Chapter 34 Miss Gu, have you seen enough?

  The woman who suddenly appeared in front of the people was none other than Fang Jiayi who had been given a lesson by Tang Anran before.

  She wore a white dress and quickly walked to the couple stepping on high heels. After giving an unkind glance at Tang Anran, she looked at Gu Wuyang and repeated again, "Wuyang, you can't marry her."

  Gu Wuyang frowned when he saw her.

  In his memory, the only contact between Fang Jiayi and him was when they were in the mall last time. He was not familiar to her at all and didn't want to waste any time on her neither.

  Therefore, after he heard what she said, Gu Wuyang turned to several men in suit who were standing near him and winked.

  They were all the soldiers under him and came here as the best men. After they received the signal from Gu Wuyang, one of them went forward and said to Fang Jiayi politely, "Miss, please leave here."

  "Get away!" Fang Jiayi reached out and pushed him away with some violence, then walked to Gu Wuyang again, " You are going to marry Xu Anran. Do you forget Meng Yaxin?"

  Hearing Fang Jiayi said the name‘Meng Yaxin’, Gu Wuyang's cold face turned into gloomy immediately and his eyes on her exploded chilling light.

  Sitting in the car, Tang Anran couldn't hear Fang Jiayi's words very clearly, but she still faintly heard a name.


  She remembered on the day of the Master Gu's birthday that she had heard the name from Gu Wujing and Gu Wuya. What kind of relationship between her and Gu Wuyang? If she was an important person, why didn't Xu Xiaorong mention her before?

  Before Tang Anrn could figure it out, Qi Lan had grabbed the wrist of Fang Jiayi and said nervously, "Jiayi, today is Ranran’s wedding day . Don't make trouble here."

  "I'm not here for making trouble. I just want to remind Gu Wuyang who he should get married with." Shaking off the hand of Qi Lan, Fang Jiayi turned to Tang Anran in the car after she said that.

  Through the half-opened door of the car, Fang Jiayi looked at Tang Anran while a smile rose from the corner of her mouth, "Xu Anran, nobody shall get what I can't get. Especially you!"

  In fact, she just got to know the existence of Meng Yaxin yesterday and by that time she decided to expose her existence in the face of all the guests so that she could ruin the wedding.

  She wanted to let Tang Anran know that she, Fang Jiayi, was not the person she could provoke!

  However, what went beyond her expectation was that although Gu Wuyang behaved somewhat differently when he just heard the name of "Meng Yaxin", he recovered to his normal state very soon.

  "Call the police." After he told his soldiers these three words with cold tone , Gu Wuyang didn't look at Fang Jiayi anymore and sat on the backseat directly, not forgetting close the door.

  It never occurred to Fang Jiayi that Gu Wuyang would only give this kind of reaction to what she said. She tried to rush toward him vexedly but was stopped by someone.

  Finally, her plan didn't work at all. Being grabbed by someone, she could only stand still looking the car ran over until it disappeared in her sight.

  In the car, Tang Anran looked at Gu Wuyang who sat near her with a long face pressing his lips together. The chilling momentum surrounding him showed obviously that he was really in a bad mood.

  Seeing him like this, Tang Anran started to wonder in her mind, "Is he angry because of ‘Yaxin' or becuase he doesn't want to marry her?"

  While Tang Anran was thinking, Gu Wuyang suddenly turned his head to her and opened his mouth. Then his low-pitched voice sounded near her ear.

  "Miss Gu, have you seen enough?"

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