Chapter 62 His secret

  With the corner of his mouth curving a bit, Liangcheng Lu felt bloody sweet in his heart. He pretended to drink water, in order to cover his smile on the corner of his mouth.

  ‘I’ll take you to a place after breakfast.’

  He said slightly. However, Sangyu Qin didn’t know why she felt that his tone became serious when he was uttering those words. So, she could only nod.

  After breakfast, she followed Liangcheng Lu actively. When she saw his tall figure, pink bubbles started to overflow in her heart.

  She remembered Liangcheng Lu’s body, his abs, his V-line muscles, his strength and his everything.

  Thinking of these, she blushed and felt uncomfortable all over her body.

  ‘Where are we heading?’

  She could only find an excuse to say something to stop her from woolgathering.

  ‘To see my secret.’

  After saying this, Liangcheng Lu leaned his head on the window and didn’t utter a single word, with gloom in his eyes.

  Sangyu Qin could also feel the changes of his mood. She didn’t say anything, She stretched out one of her hands to hold his hands as a silent comfort.

  Liangcheng Lu felt the warm coming from her hand and held it tight. The things rolling over and over in his heart finally quieted down. Nobody in this world really liked him. But at least for now, this woman’s sincere.

  The car headed to another villa. Sangyu Qin thought that it must be another zone of Liangcheng Lu. She’s not surprised at all. Since Liangcheng Lu had such a high social status, she wouldn’t be surprised even if he bought the whole City G.

  After they got out of the car, the bodyguards in black suit along the path kept bowing to them. Then, they got into a room, where they could hear a woman’s shouts and curses even from a long distance.

  Sangyu Qin looked up at Liangcheng Lu and grew an intention of stepping down deep in her heart. However, with her wrist grabbed by Liangcheng Lu, she walked right into the room with him.

  There’s a woman with disheveledhair inside the room. She looked aged. Her hands were cuffed by chains. When she saw Liangcheng Lu, she began to scream crazily.

  ‘Bastard! Bastard! Go to hell!’

  She kept shouting over and over again, with her eye sockets becoming bloody red. She wanted to strangle Liangcheng Lu to death, but could only stay by his side, due to the constraint of the chains. She opened her mouth and swore again and again.

  Sangyu Qin held the hand of Liangcheng Lu and tried to get far away from there, while Liangcheng Lu shook his head, with indifference looks on his face.

  ‘She’s my mother.’

  Sangyu Qin trembled all over. She remembered what Yan Bai had said the other day that even his own mother hated him...

  She suddenly felt sorry for him deeply and held his hand tightly.

  She understood why Liangcheng Lu brought her here. He showed her the biggest wound of him, which meant his trust for her.

  She had many questions, but she couldn’t open her mouth right now. The only thing she could do was to hold his hand tightly.

  ‘After she got pregnant with we, she ate lots of thing that could cause the abortion. However, my grandmother watched her closely and let somebody lock her down in a place where all the sharp things had been taken away until she gave birth to me. ’

  Liangcheng Lu said, with the corner of his mouth curled.

  That woman was still shouting and cursing. She seemed to be mad.

  Sangyu Qin felt depressed deep in her heart. Why would a mother be eager to kill her child when she’s pregnant? And after that woman had given birth to him, she felt that the child was an evil and drove herself crazy cruelly.

  ‘Bastard, you shouldn’t have been born. You bastard...’

  Her voice lingered in the room. Sangyu Qin really wanted to know why this woman detested Liangcheng Lu so much. Then, she took a look at the woman.

  ‘Why does she dislike you?’

  Liangcheng Lu shook his head, with his lips compressed closely. He didn’t know either why this woman disliked him, even hated him.

  ‘Let’s go.’

  He held the hand of Sangyu Qin and planned to leave.

  That mad woman was in a trance when she saw Sangyu Qin’s face. Then, she rushed to Sangyu Qin even more crazily. She lost control of herself, with her mouth murmuring something no one could understand.

  ‘Watch out!’

  Liangcheng Lu let Sangyu Qin stand behind him, in case she would get hurt.

  That woman’s face was totally twisted, with her teeth clenched tightly. Finally, she burst into passionate weeping.

  ‘Does she know me?’

  Sangyu Qin asked and saw the excited looks on that woman’s face. She realized that this woman could understand her. Then, a gleam of light flashed in Sangyu Qin’s eyes. She looked at Liangcheng Lu.

  ‘You can go out first. I have something to ask her.’

  Liangcheng Lu frowned and disagreed. Suddenly, he felt Sangyu Qin holding one of his hands tightly.

  ‘That’s OK. I feel that she knows me.’

  Liangcheng Lu nodded and turned to look back repeatedly at every step toward outside.

  After Liangcheng went out, Sangyu Qin looked at this woman quietly. According to that woman’s facial expression just now, she seemed to know Sangyu Qin.

  That woman also calmed down at this moment. Her wrists were covered with blood, due to her struggle just now. Then, she bowed her head quietly, with her messy hair hanging down loosely.

  ‘Do you know me?’

  Sangyu Qin asked. However, that woman kept silent and didn’t open her mouth.

  ‘If you know me, you can nod. You don’t need to open your mouth.’

  Sangyu Qin said patiently and found that woman keeping her head lowered. Then, Sangyu Qin squatted down slowly.

  However, no matter how Sangyu Qin asked, that woman made no response. Neither did that woman shake her head or nod. She sat there in peace, with her wrist bleeding constantly.

  Sangyu Qin sighed. She was about to turn away and walk outside, when that woman’s voice came through.

  ‘You shouldn’t be with that bastard.’

  Sangyu Qin’s body went rigid. She knew the bastard this woman had referred to was Liangcheng Lu. What kind of hatred would let a mother hate her son so much?

  ‘He is your son.’

  ‘He’s not! He’s not!’

  The woman was out of control again, which made Sangyu Qin thought that those short and indifferent words she had heard were her auditory hallucination.

  In no time, Liangcheng Lu came in. Then, he let the doctor inject the tranquilizer to that woman and bind the wound on her wrist up. After that, he planned to take Sangyu Qin to leave.

  ‘Your relationship is not going to last long.’

  Those faint words came through behind their backs. Sangyu Qin and Liangcheng Lu both stopped. Liangcheng Lu held Sangyu Qin’s hand tightly. He knew that woman wasn’t crazy. She pretended to be insane on purpose, merely because she didn’t want to see him.

  ‘That’s none of your business.’

  He spitted those words coldly. That woman started to laugh crazily, with mournfulness in her laughter.

  Sangyu Qin’s scalp was still tingling after they had got out of that villa. She turned his head to looked at Liangcheng Lu and found more coldness given out from his body.

  The world’s fair. On the one hand, he was bestowed so many powers; on the other hand, he was deprived of the love from his mother.

  They got on the car which headed toward their home.

  Liangcheng Lu didn’t say anything on the road. He looked outside of the window quietly. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

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