Chapter 4 Inject rabies vaccine

  The room is filled with deadly quietness. His voice, like snowflakes, is clogged withcoldness.

  'Yes, sir.'

  The bodyguardsanswered, wishing toget two more legs. They escaped in panic.

  Liangcheng Lu then opened his eyes and touched his forehead. When he saw the redness on his hand, his pupils shrunk. He put the finger covered with blood on his lip. The pungent smell of blood came instantly.

  So many years he did not get hurt, and he almost forgot how his blood tastes like.

  Last night, he felt someone approaching him after his drunkenness. He thought it was the waiter. Little did he know that it's a woman.

  He lowered his head and saw the bite mark on his wrist. The toothprints wereclear. The wound was red and swollen, with traces of blood oozingout. This woman surely had a pair of sharpteeth.

  'Clear this up.'

  On these words, he closed his eyes again and lay down on the chair. The whole process was plain. But this kind of plainnessis like the tranquility before the storm which scares everyone.

  The doctor by his side then approached with great care. He soaked the cotton swab with disinfectant fluid to clean the forehead. After applyingthe medicine, he used the gauze to bind up the wound carefully.

  After everything's done, he let out a sigh of relief and planned to leave. Suddenly the man in front of him opened his eyes with reservedanger in his eyes.

  'Inject rabies vaccine once again.'

  The doctor was stunned. This nonsense madehim confused so much. However, he didn't have the guts to ask but find the vaccine and inject into his body.

  'Mr Lu, the rabies vaccine needs to be injected 5 times. This is the first one. You have to inject every other week, until all the five vaccines are being injected.

  Liangcheng Lu lowered his eyes slightly. After a sound of 'Mmm', he kept silent again. He could still feel aching of the tooth printson his wrist.

  Seeing this, the doctor packed up his medicine cabinet quickly and left the room.

  Again, Liangcheng Lu wasstaying alonein the room. He held the necklace in his hand and tightened his fingers.

  At this moment, little did he know that he regardedthis woman as a crazy dog, and the women considered him as a pimp.


  The next day.

  The party is held by QinFamily.

  All the guests came constantly. Sangyu Qin's costume hadn’tbeensent to heryet. She, suffering from endless boredom, supported her chins and waited.

  There were many cosmetics and skin-care products on the dresser. Nevertheless, Miao Duwould not allow Sangyu Qinto enjoyany quality products. Probably these are all inferior products which would destroyher face.

  Sangyu Qin sighed. All her life she has been constrained by QinFamily. She couldn't run away from this cage. Last night's craziness in the hotel seems like a dream.

  'Bang-Bang! '

  Someone knocked on her door. The maid stood outside disdainfully.

  'Mrs. Du told you to prepare yourself. The costume would be sent here ina while.'

  Even the maids in QinFamily know thatshe is not the favoured one. So they didn't even bother to be polite.

  Sangyu Qin walked into the bathroom with her pajamas.But when she got out of the bath, she found that not only there was no costume in the room but all her clothes and even the curtain were takenaway. Her eyes were filled with clouds. Momo Qin just loves these little tricks.

  As she was thinking what to do,her mobile vibrated, with a new message.

  She picked it up and found a message from an unfamiliar number.

  —You will be dead tonight.

  Thesefive words appear to be sent bythosewho have everything under control. Sangyu Qin laughed out of anger. Momo Qin thought Sangyu Qin could not recognize her if she changed a look.

  —You little bird. Do not be so certain about who is gonna be dead. Why haven't you burned to ashes because of your ghost-likedlook?Let me tell you that the only difference between you and shit-you do not have a plate! '

  'Boom! '

  Liangcheng Lu smashed his phone to the floor. There is no doubt that he will tear Sangyu Qin if she stands in front of her.

  'Do you find where willshe stay tonight? '

  He lowered his voice and asked when Yu Mo entered. The anger all over his body made Yu Mo step back. What a murderous look!

  'There is a party in Qin's house. She will be there.'


  Liangcheng Lu stood up and walked toward outside without a word. He looked like there is a bomb hiding in his chest and he would feel so suffocated until itexplodes.


  Liangcheng Lu kicked the priceless pot plant next to the door into pieces. How Yu Mo wished he could shrink into himself and did not irritate him.

  'Go to Qin's house.'

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