Chapter 57 The alarm bell rang

  She’s guilty of the crime indeed.

  Sangyu Qin curled her lips and followed him onto the car.

  In no time, the car stopped in front of a KTV - Zunhuang KTV. She remembered that place, where affluent people spend money like water. Most of the persons who had fun there were billionaires. Ordinary people wouldn’t think about going there, and even the waiters had high educational qualifications.

  Sangyu Qin stopped in front of the door for a while. She didn’t get used to going to a place like this. However, when she looked at Liangcheng Lu who’s beside her, she realized that she had to cheer up.

  Several waiters came to welcome them through the long hall and led them to a private room.

  ‘Mr. Lu, Mr. Bai was already there.’

  Liangcheng Lu nodded and opened the door. The fiery atmosphere inside paused a bitwhen Liangcheng Lu entered the room. Then the atmosphere was reheated.

  ‘Liangcheng, you are late.’

  Jue Bai walked toward them. When he saw Sangyu Qin who’s beside Liangcheng Lu, he frowned and whispered to Liangcheng Lu’s ear.

  ‘Why do you bring her here? Don’t you know that Jiaoyang Su’s also gonna be here?’

  Sangyu Qin heard their whispering and become curious about Jiaoyang Su. The moment she was about to ask Liangcheng Lu about Jiaoyang Su, she heard the door was opened again and a fiery-red dress showed up.

  Sangyu Qin looked over along with everyone’s eyesight and stopped breathing for a moment. She thought the blonde beauty she had met last time was the sexiest woman. However, when she saw this woman, she found out that Jiaoyang Su deserved “natural beauty”. All the other women seemed to pale, due to Jiaoyang Su’s exquisitely-dainty eyes.

  She swallowed her saliva and got the idea why everyone favored Jiaoyang Su. All the people, men or women, would love a shiny person like her.

  She looked at Liangcheng Lu and found his eyes fixed on herself. Then, she got stunned a bit.

  Liangcheng Lu saw Sangyu Qin’s looking over and turned his eyes away.

  ‘Everybody’s here.’

  Jiaoyang Su said with a smile. She hanged up the corner of her mouth, when she saw Liangcheng Lu.

  ‘Liangcheng, ever since you got married, you haven’t got together with your old friends for a long time.’

  She said with a teasing tone. Then, she walked toward Liangcheng Lu slowly and lighted her eyes on Sangyu Qin who sat next to him.

  Her eyesight was frank, with no emotion in it. So, Sangyu Qin wasn’t sure if this woman liked Liangcheng Lu or not.

  However, she’s really curious about the ways they got along with each other. This is the first time she saw a woman who could act freely in front of Liangcheng Lu.

  ‘Jiaoyang, I’ve heard that you were on vacation on the island these days. I thought that you’d get tanned. It surprises me that her skin is as white as the snow and she is pretty, just like flowers.’

  Jue Bai teased her and took a look at Liangcheng Lu. There would be a great show tonight. Everyone knew that Jiaoyang Su’s fond of Liangcheng Lu. And it turned out that Liangcheng Lu came here with his wife. Let the drama begin!

  Jiaoyang Su heard what Jue Bai had said and rolled her eyes on him hardly.

  Jue Bai shrank his shoulders. They sort of greeted with each other like that.

  Sangyu Qin sat next to Liangcheng Lu and observed that Jiaoyang Su sat down by the other side of Liangcheng Lu. Then, the alarm bell in her heart started to ring.

  Normally, Liangcheng Lu wouldn’t let a woman sit so close to him. The fact that Jiaoyang Su could sit next to him naturally showed that this was how they usually treated each other.

  She had to guard against Jiaoyang Su.

  Sangyu Qin squinted, with her eyes nailed on Jiaoyang Su. Then, she felt pain from her palm. She looked up and saw Liangcheng Lu staring at her. He said in a clear voice.

  ‘Stop looking.’

  Sangyu Qin felt a bit sulky. He asked her to stop looking, while his eyes was focusing on Jiaoyang Su.

  She drank up the wine in the glass next to her and scowled at Liangcheng Lu.

  However, Liangcheng Lu seemed to have neglected her completely.


  Jue Bai turned his head and found that it’s too late to stop her. He, having seen Sangyu Qin drink up that glass of wine, trembled.

  There was drug in it. Liangcheng Lu would kill him, if the drug would take effect after a short while.

  Sangyu Qin stayed put for a while and felt dizzy. Then, she found an excuse to go the restroom.

  It’s so strange. She only took one glass and felt vertiginous.

  She washed her face with cold water and felt lucky that she didn’t usually make up. She thought that it’s too bothersome.

  After those hot and dry feelings in her heart had calmed down, she looked herself in the mirror blankly, with Jiaoyang Su’s face appearing in her brain. Trully, that woman is specially privileged.

  She’s not bad actually. She just didn’t like to wear make-ups.

  Sangyu Qin comforted himself and walked toward the private room. The moment she passed the corner, she saw two persons not far away from her hugging together, who were exactly Liangcheng Lu and Jiaoyang Su.

  She hid herself immediately and watched calmly. She felt so strange that she, as the wife of Liangcheng Lu, should go there to catch them on the spot, but she couldn’t move her leg. Maybe a woman like Jiaoyang Su would make everyone fond of her.

  She, frustratedas she was, thought of that and leaned on the wall for a while. When she turned her head to look over again, the two persons were already gone.

  Sangyu Qin curled the corner of her mouth and didn’t feel like going back to the private room. Then, she went out of the KTV straightly.

  Liangcheng Lu had an affair with Jiaoyang Su? Then, what did he mean by bring her there tonight? Did he want everyone to make jokes of her?

  She clenched her fists and kicked Liangcheng Lu’s car violently. She didn’t want to wait him anymore. He had a beauty in his arms and should be happy now.

  She drove the car away and went back to the villa by herself.

  Meanwhile, Liangcheng Lu who was in the private room found Sangyu Qin not coming back after so long. Then, he took his phone out and called her. However, she didn’t pick up.

  He was afraid that something bad might happen. Then, he let Yu Mo locate where Sangyu Qin was. He curled his lips, when he found that Sangyu Qin had gone home.

  He wasn’t in the mood of taking part in the activities here. He sat in the corner alone. He glanced with the corner of his eyes that Jiaoyang Su was drinking spirits one after another. He didn’t stop her. He lowered his eyes, with his brain filled with Sangyu Qin.

  A trace of disappointment flashed in Jiaoyang Su’s eyes. Liangcheng Lu would definitely take the glass away from her in the past.

  However, ever since Sangyu Qin had shown up, his eyes were never nailed on her.

  The party finished soon. Jiaoyang Su’s a bit drunk. When they came out of the KTV, they saw that Liangcheng Lu’s car was gone.

  Jiaoyang Su grinned and put her hand on Liangcheng Lu’s shoulder.

  ‘Your wife is so lovely.’

  Liangcheng Lu threw her hand down, while cursing Sangyu Qin hardly in his heart.

  ‘All right, you can drive my car. I’ll let Jue Bai drive me home.’

  Jiaoyang Su threw her key to Yu Mo and got on Jue Bai’s car herself. The smile on her face faded away, the moment the car door closed.

  Jue Bai looked at the rearview mirror and sighed.

  ‘I heard that they had got the marriage certificate.’

  Jiaoyang Su, tightening her hands which were holding her purse, looked outside the window calmly.

  ‘Is that right? It turns out that so many things have happened when I’m not here. Jue Bai, what do you think of that women?’

  Jue Bai held the steering wheel tighter. He smiled and said with a pretended-easy tone.

  ‘She’s an ordinary woman. Maybe Liangcheng has eaten so many substantial meals and preferred the bland diet like that.’

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