Chapter 64 It’s the old man

  Liangcheng Lu said emotionally. The tenderness in his eyes made Sangyu Qin’s heart soften.

  ‘Let’s go. Have dinner downstairs.’

  Sangyu Qin held his hands and they went downstairs. She knew that Liangcheng Lu was longing for his mother’s love deep in his heart. Or else, he wouldn’t mind about what had happened today for so long.

  ‘You made this?’

  Liangcheng Lu tasted a sip and knew immediately that it’s not the nanny’s work.

  He saw Sangyu Qin nodding. With a slight smile flashing in his eyes, he felt touched and didn’t say anything. He ate an extra bowl of rice tonight.

  Sangyu Qin knew that Liangcheng Lu only ate one bowl of rice normally. Seeing him add rice, she felt sweet at once. Also, she felt strange in her heart and wondered if this’s the feeling of being in love. She had married Liangcheng Lu and started to fall in love until now.

  When they finished the dinner, she saw Daxiong who’s squattingdown beside her. Then, she intended to bathe it. However, Liangcheng Lu held her hand and led her to another direction.

  ‘Where to?’

  She asked questioningly. Liangcheng Lu raised his eyebrows.

  ‘Didn’t you want to give Daxiong a bath? It won’t like it, if you shower it. That swimming pool over there belongs to it.’

  Liangcheng Lu‘s voice was plain. But Sangyu Qin was startled, when she saw that huge swimming pool.

  She knew that Liangcheng Lu lived luxuriously, but she never realized that he lived that luxuriously. Even Daxiong could have such a huge swimming pool. It made her suddenly eager to be Liangcheng Lu’s pet.


  Daxiong jumped right into the pool and started to swim. Its tail patted the water from time to time, which splashed sprays.

  Sangyu Qin sat by the side of the swimming pool and put her feet in the pool. Daxiong roared to her and plunged into the water.

  Liangcheng Lu stood there and watched the smile on Sangyu Qin’s face. He suddenly felt all of this so sweet.

  The nanny served the cut up fruit and put it beside Sangyu Qin.

  Sangyu Qin said thanks to her and put a slice of kiwi fruit in her mouth. She felt that it’s sweet and then used her fruit fork to serve a piece for Liangcheng Lu right away. Only until she came to his side did she realize that this fork was used by her. Then, she tried to take it back at once.

  However, Liangcheng Lu reached his hand to hold her wrist and put that slice of fruit in his mouth.

  Sangyu Qin flushed a bit. She remembered the lipstick print that day. He hadn’t minded at all. Then, she looked at him blankly.

  ‘What’s wrong?’

  Liangcheng Lu found her naive facial expression very funny.

  ‘I thought that you wouldn’t eat that. You suffer a little bit mysophobia when it comes to food.’

  She said lightly. Then, Liangcheng Lu responsed gently.

  ‘You are an exception.’

  Those words made Sangyu Qin felt like drinking honey in her heart.

  She served another piece to him and looked at him, with her eyebrows raised, which showed her willingness of moving a step forward.

  Liangcheng Lu chuckled and patted her head. Then, he ate obediently.

  Yu Mo saw that from a place not far away and shook his head disappointedly. It seemed that his boss had been completely obsessed with Miss Qin. He had thought that his boss would never be in a relationship. However, right now, he found that his boss, with ecstatic looks on his face, was just a boy in love.

  These two days, Sangyu Qin felt like drowning in the honey. She almost forgot the gap between their identities until the old man reached her.

  Liangcheng Lu had gone to work and she was approved of a one-day off. She was planning to stay at home, but was shocked by the old man’s unsolicited visit.

  Tian Lu lighted his sharp eyes on Sangyu Qin. Thinking that his grandson had insulted the people of Su Family, Tian Lu hated Sangyu Qin even more.

  ‘All the women around Cheng covet his money. Say it, how much will it cost for you to leave him?’

  Sangyu Qin never thought what she had seen in soap opera would happen to her. She, having seen the old man pull out a piece of check, wanted to tell him that she married Liangcheng Lu not for the purpose of money. However, the old man, opinionated as he was, wouldn’t believe her.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, you don’t deserve to be Mrs. Lu. Take the money and go.’

  With his face full of serious looks, Tian Lu did this, as if he was giving alms.

  Sangyu Qin compressed her lips and raised her head to look at him.

  ‘Is that true in your heart, there’s nothing appealing of your grandson except money?’

  Tian Lu was startled by her question. Did she want to tell him that she married Cheng not because of money? Then, he hanged up the corner of his mouth ironically.

  ‘Xiaoxiao said that you are clever. A clever woman knows how to make her path easy. Being with Cheng is the easiest way for you. Sangyu Qin, even if you don’t take the money today, I’ll force you to leave Cheng. At that time, you won’t get a penny!’

  Sangyu Qin hated his attitude which seemed that he was sure to win. He judged a person totally by his subjective assume.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu’s not a puppet. If he likes me, he will stop you.’

  Her voice was cold. She would respect a person on the condition that she could get respect equally. However, this man in front of her always put an arrogant gesture. Then, she had no needs to be careful.

  Tian Lu gotso angry thathis face flushed. He couldn’t help raising his voice.

  ‘Sangyu Qin! There’s no way that the Lu Family will accept you! You don’t deserve to stand beside Cheng! I’ve given you a chance.’

  Sangyu Qin, with her fists clenched, didn’t utter a single word. It’s Liangcheng Lu who had the qualification to decide whether she deserved, not this old man.

  After all, Liangcheng Lu’s the one she had married, not anyone else in Lu Family.

  Seeing her uncooperative attitude, Tian Lu showed a glimmer of fierceness in his eyes. There had never been any young person who dared to talk to him in such a way. He disliked Sangyu Qin even more.

  ‘If you think that Cheng can protect you forever, you are wrong. Last time, I didn’t kill you at the hospital, and I’ll find another chance next time. Sangyu Qin, don’t lose your life without getting any money from it!’

  Tian Lu said and stood up straightaway, with his resentful eyesight thrown to Sangyu Qin. Then, he curled his lips coldly and left directly.

  Sangyu Qin was stunned by his words and couldn’t make any sound. She thought that someone else had arranged the assassination last time. Little did she know that the old man had been involved in this. No wonder why Liangcheng Lu hadn’t kept looking into it at that time. He was really in a dilemma.

  She suddenly couldn’t understand the feelings which the old man had for Liangcheng Lu. If he really loved his grandson, he would never land Liangcheng Lu in such an awkward position.

  After the old man had left, it took her a long time sitting on the couch to accept that fact.

  In the evening, Liangcheng Lu came back. Sangyu Qin adjusted her mind and walked toward him immediately.

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