Chapter 5 Overnight-millionaire temperament

  Sangyu Qin had no idea that she was about to be doomed. After turning off her phone, she began to think how to get out tonight.

  There were so many guests outside. She could not walk through the front door. The window was too high to jump out,unless she wanted to break her legs.

  As she was struggling, Miao Du's voice was sounded outside the door.

  'Send the costume to her.'

  Sangyu Qin, wondering why Miao Du appearedso kind to her, looked up and saw the costume - a huge marten coat, brought by the maid. Now it's June - the heightof summer. Everyone would consider her as a completely idiot if she wears this.

  She glanced at Miao Du and found that she smiled slightly and looked very complacent.

  'Do you have any other choice? Sangyu Qin, stop being so shameless. This marten coat is more expensivethan your cheap status.'

  Sangyu Qin curled her lips and put the coat on. She wore pajamas inside which made it hotter. Her nose was brimming over with sweats. Miao Du wasamused atthis.

  Plainly, this kind of coat is not fit for young girls. It seemed so thick on Sangyu Qin and smelled of thetemperament of an overnight millionaire. Miao Du wanted Sangyu to be a foil of her daughter tonight.

  Momo Qin stood behind Miao Du out of nowhere. She tittered like a swan who just won a fight.

  'Ok. It's time to leave. The two of you, walk with me.'

  Miao Du just couldn't wait to watch Sangyu Qin being humiliated.

  'Sister, is this the most expensive clothes you ever wear?'

  Momo Qin approachedand asked. Sangyu Qin kept silent. It's true that this is the most expensive clothes she ever wears.

  Miao Du, seeingclearly of their little fight, didn't bother to stop them. After all, her daughter never took a beating from Sangyu Qin.

  When the three of them came downstairs, there's a beam of light shooting at them. All the guests, seeing the marten coat on Sangyu Qin's body, rolled their eyes.

  They thought that this daughter of the ex-wife is just like before, in the grip ofthe overnight-millionaire temperament. She's just so hopeless. Miao Du is so generous to accept her. Mrs. Qin really is open-minded.

  Miao Du got a glimpse of sneer fromthe people around and smiled slightly. She held the hands of Momo Qin and Sangyu Qin and found every chance to talk with other noblewomen.

  QinFamily, with a high status in city G, is barely able to enter the upper class. However, QinFamily is not so impressive amongthoseprestigiousfamilies.

  Everyone admits that the most mysterious and powerful family in city G is LuFamily. LuFamily, possessing powerful resources, dominatesin the commercial circles, which isthe well-deserved prestigiousfamily in city G.

  However, over these years, everyone isscared, when it comes toLiangcheng Lu. Heis heartless and cruel, violent and ruthless. Hardly no one could challenge him in person.Besides, this guy haskind of influence abroad. Nobody knows exactly what kind of overseas business he engages in.

  Due tohis evil reputation of violence, Mrs. Lu had no idea but declaredthat LuFamilywould make a deal of 1 billion with anyfamily who marriestheir daughter to Liangcheng Lu. Then four women were sent to Lu's house, but they all disappeared without a trace.

  The prestigiousfamiliesin city Gvalue most the solid resources possessedby LuFamily, instead of 1billion . As long as they could do business with LuFamily, it's not just money that gonna be involved. In fact, they wanted to take advantage ofthe name of LuFamily and promoted their status.

  City G is a vanity fair. The fights among the rich and powerful families are inevitable.

  'This daughter of the ex-wife wears like an overnight millionaire. It is not a surprise that Baiqiang Qin dislikes her.'

  'How can she matchQinFamily!She's not elegant at all. Mrs. Qin is so kind to raise her to be so delicate and marshy. The marten coat she wears must be expensive-at least 3 million.'

  There were whispersamong those guests. They didn't bother to lower theirvoices, so Sangyu Qin heard everything.

  She looked down the marten coat on her. 3 million? Not worth a shit!!

  Suddenly, with some excitement on her face, she wrapped up themarten coat. 3 million, if she sells this coat, then she won't need to worry about the costume anymore.

  However,suchbehaviormade others looked down on her even more.

  Miao Du's face was full ofdetesting. What a loser!It's such a disaster that she's in QinFamily.

  'Mrs Du, will this marten coat be presented tome? '

  Sangyu Qin asked in front of everyone because she's afraid that Miao Du would take it back after.

  She's not being suspicious. How can Miao Du give her something worth 3 million?

  Over these years, QinFamily take all possible meansto tameher and never gave her any pocket money. Thereby, she hadn’towned any huge sum of money.

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