Chapter 65 Being assassinated again

  Liangcheng Lu already knew the old man had come. The bodyguards told him everything about what happened at home.

  ‘Did my grandpa say anything?’

  He put his coat on the hanger and asked. He knew that his grandfather didn’t like Sangyu Qin. So, he was afraid that his grandpa might say something that upsets Sangyu Qin.

  With her face covered with smile, Sangyu Qin didn’t plan to tell him what the old man had said. She would act as if she knew nothing about who had arranged the assassination in the hospital.

  ‘You knew that the old man don’t like me. He wants me to give up and leave you.’

  Liangcheng Lu’s step paused. He turned his head and looked at her.

  ‘Will you?’

  He wanted to know her very thoughts, rather than a perfunctory answer.

  ‘Not in two years.’

  Liangcheng Lu hanged up the corner of his mouth. He thought that they might extend their contract after two years. After all, no one can be sure of the things related to love.

  In the evening, there was a call from Qin Family. Baiqiang Qin described him as a super pitiful person and wanted her to stand out and explain for them.

  The people of Qin Family didn’t even dare to go out now. The netizen had recognized their car. As long as they drove out, people would throw all kind of rotten vegetables to their car. And they always got home with stinky smells.

  Sangyu Qin’s eyes were brimming with somberness. If the people of Qin Family had put down their grudges to her, they would have left City G right now. However, they stayed here. They would fight back and revenge her.

  She hanged up the phone and didn’t have any interest in playing these little tricks with Qin Family. The only thing she should focus on was how to be accepted by Lu Family.


  A human figure flashed by the window. Sangyu Qin freaked out and ran toward the door, in order to be able to run outside anytime.

  That man already climbed in, with the injector in his hands. That’s the man in the hospital. He failed to inject her last time and came back so soon this time. He must be appointed by the old man.

  Sangyu Qin clenched her teeth and opened the door fiercely. Then, she screamed.

  ‘Someone had broken in the villa! Help!’

  The bodyguards downstairs got shocked when hearing Sangyu Qin’s words. The villa was on a serious guard, and even a fly couldn’t get inside. It never occurred to them that a man could slip in.

  That man was startled. He murmured a curse and put away his injector. Then, he jumped out of the window and left.

  Sangyu Qin heard gun shots from the place not far away from her and knew that both sides were cross firing now. She frowned. The old man was really not planning to let off her.

  Liangcheng Lu went out, with a bath tower around him. When he heard that there’s a stranger breaking in the villa, his face darkened with anger in no time. Then, he looked at his bodyguards coldly.

  Nobody dared to utter a single word. Even if they had defended the villa desperately, someone managed to get in, which meant that there were loopholes in the guarding system.

  ‘The same thing permits of no happening again.’

  Liangcheng Lu’s voice was cold. He took a look at Sangyu Qin and found that she’s wearing her pajama. With a glimmer of darkness flashing in his eyes, he held the hand of Sangyu Qin and walked toward his room.

  ‘Did you see that man clearly?’

  He asked and put the clothes beside him onto Sangyu Qin.

  Sangyu Qin stared at him blankly. She didn’t know why she would need a coat right now. But she didn’t take it off.

  ‘No, but he’s with those people in the hospital.’

  She knew that Liangcheng Lu would understand what she had just said. After all, he knew that it’s the old man who had sent those people to the hospital last time.

  Once she finished, Liangcheng Lu’s face turned dark. His fists which had dropped at his sides clenched slowly. Then, he said in a sulky voice.

  ‘You can go back to sleep. Let me deal with this.’

  Sangyu Qin nodded, with worriness in her heart. She was afraid that the relationship between Liangcheng Lu and his grandpa would become worse because of her.

  After she had left, Liangcheng Lu telephoned to Lu Family immediately, with a trace of anger in his voice.

  ‘Grandpa, I’ve told you not to harm her!’

  He growled, with rage filling in his heart. However, since the murderer was his grandpa, he could do nothing but restrain himself.

  Tian Lu knitted his eyebrows. Though he sent someone to kill Sangyu Qin last time, that’s just a warning. He didn’t want Sangyu Qin to die.

  He didn’t send anyone to kill Sangyu Qin tonight.

  ‘Cheng ,what are you talking about?’

  He asked slightly.He didn’t know what had happened.

  With a trace of disappointment flashing in his eyes, Liangcheng Lu held his phone tightly.

  ‘Grandpa, if she dies, I’ll never come back to Lu Family.’

  After saying this calmly, he hanged up the phone.

  Tian Lu was shocked by Liangcheng Lu’s words. How could his grandson plan to cut him off from Lu Family because of a woman?! He was about to explain, when he heard the sound of the engaged line from the phone.

  He clenched his teeth and threw the phone onto the ground straightly.

  It’s rare for the old man to get angry like that, especially in front of the other people of Lu Family.

  Bizhi Shen put down the cup in her hand and watched him questioningly.

  ‘What happened? It’s the call from Cheng?’

  Tian Lu put on a sullen face. The silence spoke for himself.

  Bizhi Shen sighed, with kindness on her face.

  ‘He doesn’t like others to interfere with his own business. Leave him alone.’

  Tian Lu was not resigned to let it go. How could the inheritor of Lu Family be fascinated by a woman?!

  ‘Last time, I sent people to assassinate Sangyu Qin, in order to warn them. But tonight someone else went to Cheng’s villa. So, he thought it was me again.’

  A glimmer of light flashed in Bizhi Shen’s eyes. Cheng’s villa was tightly defended. Whoever had broken in must be very powerful. It’s reasonable for Liangcheng Lu to doubt the old man.

  ‘That man came after Sangyu Qin and was capable of break through the line of defense in the villa. He’s not an ordinary person. How could Sangyu Qin get in trouble with someone like that?’

  With her eyebrows knitted, she said slowly, hoping that it could be an accident.

  ‘Is it possible that the lady of Su Family...’

  She guessed. Jiaoyang Su, from Su Family, was always a purposeful woman. Her target had always been Cheng. If Jiaoyang Su found that Cheng had married another woman when she came back from vacation, she would never be willing to accept that.

  ‘Jiaoyang couldn’t find someone who’s so fierce.’

  Tian Lu denied that in no time.

  With her eyebrows raised, Bizhi Shen held up her cup again and took a sip.

  ‘How will you know if she has cards in her hands?’

  The moment she had finished the words, Tian Lu trembled all over. He admitted that after all these years’fights among the prestigious families in City G, they still didn’t know how many cards were in each others’hands. Then, he hanged up the corner of his mouth. He thought highly of Jiaoyang Su’s temper. If Jiaoyang Su could handle Sangyu Qin, he wouldn’t need to lay his hands on her.

  ‘If Jiaoyang can fix the things with Sangyu Qin, she will definitely be Mrs. Lu.’

  Tian Lu said and turned his head to look at Bizhi Shen.

  Bizhi Shen didn’t disagree either. She stared deeply at the tea leaves in her cup. The one, who wanted to be a member of Lu Family, must have powerful means. Anyone who could win at last would be recognized as her granddaughter-in-law.

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