Chapter 63 I love the docile girl

  Sangyu Qin felt a bit sad deep in her heart. But she didn’t know how to comfort him. So, she sighed.

  After they had got home, Liangcheng Lu confined himself in his bedroom. Sangyu Qin wanted to make dinner for him by herself to cheer him up.

  She asked the nanny what he liked to eat and listed all the dishes on the paper. After that, she went out and headed to the market.

  The people of Qin Family had waited her for a long time. They saw her driving outside and followed her immediately. Finally, they managed to stop her on the way to the market.

  Baiqiang Qin looked gaunt. He could do nothing but live by his savings now, because his company had gone bankruptcy. With so many people in Qin Family to feed, he would beg on the street sooner or later, if things kept going like this.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, what happened before is all my fault. Could you please stop the fight against Qin Family?’

  Baiqiang Qin kept a low-down attitude. By doing that, he thought that Sangyu Qin would show mercy to him.

  He thought that he knew this daughter well. However, the moment she opened her mouth, he knew he was wrong. What he had seen in Sangyu Qin was the superficial part of her.

  ‘Who are you?’

  Sangyu Qin raised her eyebrows slightly, as if she didn’t know the person in front of her.

  Baiqiang Qin clenched his teeth, with his fists gradually clenched.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, I have raised you for so many years. That’s how you pay me back?’

  Raised her for so many years? How shameless this person is to say that!

  In Qin Family, when she was a little girl, she seldom sat on the table to eat with them. She had to wait for all the people to finish eating. Only then could she eat the leftovers. She was kicked out from home when she’s old enough to go to school. She finished her education by working part-time. She didn’t dare to buy handbags or eat meat. That’s why her physique’s always weak.

  ‘Baiqiang Qin, Didn’t you feel ashamed when you said that? When have you ever raised me during all these years? Do I need to bow my head to thank you for the leftovers you gave me many years ago?’

  Those words made Baiqiang Qin’s face turn green and white.

  He didn’t expect Sangyu Qin to be so ungrateful. He should have strangled this daughter to death!

  ‘Sangyu Qin! Even the leftovers have fed you enough, right?! Do you think you can live until now without Qin Family?! You would have starved to death!’

  Baiqiang Qin, seeing Sangyu Qin’s not willing to cooperate, didn’t bother to be humble anymore. He raised his head and watched Sangyu Qin arrogantly.

  Sangyu Qin curled the corner of her mouth and looked around. She found all the people looking this way. Then, she showed pitiful looks on her face, with a glimmer of light flashing in her eyes.

  ‘Dad, I didn’t do that. Please stop making troubles for me.’

  Baiqiang Qin was in a daze for a moment. He didn’t know what she’s talking about. When he planned to curse back, he saw people around pointing at him.

  ‘Isn’t that Baiqiang Qin? The woman who is standing right in front of him is Sangyu Qin. Their family issues have been fired up on the internet.’

  ‘Sangyu Qin? So Baiqiang Qin is that jack-ass father?!’

  Someone shouted and threw the rotten vegetables by their feet to Baiqiang Qin.

  ‘You are shameless! Why can’t you let off Sangyu Qin! You trash! How daring you are to show up in public!’

  Baiqiang Qin’s face got hurt, due to the whipping of the vegetables. Then, he realized the meaning of what Sangyu Qin just had said. With his face brimming over with maliciousness, he intended to rush to Sangyu Qin.

  ‘Sangyu Qin! You have gone too far! I’ll kill you today!!’

  Sangyu Qin clutched her head at once. Seeing her acting so quickly, all the people knew that Sangyu Qin must be beaten everyday when she’s in Qin Family.

  The people cast an even more resentful glance at Baiqiang Qin. They rushed over straightly and protected Sangyu Qin behind their backs.

  ‘Baiqiang Qin! If you don’t leave, we will beat you now!’

  Someone in the crowd shouted. Then, he rolled up his sleeves and wanted to hit Baiqiang Qin. However, he was held up by another man who’s conscious.

  Baiqiang Qin, seeing that there’re so many people who’d like to beat him, didn’t dare to stay any longer. He looked at Sangyu Qin for a while and left with swearing.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, are you all right?’

  ‘Last time, I heard you were in the hospital. Are you feeling better now?’

  All the people gathered around by Sangyu Qin’s side and inquired about her condition.

  With her face pale, Sangyu Qin felt extremely touched deep in her heart. Then, she smiled and said.

  ‘It’s OK. I’ve cut myself from Qin Family.’

  Those words were just like a bomb exploding in the crowd. When they came back to sense, they all started to congratulate her.

  If the rest of the Qin families were here, they’ve got to be angry to death.

  With the corner of her mouth hanged up, Sangyu Qin greeted those nice people. After that, she picked fresh vegetables in the market. She bought all the things Liangcheng Lu loved to eat. Then, she went home with many grocery bags.After she had arrived home, she put on the apron and began to work in the kitchen.

  When she had been in Qin Family, she could only cook a good meal for herself when the people of Qin Family went on camping trips. Besides, she needed to prevent them from detecting that. Momo Qin loved having fun outside, so the Qin families travelled frequently. As time passed by, there were many chances for her to cook for herself, and she was skillful in cooking.

  After cooking a few dishes, she took out the fruit to make desert. She cut the mango into small pieces and spread them onto the ice-cream.

  ‘I’ll call Mr. Lu to go downstairs for the meal.’

  The nanny said and intended to go upstairs.

  Sangyu Qin stopped her immediately and took off the apron from her waist.

  ‘I’ll ask him.’

  As saying that, she walked upstairs.

  The door of Liangcheng Lu’s room was closed and she didn’t know what he’s doing inside. Sangyu Qin pushed the door open slightly and saw Liangcheng Lu putting on his boxer. She screamed and shut the door instinctively, with redness on her face.

  However, she started to get confused, when she realized what had happened. They had already slept together. What’s so shy about it since she had seen and touched every inch of Liangcheng Lu’s skin?!

  Thinking of this, she pushed the door again and saw Liangcheng Lu wiping his hair calmly. Plainly, he didn’t care about that.

  ‘Time to eat.’

  Liangcheng Lu put the hair dryer in her hands and sat on the chair beside her, which meant clearly that he wanted Sangyu Qin to dry his hair.

  Sangyu Qin was in a trance for a minute. She looked at the black hair dryer in her hands and felt a bit sweet. This kind of gesture was quite intimate.

  She walked over right away and turned on the hair dryer. Then, she started to dry his hair, with one of her hands fiddling his hair and the other holding the hair dryer.

  LiangchengLu’s hair was purely black. He didn’t dye his hair. His hair, which was a bit longer than a buzz cut, passed through her hands smoothly and tamely.

  When she was almost done, she put the dryer away. Then, she was held up by Liangcheng Lu, when she turned her back. She felt warmness on her waist and fell right into his arms.

  ‘Do not be plagued by my mother’s nonsense today.’

  He said in a muffled voice. Only until then did Sangyu Qin realize that he was affected by what had happened today.

  ‘I won’t.’

  She said calmly. Though the marriage with Liangcheng Lu was a business deal, she knew that she would not leave him in two years.

  Even if she was deceiving herself, she would stay by his side.

  ‘Be good. I want you to be docile. I love the docile girl.’

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