Chapter 56 Guilty of the crime

  ‘I’m here.’

  She answered and walked out of the grass.

  Liangcheng Lu ran toward her immediately and checked her body thoroughly. He let out a long sign of relief when seeing she’s alright. He held her up and walked outside straightaway.

  ‘I’ve cleaned those people. Go home with me.’

  Sangyu Qin felt a bit warm in her heart.


  She leaned on Liangcheng’s shoulder, with her head lowered. Liangcheng Lu thought that she was terrified, and then he held her tighter to give her comfort across her thin clothes.

  After all, she’s a girl. She never met such a bloody scene.

  Only until they got into the car did Sangyu Qin’s depressed voice come through.

  ‘Who wants to kill me?’

  People who dared to act recklessly at a place like that must possess powerful forces. What’s more, those people could fight Liangcheng Lu’s bodyguards neck and neck, which meant that they were not easy to be dealt with.

  She also heard the sound of the helicopter, which proved that there was a helicopter in the spot. Those guys came there by helicopter. With such a strong gesture, who were they?

  Sangyu, lowering her head, thought about it hundreds of times. However, she couldn’t get when she had offended such a powerful person.

  But at least, she could be sure for one thing. It’s not the people of Qin Family. They could only play little tricks and wouldn’t make a splash to kill her.

  However, Liangcheng Lu didn’t say anything. He patted on her back slowly and said in a tender voice, with darkness in his eyes.

  ‘Take a sleep, dear. Thinking too much won’t help.’

  Sangyu Qin knew that Liangcheng Lu was hiding something deliberately. Did Liangcheng Lu know who was trying to kill her...

  She’s exhausted when arriving at the villa. As a result, she fell asleep the moment she lay on the bed.

  However, Liangcheng Lu directly took Yu Mo to Lu Family after she had gone to sleep.

  Though it’s midnight, the Lu’s house was ablaze with light. The old man sat on the couch quietly, while others had fallen asleep. He waited here until now, because he knew that his grandson would come.

  As he had expected, the door was opened soon. Liangcheng Lu walked in with big strides and sat in front of him, with gloomy looks on his face.

  ‘Grandpa, you shouldn’t lay hands on her.’

  Tian Lu raised his eyebrows. He knew that his grandson would infer that it was him, so he had nothing to hide.

  ‘Cheng, I’ve told you that she’s not fit for you.’

  Liangcheng Lu’s face was brimming with rage, but he tried to contain himself. He knew that tonight was just a test and a warning from this person.

  ‘What you are going to face in the future is hundreds and thousands times fiercer than today. If those guys kidnap her tonight and then come to threaten you, you can do nothing but fold your hands for capture. I’ve already told you that the inheritor of Lu Family should not have any emotion. You are meant to lose something, the moment you serve as the inheritor of Lu Family.’

  Liangcheng Lu knew his grandpa’s good intentions and that’s why he didn’t fly into a rage the moment he came here.

  ‘Grandpa, I can make decisions on my own. Please don’t worry about me. Sangyu Qin’s a good woman. She hasn’t shown her best. It will take some time for her to grow sophisticated. Please give her some time.’

  Tian Lu didn’t utter a single word. He didn’t realize that his grandson was going for real this time. Then, he frowned.

  ‘I’ve discussed with Su Family. You have always got along well with Jiaoyang. Why not...’

  Before his voice had died away, he heard Liangcheng Lu said coldly.

  ‘It will never work between us.’

  Tian Lu felt upset. This grandson had always been obedient. But he’s simple-minded when it came to love issues.

  ‘Jiaoyang will help you a lot in the future.’

  ‘I don’t need it.’

  Liangcheng Lu rejected him completely, with his mouth compressed tightly. Then, he stood up all of a sudden.

  ‘Grandpa, Sangyu Qin’s like a treasure and is nothing worse than Jiaoyang Su. I’ll not be wrong about her.’

  Tian Lu stopped talking and felt sulky. When he thought of his grandson’s refuting him because of a woman, he disliked Sangyu Qin even more.

  ‘Your wife can be anyone but Sangyu Qin!’

  He said and coughed, with his head lowered. Then, he looked at Liangcheng Lu profoundly and turned around to go upstairs.

  Liangcheng Lu sat on the couch and felt cold all over. He really couldn’t understand why his grandfather disliked Sangyu Qin.

  He clenched his fists and took a look to the upstairs. He sat there for a while and then went back to his villa.

  When he arrived home, he went to check Sangyu Qin in her room and found her in a sound sleep. Then, he touched the tip of her nose slightly.

  Grandpa didn’t want him to have weakness. He understood that Jiaoyang Su’s his best choice. However, he had no feeling for her. The only connection they had was that they had grown up together.

  He turned around and walked out of the room. After he had gone back to his bedroom, he took a shower and took out a bottle of spirits to take a few sips. Then, he felt the things that rolled over and over in his heart calm down a lot.

  Before Lu Family accepted Sangyu Qin completely, he had to let her live safely under his arms. He would give her the protection she needed, as long as she didn’t betray him.

  The second day, Sangyu Qin hadn’t recovered for the shock. She washed herself and went downstairs slowly. She didn’t see Liangcheng Lu’s figure downstairs and thought that he’s really a workaholic, who came to the company so early.

  She ate something in haste and then went to the company.

  Lately, the things happening in Qin Family had been fired up and all the people in the top office knew about Sangyu Qin’s background. Then, they couldn’t help sneering at her.

  How could the lady of Qin Family live a life that’s worse than a nanny! That’s so humiliating!

  Sangyu Qin dealt with the documents in front of her earnestly. She couldn’t integrate in the elite circle anyway. The only thing she could do is to stay low-key.

  In no time, the internal phone rang and a single word came through.


  Sangyu Qin stood up at once and brought the hot coffee inside.

  Liangcheng Lu was staring at a piece of document, with his head lowered, until the hot coffee was put beside his hands.

  ‘Thanks for what happened last night.’

  Sangyu Qin said awkwardly. She found this man having some conscience by looking for her at midnight.

  Liangcheng Lu didn’t say a word. He knew that sometimes Sangyu Qin told truths and sometimes she told lies. He wished that she could be herself completely in front of him. However, she was always vigilant.

  Though others couldn’t find out about that, he did.


  He replied, with his head lowered.

  Sangyu Qin, knitting her eyebrows, didn’t know what to say next. She couldn’t get it why they - husband and wife,were like strangers.

  ‘Come to meet with my friends after work.’

  Sangyu Qin heard Liangcheng Lu’s words, when she turned around. Then, a glimmer of light flashed in her eyes. He was willing to bring her to his friends, which meant that at least for now, he treated her as his wife.


  She didn’t feel like showing too much passion, due to Liangcheng Lu’s indifference.

  After two hours, Liangcheng Lu came out from the office. Sangyu Qin took a look at the people in the office and followed Liangcheng Lu when everyone’s not noticing.

  Only until the door of the elevator closed did she feel that today’s war had finished.

  Liangcheng Lu hanged up the corner of his mouth, with a glimmer of smile flashing in his eyes. However, he said coldly.

  ‘Guilty of the crime.’

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