Chapter 61 She must win

  The atmosphere was frozen all of a sudden. Jiaoyang Su felt that there’s a scorching slap on her face.

  She thought that Liangcheng Lu would be obedient to grandfather and marry her. But she was wrong. Even on an occasion like tonight, Liangcheng Lu protected Sangyu Qin.

  ‘Cheng! You have gone too far!!’

  Tian Lu realized that he’s the one who had advised tonight’s dinner and his grandson insulted the Su Family like that. Not only did Liangcheng Lu slap on the face of Su Family, but also he slapped on his grandfather’s face!

  ‘Grandpa, you hate the mistress most. When you knew that my mom’s pregnant with me, didn’t you almost beat her to death?’

  Liangcheng Lu kept his voice plain, as if he was talking about something of no importance at all.

  Tian Lu stopped breathing and almost fainted out of anger.

  Seeing that, De Su didn’t want to embarrass Tian Lu. So, he said something nice to smooth things over.

  ‘Since he loves Sangyu Qin, let’s forget about this. Lu. Don’t get angry. That’s his own choice.’

  Although he said like this, he felt furious deep in his heart.

  All of this was owing to Sangyu Qin. Thinking of it, Tian Lu got so angry that his chest went up and down. At that moment, he hated her even more!

  They ended up talking about this. When they finished eating the dinner, Liangcheng Lu thought that Sangyu Qin was waiting for him at home. So, he didn’t stay too long. He said goodbye to them and left.

  Jiaoyang Su’s eye sockets became even redder. Only until Liangcheng Lu’s figure disappeared completely did she go to her room and cry on the desk.

  De Su, having seen that Liangcheng Lu didn’t appreciate his granddaughter’s humble gesture at all, got a bit angry.

  ‘Jiaoyang, a girl like you could choose any fine boy in City G. Why do you have to marry in Lu Family?’

  Jiaoyang Su closed her lips. No one would be excellent like Liangcheng Lu. She always knew that she would marry Liangcheng Lu since childhood. That’s her life goal. She didn’t care if he’s married or not. She was bent on blending in his life.

  ‘Grandpa, I’m the only one who deserves to marry in Lu Family. I want Liangcheng Lu. Sangyu Qin has to leave!’

  A trace of high aspiration flashed in her eyes. She remembered the surprising expression in Sangyu Qin’s eyes the moment they had met each other. Sangyu Qin must have realized that Jiaoyang Su’s better than her.

  De Su knitted his eyebrows. Just like what Liangcheng Lu had said, he had got the marriage certificate with Sangyu Qin. If his granddaughter put her foot in their relationship, she’s not different from a mistress. The least welcomed person in the upper-class society was mistress.

  ‘Jiaoyang, he’s already married...’

  De Su was about to persuade Jiaoyang Su, when her decisive voice came through.

  ‘He can get a divorce. Sangyu Qin’s not my match.’

  With her eye sockets remaining red, Jiaoyang Su calmed down right now. She turned her head and looked into the mirror. She saw herself with snow-white skin and enchanting red lips, which showed a bewitching figure. Never would she believe that Liangcheng Lu would give up a beauty like her and choose an ordinary face like Sangyu Qin.

  She’s confident in herself. She would try every means to get what she wanted.

  Liangcheng Lu must belong to her!

  In the meantime, Liangcheng Lu came straightly to the villa after leaving there. When he saw the lights were on, he felt a warm feeling rising in his mind. He hanged up the corner of his mouth and got in right away.

  Sangyu Qin fell asleep on the couch in the living room, with her head resting on her hands docilely. Even in her dreams, she was frowning.

  Liangcheng Lu was about to hold her up, when he heard her sulky voice.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, will you dump me?’

  That simple sentence was filled with fear which even she didn’t realize.


  He replied, just like making a promise. Then, he, with his eyes filled with indulgence, reached his hands to touch her nose. It turned out that she was doing a sleep talk.

  He bent himself and lifted her up. After he got upstairs, he stopped for a second and stepped forward to his room directly.

  Sangyu Qin was awake right now and became face to face to him. She was suddenly captivated by his face. Then, she smiled and kissed him.

  Liangcheng Lu’s body went completely stiff. He didn’t know Sangyu Qin was in a dream or not.

  ‘Close your eyes.’

  He uttered those words raucously and held her tightly. Then, he tasted the fragrance in her lips passionately.

  The dim light made the aura a bit intoxicating. Their eyes were brimming with affections. At last, they didn’t even know who took off whose clothes. When they realized what had happened, they were already naked.

  Sangyu Qin flushed. She held the clothes on the ground and wanted to leave, but her wrist was grabbed by Liangcheng Lu. He, with his eyes filled with desire, stared at her. He seemed to have looked through the deep of her heart. His eyesight was just like a tentacle touching her heart.

  Sangyu Qin loosened her hands which were holding the clothes. She felt herself enchanted and looked at him blankly.

  Liangcheng Lu pulled her over and they both fell onto the cotton-like bed.

  Sangyu Qin stared at the ceiling in a daze. Only until the pain from the corner of her mouth came to her did the scattered eyesight of her gather in one place and put on Liangcheng Lu.


  Liangcheng Lu said in a hoarse voice and then bit her earlobes.

  Sangyu Qin’s whole body got rigid. She began to lose herself in it.

  Stuffy hums and woman-specific alluring voice lingered in the room, which last for a long time.

  When Sangyu Qin woke up, she ached all over. She turned over and saw the handsome face next to her. Then, she blushed.

  They were so crazy last night and she didn’t know what did it mean. She reached her hands and wanted to touch Liangcheng Lu’s eyes, but she was grabbed by him. He held her in his arms tighter.

  ‘Let’s sleep for a while.’

  Sangyu Qin nodded. Then, she rested in his arms and fell asleep again, with her nose full of his fresh smell. For a moment, she felt so contented.

  They slept in each others’arms for a while. Then, Yu Mo’s voice came through from outside the door. He came to tell that the breakfast’s ready.

  Sangyu Qin pushed Liangcheng Lu away and started to put on her clothes, with her back to him.

  Liangcheng Lu raised his eyebrows and silently watched the sunshine which was just like the gold thread pass through by her side. This scene was so nice.

  ‘Sangyu Qin...’

  He couldn’t help uttering those words. When he came back to sense, he moved his eyesight away at once.

  Sangyu Qin, without hearing his whisper, felt the eyesight from her back. With her hands which were used to put on the clothes pausing, she blushed.

  ‘Let’s wash ourselves and get downstairs.’Sangyu Qin said.

  Liangcheng Lu, without uttering a word, watched her back. Suddenly, he pecked on her cheek. After that, he began to put on his clothes.

  Sangyu Qin flushed even more. She felt her body getting so hot, as if it’s about to explode. She’s really not used to this gentle and loving Liangcheng Lu.

  Last night, she thought that he would divorce her after he had come back from Su’s house. It never occurred to her that they, unable to control themselves, had sex again. It seemed that Jiaoyang Su didn’t seduce Liangcheng Lu successfully.

  She needed to work harder. She couldn’t let Liangcheng Lu divorce her. Liangcheng Lu must belong to her during these two years.

  They washed over and got downstairs slowly. Liangcheng Lu served dished for her spontaneously, when they were having breakfast.

  With her hands pausing a bit, Sangyu Qin put a piece of fish in his bowl.

  ‘Last night at Su’s home, what...did you talk about?’

  Sangyu Qin, unable to restrain herself, asked. Seeing the careless looks on Liangcheng Lu’s face, she hanged up the corner of her mouth. At least, he didn’t want to marry Jiaoyang Su.

  ‘We are married. I’m not that kind of man who has no bottom line. I will never do anything to betray you. Sangyu Qin, I hope you to do the same.’

  Sangyu Qin, getting excited deep in her heart all of a sudden, almost patted her chest to promise him.

  ‘Of course, honey. No one in City G is more charming than you. I’m not blind.’

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