Chapter 3 Bring her to me

  Baiqiang Qin cooled down too. This “trash” in front of himcannot match his youngest daughter, a famous lady in the upper class. This marriagepermits of no mishaps.

  He waved his hands.

  'Take her to her room and let her reflect herself.'

  On these words, the bodyguard loosed his hand immediately.

  Sangyu Qin raised her eyebrows and rubbed her wrists. Then she looked straight at the bodyguard with a faint smile on her face.

  'You just hurt my hands.'

  The bodyguard flushed and turned his head quietly, with his Adam's apple movingup and down.

  Miao Du felt so uncomfortable aboutthis.

  If it were not for marriagealliance, she would like to torn her face right now. She is just like her mother, a totally slut!

  The lastthing she wantedto see is Sangyu Qin's face-delicate and touching when she's weak, glamorous when she's noble.

  And Sangyu Qin is good at taking advantage ofher strength.

  Ignoring Miao Du's furious face, Sangyu Qin returned to her room.

  She watched herself in the mirror. There's an obvious mark of the slap. However, it's going to disappear tomorrow night. After all, Baiqiang Qin doesn't want others to know how she was being bullied in QinFamily.

  Sangyu Qin curled her lips and pulleddown her collar. Her neck was brimming over with kiss marks, as well asintertwiningcolors of blue and purple. It's obvious to see how passionate they werein the hotel.

  The fingerprints on her face will fade awayimmediately. However, thesekiss marks would stay fora week.

  She could anticipate that how furious Liangcheng Lu would be when he sees these kiss marks at the night of their marriage.

  How excited it would be!

  She cannot survive to the next day when marryingto LuFamily anyhow. She would like to reducethe whole QinFamily to hell. Even if she has to die, she needs to find someone to suffer with her as well.

  Just thinking about this, she fell into sleep soundly.

  Little did she know that the man who just had sex with her got up now…

  He did not say anything. He looked cruel and fierce. With scarlet red eyes, he was like a monster just getting rid ofthe cage. The mark of high heel on his forehead was swollen, which seemed a little bit funny. Nevertheless, no one present daredto laugh.

  Everyone lowered his head and was trying to hide himself. Their sweats dropped on the marble floor.

  Aspecial auraof rosemary was flowing in the air. The still-burning incense served as a symbol of thatwoman's crime.

  Deadly quiet.

  There appeared to be a fight in the room. Chairs and sofas were all broken, with powder scattered around. Even the clock on the wall was broken into two pieces and the glass was sprayed in a mess on the floor.

  It's imaginable that how angry this man was.

  It is said that Liangcheng Lu is temperamental. He is invincible in the business community and monopolizes all the power in the privileged class.

  A man like him should have many female followers. But there's not a single affair about him. His cruelty pushed away all the women who wish to get close to him.

  However, tonight, someone not only pulledhair from this tiger's head but also touched the tiger's butt.


  Someone, sayingthis with great care, scared to death. God knows that he almost went down onhis knees when he knew that there's a woman in this room.


  Liangcheng Lu, with his eyes closed, uttered a slight voice. The wound on his forehead was still bleeding.

  The doctor who was dragged here didn't dare to bind up the wound for him without his permission.

  'Find her and bring her to me.'

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