Chapter 60 He went to Su’s house

  Jiaoyang Su sniffed forcibly and told herself to be calm. Then, she followed them.

  Sangyu Qin still felt ashamed about the lipstick print just now. However, seeing the poised looks on Liangcheng Lu’s face, she calmed down a bit.

  ‘You go home first. I’ll be back later.’

  Liangcheng Lu accompanied her to the car and said gently.

  Sangyu Qin nodded. She felt a sense of crisis when seeing Jiaoyang Su who was following him.

  When the car began to move, she threw Liangcheng Lu a kiss cheerily.

  ‘Honey, come back home early.’

  A slight smile flashed in Liangcheng Lu’s eyes Although he made no reponse, Sangyu Qin got his hint.

  The intimate interaction between them made Jiaoyang Su uncomfortable inside. Only until Sangyu Qin left did she see Liangcheng Lu get on the car reluctantly.

  ‘You two get along well.’

  She said jealously. Then, she suddenly found that she didn’t even have the qualification to be jealous. After all, they were couples and it’s normal for them to display their affection to each other.

  ‘She married me. Of course, I should be good to her.’

  ‘That’s all?’

  Jiaoyang Su asked. When she saw the grouchy looks on Liangcheng Lu’s face, she knew that she had asked too much. She curled the corner of her mouth.

  The expression in Liangcheng Lu’s eyes was plain, as if nothing could raise a wave in his heart. However, Jiaoyang Su knew that he had a feeling for Sangyu Qin.

  She tightened her hands slowly, which were holding the steering wheel. Even so, she would not give up!

  After Sangyu Qin had arrived home, she saw Daxiong staying far away from her. She frowned. Then, she looked up and found that a pinch of hair on Daxiong’s head was missing. She thought that Liangcheng Lu was such a jerk who couldn’t even let go of a lion. Daxiong was so poor to have a master like that.

  She tried to touch Daxiong, but it jumped away, with its eyes brimming over with defensiveness.

  Sangyu Qin got puzzled and shrank her shoulders. Then, she left Daxiong alone.

  She turned on the television and found that she was absent-minded. She didn’t know what was shown on TV. All she was thinking about was that Liangcheng Lu went to Su’s house with Jiaoyang Su, as if they were about to discuss their marriage there. Besides, his grandfather’s also there. If something bad happened, she might be kicked out tonight. Thinking of these things, she sighed.

  Every minute was a torture to her right now. How she wished to use a long telescope to observe what they were talking about.

  Would Liangcheng Lu give in to his grandpa and hold the wedding with Jiaoyang Su? Thinking of this, she felt uneasy all over.

  Meanwhile, it’s quite busy in Su’s house. Tian Lu and the old man of Su Family were talking about the chess game they had just played, with their faces filled with smile. Jiaoyang Su was sitting next to Liangcheng Lu tamely, just like his wife. Nevertheless, everyone knew that Liangcheng Lu’s wife’s Sangyu Qin, a notorious woman.

  ‘Cheng, I haven’t seen you for a while. I heard that you got married, is that right?’

  De Su asked, with a kind smile on his face. He, seeing his granddaughter’s adoration to Liangcheng Lu, felt a bit sorry. All this time, he thought that he could ally with Lu Family by marriage. Little did he know that a woman who came from nowhere would stand in the way.

  ‘Yes, Mr. Su.’

  Liangcheng Lu replied lightly and felt the aura on the spot becoming awkward.

  Jiaoyang Su, who had been favored by Su Family since childhood, would never choose to be his mistress. Her pride wouldn’t allow her to do that.

  That’s what Liangcheng Lu thought. He thought that Jiaoyang Su would stand by his side on tonight’s dinner table. But he had estimated the envy from a woman, which is a dreadful poison.

  ‘That’s not a problem. You got married, so what? Nowadays, so many people get married and then divorce in the upper-class society.’

  On these words, De Su’s genial smile remained on his face. Everyone knew the meaning of this. He wanted Liangcheng Lu to divorce Sangyu Qin and marry Jiaoyang Su.

  Liangcheng Lu took a look at Jiaoyang Su who’s being silent now. They kind of grew up together and he thought that he knew her well. Jiaoyang Su was a friend or a sister to him, whose position was same as that of Jue Bai in his heart. Now, De Su wanted him to marry with a person like his sister. How could he say yes to that?! What’s more, Jiaoyang Su, arrogant as she was, would never agree.

  ‘Mr. Su, if I divorce Sangyu Qin, I will have to remarry. I believe that Jiaoyang will mind about that. She’s a proud girl and deserves a better man.’

  However, the moment he finished saying that, Jiaoyang Su’s voice came through.

  ‘I don’t mind!’

  The loudness of her voice showed clearly her state of mind.

  The corner of Liangcheng Lu’s mouth which had been hanged up went rigid. With his face darkening all of a sudden, he turned his head to look at Jiaoyang Su.

  Jiaoyang Su raised her brows. She knew that he would get angry, but she wanted to do that. She wanted to fight for herself.

  ‘I don’t care how many times you have married. Liangcheng, you know, I have loved you since I was a little girl.’

  After Jiaoyang Su had said that, the two old men both showed a smile on their faces. They seemed to enjoy seeing what happened right now.

  Liangcheng Lu compressed his mouth closely. That day in the hall of the KTV, Jiaoyang Su had said that she would let that hug become their end and let go her feelings for him. She also said that she would explain this in front of the elders. However, apparently, she wasn’t planning to do that right now.

  ‘Cheng, Jiaoyang loves you very much. Why not...’

  Tian Lu saw his grandson looking at him before he finished his words. Then, Tian Lu shut his mouth and didn’t utter a single word.

  Jiaoyang Su knew that the chances like this were slim. She clenched her fists and looked at Liangcheng Lu lovingly.

  ‘We are meant for each other, Liangcheng. We have known each other for so many years. We are familiar with each other. Also, I’m prettier and more talented than Sangyu Qin.’

  With his eyes spilling over with more and more anger, Liangcheng Lu opened his mouth ironically.

  ‘I thought that I was familiar with you before. But just now, I realized that I know nothing about you. Sangyu Qin is my wife and we already got the marriage certificate. I believe that the lady of Su Family would not like to destroy other people’s marriage.’

  Since this was the first time Liangcheng Lu could utter so many words, everyone got stunned. Tian Lu flew into a rage instantly, when he came back to sense.


  All the people of Su Family were here. How could Liangcheng Lu humiliate them like that!

  Du Su’s face darkened with anger too. He saw the disappointment on his granddaughter’s face and sighed.

  ‘Let’s leave it like that. Jiaoyang, you don’t need to be like this.’

  Everyone could tell that De Su’s mad. The only reason why he didn’t get angry was that Tian Lu’s there. So, he could only express his meanings implicitly.

  Jiaoyang Su’s face turned red and white. She assumed a menial attitude, but Liangcheng Lu wouldn’t give her a chance. Her hands which had dropped beside her legs clenched slowly.

  What’s so good about that Sangyu Qin? What did Liangcheng Lu see in her!

  The sockets of her eyes went red. Ever since she’s a child, she thought that she would marry Liangcheng Lu when she grew up.

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