Chapter 54 A dead end

  Tian Lu snorted and didn’t change his view of Sangyu Qin because of what Xiao Lu had said. In his opinion, Sangyu Qin’s a vulgar woman.

  ‘You think that the lady of Su Family is easy to handle? Xiaoxiao, Sangyu Qin is not fit for the position of Mrs. Lu.’

  Xiao Du didn’t say anything. She didn’t know if Sangyu Qin’s fit for the position, but she did know that the lady of Su Family was not a simple woman.

  ‘Grandpa, I see that Liangcheng Lu cares about her a lot.’

  Xiao Lu sat down beside him and said, seeing the loath looks on her grandpa’s face. She knew that it’s unlikely for Sangyu Qin to get through.

  ‘When Cheng’s free, I’ll take him to Su Family and discuss the marriage. Anyway, he hasn’t held the wedding yet and nobody knows that he’s married.’

  Tian Lu said coolly and left.

  Xiao Lu was still sitting on the couch. Not only was the lady of Su Family prettier than Sangyu Qin, but also she possessed powerful means. She had a nice reputation in City G and seemed spotless compared to infamous Sangyu Qin. No wonder why Tian Lu thought highly of her.

  Sangyu Qin knew nothing about what happened in Lu Family. She thought that her position as Mrs. Lu would never be shaken, since she had got the marriage certificate with Liangcheng Lu.

  She ate the food at ease which was sent by the netizen. When she heard from the nurse that the people of Qin Family came to the hospital, she asked the nurse not to tell the number of her ward. She assumed that they must have come to make troubles. The drama with Qin Family was over and she’s not in the mood to continue the games with them.

  Baiqiang Qin had meant to beg Sangyu Qin again to let her say something nice in front of the media, even if he had to bring shame to himself. But he couldn’t even see Sangyu Qin.

  ‘I am her father!! Can’t I come to look at my daughter in the hospital?! Tell me now. Where is she?!’

  However, everyone knew Baiqiang Qin’s normal selfright now. He never treated this daughter so gently.

  With her face spilling over with scorn, the nurse stared at Baiqiang Qin impatiently.

  ‘Save it. We all know that you have been abused her in Qin Family! Leave now! Or, I’ll call the safeguard!!’

  Baiqiang Qin was so angry that his face flushed. The blood all over his body rushed to his brain.

  That bitch Sangyu Qin had completely destroyed Qin Family. Baiqiang Qin’s company was doomed, and so was the reputation of Qin Family. What other things did she plan to do?

  He could only leave bitterly, since he failed to find her. After arriving at Qin’s house, he got angrier and angrier, as he thought of this. Then, he pushed all the china on the table to the ground. The fragments were scattered everywhere.

  Momo Qin who was beside him got her face turning pale and lips trembling. Qin Family went bankruptand she would never live at ease. Since Xiao Lu didn’t agree to work with her, they were completely out on a limb.

  ‘Momo, didn’t you get along well with those ladies from rich families? Can’t you try to reach them and see if they could help our family?’

  Baiqiang Qin said after he had calmed down his anger.

  Momo Qin shook her head. Those ladies didn’t answer her calls ever since they had known about Qin Family’s situation, except Ya Li. However, Ya Li was being watched by her family members and couldn’t get out. She had no idea either.


  Baiqiang Qin looked at Momo Qin disgustedly. He held the grudge when thinking that she’s not his biological daughter.

  Miao Du came down from the second floor. She saw the tension here and went to pound on Baiqiang Qin’s legs immediately. Right now, he had to cringe as far as she could.

  ‘Honey, it seems that we cannot defeat Sangyu Qin. Why don’t we leave City G now? I’m pregnant now and I can never give birth to this child in such a deplorablesituation.’

  However, hardly had her voice faded away, the two people in front of her rejected.

  ‘Mom! How can we forgive Sangyu Qin after she hurt us so bad!! That bitch deserves to die! I will never leave City G before she dies.’

  Momo Qin screamed. She, out of hatred, almost crunched her teeth. Thinking that she’s so poor now while Sangyu Qin’s in a high position, she was drowned by an inexhaustiblesource of jealous and aggrieved feelings, which made her unable to breathe.

  Baiqiang Qinalso disagreed with Miao Du’s decision. He had managed with great care in City G for so many years. How could he leave because of that bitch?!

  ‘Don’t talk about this for the moment. I’ll beg for Sangyu Qin’s mercy again as long as I can meet her. Anyhow, I’m her father. No matter how many things I did wrong, the kinshipbetween us cannot be changed. If Sangyu Qin shows no mercy to me, she will goagainstsocial ethics. No one would tolerate it!’

  Baiqiang Qin was so confident. He wanted to wait until this event faded away.

  After all, network users were forgetful. Nobody would remember this in a year or two.

  However, Momo Qin impatient as she was, could not wait for one or two years. She wanted Sangyu Qin to die right now. So, she inquired about Sangyu Qin’s ward. If she couldn’t get the information from the hospital, she would search the rooms one by one! She would definitely find that bitch!

  Sangyu Qin stayed in the VIP ward which was arranged by Liangcheng Lu. Momo Qin had no way to enter it.

  Sangyu Qin saw the old lady of Lu Family coming in when she was biting an apple. She freaked out and threw the apple in the garbage can. Then, she rubbed her mouth and pretended to be weak.


  Bizhi Shen thought that Sangyu Qin had cut wrist and decided to take Xiao Lu here to look at Sangyu Qin. Seeing Sangyu Qin’s pale face, she dished out the porridge which was brought by herself compassionately.

  ‘Why couldn’t Cheng protect his own wife? Sangyu Qin, do not care about those things on the Internet. Cheng would fix that.’

  Sangyu Qin, who had been eating all day, was stuffed. But she couldn’t hurt the feelings of the old lady. So, she had to struggle to eat the porridge up.

  Xiao Lu, who stood beside Bizhi Shen, snorted.

  ‘Grandma, Sangyu Qin is fine. She’s not like a person who cut her wrist. As far as I’m concerned, she’s pretending to be poor, so as to win our sympathy.’

  A gleam of light flashed in Bizhi Shen’s eyes. An experienced person like her would not be tricked by Sangyu Qin. She didn’t want to expose Sangyu Qin’s tricks.

  At least, being able to pretend meant that Sangyu Qin’s not the one who could be bullied by others. If she wanted to be the wife of Liangcheng Lu, she had to have some means.

  Sangyu Qin curled her lips and looked at Xiao Lu calmly. She had a hunch that Xiao Lu’s not an enemy, so she didn’t fight back.

  Just at this time, Liangcheng Lu came in. When he saw the people in the ward, he knitted his brows.

  ‘Grandma, what are you doing here?’

  He walked over and took over the bowl in Sangyu Qin’s hands. She had been eating all day. Wouldn’t she feel uncomfortable in her stomach?

  When he saw her messaging her belly, he twitched the corner of his mouth.

  ‘I came here to look at Sangyu. Cheng, your grandpa told me his plan. But I wish that you could make decisions by yourself. You know your grandpa’s temper. It’s up to you if he can be persuaded.’

  The sentence was so meaningful. Bizhi Shen also made it clear that Tian Lu’s unsatisfied with Sangyu Qin.

  Sangyu Qin tried her best to keep a low profile so as not to hurt her self-esteem.

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