilty.

  Meanwhile, Gu Wenjing and Gu Wenya stood among the guests glaring at Tang Anran. They really wanted to ruin the wedding today, but considering the presence of grandpa Gu, they could just repress the rising anger and waited for another chance.

  Tang Anran got no idea about others' thinking, but she could feel that grandpa Gu treated her very sincerely, so she nodded her head and answered a ‘yes' gratefully after she heard what he said.

  Besides this ceremony, there were still many other items next. So Tang Anran was served back to her changing room after she served the tea and changed the wedding dress to another dress.

  Then Gu Wuyang and Tang Anran went to the banquet held in the hotel and proposed a toast to the guests.

  When they went to the table where Yuwen Jin sat, Yuwen Jin stood up with the glass in his hand before they toasted.

  "I think it's so boring that you drink the wine just like this." Yuwen Jin smiled to Tang Anran, "Since the bride is so beautiful, how about we play a game?"

  "What are you going to do?" Gu Wuyang warned him in a low voice with his eyebrows drawn together, "You'd better give up your wicked ideas quickly."

  "Dear bro, don't say that. I'm making benefits for you." Yuwen Jin smiled again and turned to the others at the table and asked, "Don’t you want to play?"

  Those who sat at this table were all the soldiers under Gu Wuyang who were trained by him strictly and suffered a "tough life" in daily life. Now that they finally got a chance to "give it back", of course, they would let him go easily.

  "Sure, we must have a good time today." One of them stood up and agreed, then all of them followed and decided to play a game.

  Gu Wuyang was about to give them a lesson, but considering that they didn't have any malice and that today was his wedding day, so he didn't want to make it so serious, he just gave them a warning sight.

  However, now they all fell into the deep excitement and ignored his warning directly, then began to prepare the game excitedly.

  "Come on, it's just a simple game. You can make it."Yuwen Jin said smilingly and then he reached out, taking a plate of desserts, "Here are some pieces of cake. And you just need to eat them all."

  "Just this?" Obviously, Gu Wuyang didn't believe that Yuwen Jin would just play such a simple game with him.

  As expected, after hearing Gu Wuyang’s words, Yuwen Jin shook his head slowly with a grin, "Of course not!"

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