Chapter 58 She’s so wild

  They were both clear about what “substantial meals”and “bland diet”referred to.

  Jiaoyang Su turned on her phone and found the group photo of she and Liangcheng Lu - at that time, Liangcheng was the bridegroom and she was the bride. A group of people were having fun together. How innocent they were!

  Everybody looked down upon this bastard. But she fancied him from the beginning. That’s why she ignored the objection from all the people of Su Family and played with Liangcheng Lu since childhood.

  ‘Jiaoyang, thank you.’

  Liangcheng Lu’s a little boy back then. The light in his eyes had been brighter than the stars on the sky. By contrast, now merely coldness showed in his eyes.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, I’ll be your friend forever.’

  The promise she had made when she’s a child sounded ridiculous now. She didn’t want to be just a friend with him. She wanted to marry in Lu Family and become Mrs. Lu. Liangcheng Lu knew that exactly.

  That’s why they had had a conversation in the hall just now.

  She had given her tenderness to Liangcheng Lu. So, Liangcheng Lu didn’t treat her like other women. However, it’s different from the way he treated Sangyu Qin.

  ‘Do you think that Liangcheng’s serious about Sangyu Qin?’

  Jiaoyang Su asked slightly and put her phone into the purse.

  Jue Bai was driving. He grew up with Liangcheng Lu and knew Liangcheng Lu’s temper very well. If Liangcheng Lu didn’t love Sangyu Qin, he would never get the marriage certificate with her.


  While he was trying to talk Jiaoyang Su into giving up, her voice came through.

  ‘But the old man of Lu Family came to Su Family and he hoped that I could marry Liangcheng, which means that he’s not satisfied with Sangyu Qin as his granddaughter-in-law. Jue Bai, I still have a chance.’

  With a meaningful expression flashing in her eyes, Jiaoyang Su looked at the street view outside the window and didn’t say a word anymore.

  All these years, she almost followed Liangcheng Lu step by step. She knew that he didn’t like the demure lady, so she tried to be independent and special. She knew that he’s indifferent and eccentric, so she tried to be positive and aspiring, wishing to light up his heart.

  They had known each other for so many years. But he got the marriage certificate with another woman so quickly. It’s so ironic that she’s the last one that knew about this. If she didn’t return in haste, she would still be in the dark.

  She wouldn’t give up. She’s the only one who qualified as Mrs. Lu. No one else deserved the title - Mrs. Lu!

  She and Liangcheng were born to be together!

  Meanwhile, Liangcheng Lu came home and wanted to blame Sangyu Qin. Then, he saw that the hair on Daxiong’s head was missing. A trace of anger flashedin his eyes. Daxiong favored its hair a lot. Who did this?

  He opened the door and found Sangyu Qin writhing on the couch, with a pugil of lion hair in her hands. Her face reddened all over.

  Something’s wrong...

  ‘Sangyu Qin?’

  Liangcheng Lu called her name. Sangyu Qin was in a daze. When she looked up, she saw a walking ice. Then, she reached her hands and tried to hug it.

  Seeing her like that, Liangcheng Lu couldn’t let out any anger. He touched her forehead and found her body burning like a stove. Then, he held her up immediately.

  ‘Yu Mo, call the doctor.’

  Yu Mo nodded and called the doctor immediately. Liangcheng Lu took Sangyu Qin to his bed. He realized that Sangyu Qin might be drugged.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, I felt a little hot.’

  It’s not easy for Sangyu Qin to utter a whole sentence. Liangcheng Lu turned down the heat of the air-conditioner. After that, he saw her take off her coat and unbuttoning her shirt.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, don’t act recklessly!’

  Liangcheng Lu pressed on her hands, with color gradually blooming in his eyes.

  Sangyu Qin, with her burning eyes, stared at him. Suddenly, she got up and kissed on his lip. Though it’s a peck on the mouth, it’s more seductive than those lingering kisses.

  Liangcheng Lu almost lost all of his reasons. With his forehead slowly sweating, he tried so hard to control himself.

  However, Sangyu Qin pulled his tie and straightlypressed him under her.

  ‘Sangyu Qin! Damn you!!’

  While Liangcheng Lu was trying to push her away, Sangyu Qin approached to him, with her mouth biting him randomly, just like a dog looking for food.

  Liangcheng Lu’s eyes also turned blood-red bit by bit. He looked at her with restraint and clenched his fists slowly. He wanted to knock her out.

  However, there’s a voice in his heart, which was telling him that this chance’s rare. If he missed it, he didn’t know how long he would have to wait.

  He looked up at Sangyu Qin, thinking that it’s not him who’s being forward. She wouldn’t dare to say anything, even if she woke up.

  Thinking of this, he grabbed her straightly in his arms.

  Yu Mo brought the doctor there at this moment. They heard the noise in the room and blushed. It turned out that Boss Liangcheng Lu decided to be the antidote himself.

  Because of the effect of the drug, Sangyu Qin went so wild. This was the first time Liangcheng Lu had seen the other side of this woman.

  After they had finished, they embraced each other and fell asleep together.

  With her face covered with sweats, Sangyu Qin nested in Liangcheng Lu’s arms quietly. She licked her lips from time to time, with satisfaction on her face.

  Liangcheng Lu stood up and took her up to the bathroom. He cleaned her body carefully and held her up to the bed again. Then, he saw all the mess on the floor, with the corner of his mouth twitched. So mad!

  He hugged her and fell into asleep.

  As time passed by, they breathed slightly. Only until the sunlight climbed quietly through the window and shined on Sangyu Qin’s feet did she wake up leisurely.

  She saw the ceiling which looked familiar, and her face got stiff. Then, she felt there’s a man lying beside her and almost kicked him out of the bed reflexively.

  However, she saw Liangcheng Lu’s face, the moment she had reached out her leg. Then, she took her leg back.

  That’s not possible...

  She stood up and looked around. As a result, she found their clothes scattered around on the floor, which looked exactly like they had had a drunken sex.

  She swallowed her saliva and remembered that she felt hot all over her body last night, when she came back to the villa. Did she just pounce on Liangcheng Lu?

  Liangcheng Lu might kill her after he woke up.

  Sangyu Qin got up instantly and ignored the ache on her leg. She thought of all means to flee for her life.

  She had to leave this place before Liangcheng Lu woke up!

  The more she thought about it, the more she felt herself a jerk. She forcibly occupied the position of Liangcheng Lu’s wife. What’smore, she had sex with him.

  She packed up a few clothes briefly and sneaked out of Lu’s villa before everyone got up.

  Liangcheng Lu was awake at this moment. He looked at the empty place near him calmly, with his eyebrows raised. She became smart and knew how to run away.

  ‘Yu Mo, catch her back.’

  After saying this, he started to get up and put on his clothes elegantly.

  When the breakfast was served, Sangyu Qin was escorted by two bodyguards. She looked at the elegant Liangcheng Lu, with an awkward smile on her face.

  ‘It’s just a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. I was drunk last night.’

  As she saying this, the scene of her pulling Liangcheng Lu’s tie over and pressing him under her flashed in her brain.

  Since when did she become so wild?

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