Chapter 55 Assassination

  Having seen her being like this, Liangcheng Lu showed a tender expression on his face.

  ‘Grandma, I know. I’ll talk it over with Grandpa.’

  Bizhi Shen came here to warn her grandson. After all, the old man’s a dictatorial person. Since he’s not satisfied with Sangyu Qin, he would certainly find another person to replace her. He always spoke highly of the woman of Su Family. Maybe, a fight would be waged.

  The women who could step in the door of Lu Family were all sophisticated. The little tricks Sangyu Qin had been played were nothing in front of them.

  ‘I’ll leave now. Cheng, think about it.’

  After saying this, Bizhi Shen planned to leave with Xiao Lu. However, Xiao Lu sat down and didn’t intend to leave.

  Bizhi Shen didn’t insist leaving with Xiao Lu either. Her granddaughter and grandson didn’t get along well with each other all the time. It would be a nice thing if they could address the misunderstanding.

  ‘Why are you staying here?’

  Liangcheng Lu frowned. It seemed that Xiao Lu was just an irrelevant person.

  Xiao Lu got angry, with her face twisted. Liangcheng Lu’s always like this. He never said anything nice to her. Then, she snorted.

  ‘I’m here to see how far can you guys go. Liangcheng Lu, Grandpa is dicussing with Su Family. I know that you are in a good relationship with the lady of Su Family and she loves you too. If the old man of Su Family agrees, you won’t be able to say no to that.’

  With the purse in her hand, Xiao Lu snorted and left. She shut the door loudly, which showed her rage.

  Only until then did Sangyu Qin get totally relieved. She rubbed her bulging belly and lay straightly on the bed.

  ‘Who’s the lady of Su Family? The old man likes her?’

  She couldn’t help asking, feeling that her position was in jeopardy. Though Xiao Lu was being sarcastic just now, she was trying to sending messages to them.

  Liangcheng Lu, without uttering a single word, sat down indifferently beside her, with coldness given out.

  ‘Jiaoyang Su.’

  Hearing the name of Jiaoyang Su, Sangyu Qin stood up from the bed straightly. She might have confidence, if it were somebody else. But that’s Jiaoyang Su. Even a vulgar woman like Sangyu Qin had heard of her name. It’s said that more than half of the men from prestigious families were fond of her.

  Jiaoyang Su had a high educational qualification, high EQ and a gorgeous face. She was a beauty in a million.

  Sangyu Qin felt frustrated at once. No wonder why Liangcheng Lu had made a two-year appointment with her. It seemed that he would like to be with Jiaoyang Su after their agreement expired. She felt bitter in her heart.

  ‘Shouldn’t you go back now? This drama has come to an end, right?’

  Liangcheng Lu stared at all kinds of flower baskets in the room and said gently. Only Sangyu Qin would come up with such a plan - cutting her wrist.

  Sangyu Qin found herself in the grip of sadness she could not understand. She looked at Liangcheng LU and felt that he’s a heart breaker.

  ‘I want to stay here for one more night. You can go back now.’

  She used the quilt to cover herself and pretended to fall into sleep as saying this.


  Liangcheng Lu replied and then turned around to leave. He really couldn’t understand the creature of woman - so emotional!

  Since she wanted to stay here, he would satisfy her.

  He thought of it this way. However, what Sangyu Qin thought was that he was about to dump her because he had a better option. And she was so touched by him before.

  She fell asleep as thinking of this.

  In the midnight, when she heard a slight sound by the window, her body got stiff. She felt someone walking toward her. Then, she shrank herself right away.


  Her quilt was lifted straightly. She looked up and saw a man with an injector. She could tell by the dim light that there was some yellow liquid in it. It seemed that he intended to inject the liquid in her body.


  She slipped under the bed directly and tried to open the door of the room, but her ankle was grabbed by the man.



  Liangcheng Lu’s bodyguards were outside. Once she shouted, there would be someone coming in!

  Sound of steps from outside came through as expected. The man seemed to be anxious and jumped out from the window. He rolled on the ground and disappeared.

  Sangyu Qin’s chest went up and down drastically. Her forehead was covered with sweats. If she hadn’t been awake just know, she would have been injected of something strange and might never been able to wake up.’

  ‘Miss Qin, are you all right?’

  Those bodyguards asked while rushing to the window. But that man had already disappeared.

  Sangyu Qin shook her head, with her heart still fluttering with fear. She felt extremely thirsty. Her heart beat so fast. Qin Family had met their dead end, so the man couldn’t be sent by the people of Qin Family. Who was so desperate to kill her?

  Her fingernails were digging in her flesh. The things in her head seemed to be about to explode. She bit her tongue fiercely promptly. She, muddleheaded as she was, used the drastic pain to straighten out her ideas.

  She couldn’t stay in the hospital anymore.

  She drank some water to water her throat. When she felt better in her mouth, she decided to call Liangcheng Lu.

  However, before she dialed the number, she saw Liangcheng Lu’s incoming call.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, are you all right?!’

  There’s a note of anxiety in Liangcheng Lu’s voice. Sangyu Qin was stunned. Was he worried about her?

  ‘I’m fine.’

  ‘I’m picking you up. Stay at the hospital!’

  Sangyu Qin was about to respond to him, when she heard the sound of the window exploding. The bodyguards brought her down on the ground immediately.

  ‘Miss Qin, stay right there. There’s still someone outside!!’

  Sangyu Qin felt cold inside. Who would make such a huge effort to kill her?

  Her leg was injured during the struggle just now and was bleeding. There were still gunshots outside. She heard the sound of the helicopter stirring wings. Then, she opened the door and ran out in a minute.

  She ran downstairs straightly. The whole building was stirred. Everyone got out to see what had happened.

  Sangyu Qin’s heart was pounding violently. She went to the garden nearby and found a few persons lying there. She took the gun from one of the man at once and hid next to the plant, not daring to move a bit.

  ‘Bang! Bang! Bang!’

  A rattle of gunshots rang out. She seemed to have an instinct to roll out from this place. The plant beside which she had been hidden was shot to a sieve.

  Sangyu Qin’s hands were all sweaty. Those men were sent to kill her. There were so many patients in the hospital. She could not hide there anymore. Or, she would bring trouble to the hospital which belonged to Liangcheng Lu.

  She admired herself now for having the mood to consider for Liangcheng Lu at this time.

  She held the gun and fired a few shots toward the front. She heard vaguely of something heavy falling down to the ground and knew that she made a successful shot. Then, she found another place to hide.

  She felt so strange that she could shoot the gun, as if it’s her gift. What’s more, it’s a successful shot. Even a talented shooter might not be able to get it done at that spot.

  Sangyu Qin was thinking of it carefully, when she heart Liangcheng Lu’s voice.

  ‘Sangyu Qin?!’

  ‘Sangyu Qin!!’

  There’s a trace of panic in Liangcheng Lu’s voice. Sangyu Qin watched him quietly in the grass and suddenly hid the gun in her hand.

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